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Best VPS Hosting in India

We have already discussed the basic web hosting service - Shared web hosting, its uses & limitations, and now we're well aware that the shared hosting is not a great option for big-scale websites and blogs.

Therefore, Virtual Private Server(VPS) is a solution if you need a web hosting service that is faster, flexible, and offers ultimate control. 

Top 10 VPS Hosting Plans in India:

Here is a list of the best web hosting providers in India that offer reliable VPS Hosting for the best price. Check out and compare the pricing and features of each now!

Starts from

SGD55.00 per month

  • Powerful Self Managed VPS Plans
  • Enjoy 1 TB Data transfer Speed
  • 50 GB SSD Storage with upto 22 GB RAM

Best Linux VPS Hosting in India

The most expensive VPS may not be the best one and the cheapest one may not be the worst one. The worth of the VPS is determined by its quality and the reputation of the hosting provider.  

The cost of a Virtual Private Server can be a crucial factor for you. Look for some genuine hosting providers who offer them at affordable and reasonable prices.

One more important thing to keep in mind while purchasing a server is the uptime, it should be reliable and can provide maximum uptime. That is 99.99%.

We are not perfect in this world, neither is this VPS host. Faults and failures may take place. If you are not so good with the technical aspect, then it is very obvious that you will approach the technical staff of the hosting provider. Customer support of the hosting provider should be of the highest level.

Below are the top 5 VPS hosts, we recommend you to consider for the best website hosting experience:





1GB RAM & 20 GB SSD Space    2GB RAM & 20GB SSD Space 2GB RAM & 40GB SSD Space
1 TB Bandwidth 1TB Bandwidth 10 TB Bandwidth
1 Core vCP 2 CPU Cores 2 vCPU
Full Root Access Full Root Access Full Root Access
Buy Now  Buy Now Buy Now


HostPapa: Enterprise-grade VPN with powerful performance

HostPapa is a comprehensive hosting provider that has excelled in offering a wide range of hosting services like shared hosting, VPS hosting, Domain names, email hosting, and more. It offers VPS as a powerful offering that is ideal for power-hungry websites. HostPapa VPS is known to be very robust and comes with root-level access.

For the ones looking for a powerful VPS server that comes with a lot of security, control, and best support, HostPapa must be the go-to choice. You get powerful features, right from the very basic plan that is priced at INR 2699/mo. and you get plenty of resources starting from this plan.

You can host unlimited domains and websites with your VPS package. And whenever you feel that your website needs more resources, you can easily upgrade anytime to an advanced plan with more resources. 

HostPapa Pricing

Plan Name OS Space CPU RAM Core Price
Mercury Linux 60GB SSD 4 core 2GB   Rs.2,699/m
Venus Linux 125GB SSD 4 core 4GB   Rs. 4,699/m
Earth Linux 250GB SSD 8 core 8 GB   Rs. 8,699/m
Mars Linux 500GB SSD 8 core 16GB   Rs.12,499/m
Jupiter Linux 1 TB SSD 12 core 32GB   Rs.18,499/m


Things we like about HostPapa:

  • Same renewal prices:

Renewal pricing is something that most customers fail to give attention to and end up paying a significantly higher amount for the renewal of their hosting services. Some hosts can cost you even double or triple the amount that you paid initially.

But HostPapa offers VPS with the same renewal prices, which means you will be able to renew your plans at the same price you pay for the first term.

  • Free domain transfer:

If you have already hosted your website with a third-party hosting provider, you will be happy to know that HostPapa offers a free domain transfer facility and their amazing customer support team helps you through the transfer to make this process hassle-free.

  • VPS management portal:

This is one of the standout features of HostPapa. You get HostPapa’s proprietary VPS management portal, using which you can fully manage every aspect related to your VPS. With this, even beginners can manage their VPS without any hassles.


What is VPS & When do you need a VPS Server?

VPS is a type of web hosting that uses Virtual Private Servers. Although the websites are hosted on the {same} physical machine, VPS allows each website to be fully independent as if each is on its own separate machine. 

If you need complete control over a slice of a server, essentially, a container that contains an operating system and gives you root access, then you must opt for VPS Servers.  It is very safe and secure because nobody has access to your server and the resources are not shared with any third parties. 

For moderate-traffic websites that have a tight budget, then instead of signing up for a pricey dedicated server, you can for a VPS that allows you to use far more resources than shared hosting packages.

In addition to this, you can control what is run on your server, such as deciding what applications you would like to use. You have the permission to white label a control panel for your own client's customers, for example, or run a website and Ventrilo server for your World of Warcraft guild. It's all about the power, control, and functionality of VPS. Check below the top-recommended VPS hosting services:

  • Need for speed

The websites which are hosted in shared hosting may happen to have slower performance because of other websites in the server. Virtual Private Servers are capable to speed up your website’s performance. As your website grows over time, it may get high traffic depending on how well you manage it. Your server may not have the strength to handle such traffic. Then, it's time to move to VPS.

  • Need for Resources

Your website visitors or customers may not get what they want from your website (503 error). This is due to lack of resources. The lack of resources in your current hosting solution (if it is shared hosting) will decrease the level of freedom with which you can actually manage your website ideally.

  • Private environment

In shared hosting, you may have to share your website space with others. It costs your privacy. VPS provides the virtual smaller dedicated server with its root access.

  • Security issues

The websites in shared hosting are more prone to get hacked. A security issue is something which is intolerable. VPS gives enhanced security for your website. It may not be as good as the dedicated server but it is a decent solution for security purposes.


Benefits of Virtual Hosting Server

A Virtual private server is inclined to give more resources and guaranteed better performance and security than your typical single platform at a price that is specifically cheaper than a dedicated server.

A VPS is designed to be the cost-effective version of a dedicated server for smaller businesses such as e-commerce websites. In addition to being able to cut costs where you want, you also have the option to choose which add-ons you need to run your website. Furthermore, you can even choose what type of hardware you want your system to run on, how much system memory you need access to, and even disk space for the storage of your files.

VPS is great as it slips in nicely and bridges the gap between shared hosting and dedicated hosting services. The best server will give you the independence and flexibility of a dedicated hosting service but at the price of a high-end shared hosting service. With these factors in mind, many see a VPS as the perfect compromise between shared and dedicated web hosting. 

Its performance and reliability are based on the fact that every virtual server uses its own CPU and RAM resources that are not shared, thus facilitating the service by providing a predictable environment for you to administer. That’s why a cheap VPS host would recommend Semi-Dedicated hosting for websites that have sudden spikes in RAM and CPU usage. It uses shared resources at peak.

Also, the plans can be customized to meet your needs so you pay for what you want but you do not need to deal with any features you will never need. 


Compare VPS with other hosting types

Shared web hosting

Shared hosting is the basic type of hosting solution that will host thousands of websites on a single server. The server resources are all shared between websites and the cost of the server is distributed between users. Shared web hosting is the best for those who have small businesses or beginners in a hosting environment. It is also highly recommended for bloggers.

Talking about the downsides of shared web hosting, it has plenty of them. Since the server resources are shared between websites, the more dominating website will happen to use more resources. There are high chances of IP getting blacklisted due to some malfunctions of any website in the server and this will eventually cost your website's reputation.

Virtual Private Server

If you want to do a little better than what you get in shared hosting, then VPS is the solution. As defined earlier in this article, the VPS acts as a private server.  The virtual servers are made by Dividing server resources into several partitions. So, these partitions are the virtual private server resources.

The users of VPS will have root access to their virtual server. These virtual servers provide greater control for the websites. So, the people who are seeking greater control at the server side but cannot afford to buy a dedicated server, usually buy VPS.


Dedicated hosting

In a Dedicated server, one physical server is completely dedicated to one business or one user. This is a hosting solution which offers maximum control at the server side.
It has the ability to handle high-traffic spikes. This is very expensive when it comes to price when compared to VPS and Shared hosting.
There are really a few limitations to dedicated hosting. The people who have endless money in their pockets can afford to buy this. 

Forex VPS

Are you working in Forex trading? Are you looking for proficient conditions to trade? Are you confused about which VPS plan to choose for your endeavors? Then you must check Best 5 Cheap Forex VPS Providers

Difference b/w Managed VPS Server and Unmanaged VPS Server.

In unmanaged VPS, the hosting provider will manage only two things; making sure that your website is running and if it is connected to the network or not. You need to be technically sound to manage the rest.

The managed servers will allow you to sit back and relax. You just need to let your host know what you’d like to do. Your host will manage and fix the problems that come up.

VPS is not an ideal solution. It has its own limitations too. There are slight chances of other websites in the server affect the performance of your website.


The Pros and Cons of VPS Hosting

If you are thinking about investing in Virtual Private Servers (VPS) for your website and other web-based applications, here are a few pros and cons that you need to be aware 


Pros of VPS Hosting

  1. It is much more affordable than a fully dedicated hosting plan on a physical server
  2. VPS plans can be easily customized and you pay only for the resources you need
  3. The plans can be easily scaled where you can gradually increase 
  4. Users have more control over virtual servers than shared ones.
  5. You receive the same level of technical support as in shared hosting.

Cons of VPS Hosting 

  1. It is more expensive than shared hosting. Making it less ideal for websites that do not need dedicated hosting.
  2. Many hosts do not allocate resources appropriately, causing downtime when resources are being used at peak levels.

Best VPS Hosting Providers - Recent User Reviews

4GoodHosting Hosting Review

JB Cheong

27 Mar 2024


my service provider for over 3 years, and I continue to renew their services. They just keep getting better and better. Totally hassle-free to sign up and renew! Woo hoo!

DOLLAR2HOST Hosting Review


23 Mar 2024

Services are good and Value for Your Money

Dollar2Host services are good and value for money. Great to use Their services & packages. I never felt difficulty with their services. They update new features and services in hosting services

PQ.Hosting Hosting Review

Jack Bosh

22 Mar 2024

great hosting

I recently came across this hosting. After working with this hosting, I can honestly say that I was very impressed with it. I am very pleased with the excellent performance of the servers. Servers work without interruptions and also the speed of the servers is excellent. I want to thank the technical support. All my questions were answered in a simple and understandable way.

ResellerClub Hosting Review


15 Mar 2024

Excellent Service

In our business, uptime, bandwidth and reliability is necessary as we cater to global user of large MNCs. ResellerClub has been an excellent platform by providing world class Reseller Web Hosting that we truly rely on to support our customers.

GlowHost Hosting Review

Calvin Difiore

26 Feb 2024

Professional CMS Solutions

I have not had any problems with this host. I had my account hijacked about a year after being with Glowhost (almost three months now I have used them) and they were helpful in regaining control. Support has been great and all issues resolved within hours. Great host!

BigRock Hosting Review


29 Jan 2024

Best hosting provider

I have used many hosting services but Bigrock is best since some of my websites transferred to it good speed and up-time ! Yet no problem with them. I am planning to transfer all of my domains in future for best service. thanks

VPS Hosting- Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Which VPS Provider is Best in India?

There are many VPS companies in India offering great VPS servers. Consider checking Hostinger VPS, EzerHost and many more from the above 'Best VPS' list.

Which Company Offers Cheapest VPS Plan in India?

Well, the cheapest yet reliable VPS providers in India are Hostinger and Ezerhost. offers OVZ VPS plan at just Rs.199/mo having Full root access etc. Ezerhost offers VPS plan starting at just Rs.249/mo with free CWP control panel, Full root access & many more features.

Does my Website speed will increase switching to VPS Server from Shared?

Yes, Switch to VPS from a Shared server has its own advantages over speed. However, keep in mind to opt for a good VPS provider with enough VPS resources for a good speed. Also, make sure you have enough knowledge to manage a VPS server independently without a control panel, as control panel is an addon paid service with most the VPS hosts.

Which VPS Provider in India offers VPS plan with free cPanel control panel?

There are few Indian VPS companies offering a free control panel like CWP, Webuzo along the VPS plans. Ezerhost offers a free control panel along with their VPS plans

Which is the cheapest Widnows VPS Provider in India?

Windows VPS servers are bit expense compared to Linux VPS, it is just double the cost of Linux Servers. Consider checking Windows VPS with Ezerhost, Check here for Affordable Windows VPS in India

What are the necessary features of VPS hosting to look for while choosing a Hosting Service Provider?

Before opting for a VPS server you need to be able to manage a server independently without a control panel. Make sure you check following features from a good VPS provider:

1) VPS Resources: SSD space, RAM & CPU cores offered
2) Control Panel - Check for the control panel offered - Few companies offer a free control panel, however it is an addon service with most of the companies
3) Backups - Check for Backups availability - Only few companies offer a free backup, however it is an addon service with the most of the VPS
4) Policies- Check properly the main policies & terms of service- Some hosts prohibits some kind of websites on VPS
5) Full Root access 6) Money back Guarantee & Technical Support

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