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A2Hosting Review - The Summary

Sometimes it’s not about popularity but about speed. And it’s not always the popularity that defines the quality of service offered by someone. One such web hosting provider in the sea of the web hosting industry is A2Hosting. It may not be the popular fish, but it is the fastest fish. A2Hosting is a web hosting company that has risen to popularity very lately. Along with being famous for sheer speed in hosting service, it is also their quality of service that is commended all over the web hosting industry.
Started back in 2001 as Iniquinet, a2Hosting has a fully scalable product line-up comprising Shared Hosting, Reseller Hosting, VPS Hosting, and Dedicated server solutions. They have data centers in the US, Europe, and Asia. 
Started as a tech adventure and hosting only friends’ and relatives’ websites, A2hosting has grown up to be a big-scale web hosting company that has all the right boxes ticked and the speed box double ticked. They have the potential to be one of the best if they try to bring out either trimmed-down versions of their packs or reduce the cost slightly to make their service cost-effective.  

A2Hosting Key Features: What makes A2Hosting Best?

20X faster speed

A2Hosting claims to be 20x faster than other web hosting providers. Well, according to many studies this fact has been proved even though it seems too good to be true. It is observed to be 50% faster than the industry standard page loading time i.e. 890ms.

99.9% uptime guarantee

A2Hosting guarantees 99.9% uptime. And this indeed is special if they manage to keep up their guarantee keeping in mind how important uptime of a website can be. Free Hack and Virus Scan: A2hosting provides free service that includes dual web hosting firewall, virus scan, 24/7 security monitoring as a measure to protect your website from hackers.  

24/7 Customer Support

What makes A2Hosting service package complete, is the customer support that they provide, which is quick and efficient. You can reach them through phone, email, live chat, or tickets. Probably that tis though every way possible.

Free site migrations

You can migrate from another provider to A2hosting, as long as you have been using cPanel with the existing web hosting service. You get this service for free of cost and is handles by A2hosting very efficiently.

30 days money-back guarantee

A2hosting comes with 30 days money back guarantee. You can get a refund of what you have paid, within 30 days, if you don’t like the A2hosting service.  Money back guarantee can save you from not having to pay for a long term if you don’t like the service by the provider.

Unlimited Space & Bandwidth

99.9% Uptime Commitment

Explore A2Hosting Services & Plans

A2Hosting offers the following Services and Plans:
Shared Hosting : $2.99/month - $12.99 /month
VPS Hosting : $ 4.99/month - $ 65.99 /month
Dedicated Server : $ 105.99/month - $ 165.99 /month
Resellers : $ 18.99/month - $ 52.99 /month
WordPress Hosting : $7.99/month - $28.99 /month

Shared Hosting

A2Hosting offers both Linux and Windows shared hosting. Windows-shared hosting is offered in three packages and so is Linux shared hosting. Linux shared hosting packages are named LITE, SWIFT, TURBO and are priced at ₹278.67/mo., ₹348.43/mo., and ₹662.33/mo. respectively. Packages of Windows hosting are also named as LITE, SWIFT, and TURBO and they are priced at ₹348.43/mo., ₹348.43/mo. and ₹348.43/m respectively. Both Windows and Linux hosting come with the same features. But for Linux, you get cPanel and for windows hosting you get Plesk panel

With the LITE plan, you can host only one website, and can have 5 databases. You get unlimited storage and bandwidth. You get SSL for free. And they provide SSD storage. Next up is the SWIFT package, which happens to be the most popular in this line-up. It allows you to host unlimited websites and you get all the features that are offered in the LITE package. 

The final package in shared hosting is the Turbo plan. In addition to all the features that are provided in the other two packages, Turbo plan comes with A2 site accelerator. This plan comes with the turbo feature which is the USP of A2hosting i.e. you get 20x faster page loads.

Shared Hosting Plans

Plan Name OS Space Bandwidth Panel No. of SitesPrice
START UPLinux100 GBUnlimitedCPANEL1$2.99/month
TURBO BOOSTLinuxUnlimitedUnlimitedCPANELUnlimited$ 6.99/month
TURBO MAXLinuxUnlimitedUnlimitedCPANELUnlimited$12.99/month
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VPS Hosting

A2hosting provides Managed VPS with Root Access, Managed VPS without Root Access and Unmanaged VPS for Developers.  Managed Linux VPS is priced at ₹2346.01/mo., ₹3284.60/mo. and ₹4692/mo. for Power+, Prestige+ and Pinnacle+ plans respectively.  The same nomenclature is followed for managed Windows VPS with root access too. The plans are priced at 2580.66/mo., ₹3519.25/mo. and ₹4927.14/mo. for Power+, Prestige+ and Pinnacle+ plans respectively.

Unmanaged VPS is divided into three packages, namely Entry, Mid and Elite and are priced at ₹355.53/mo., ₹711.05/mo., ₹1066.58/mo.

VPS Hosting Plans

Plan Name OS Space CPU RAM Price
RUNWAY 1Linux150 GB1 vCPUs1 GB$ 4.99/month
RUNWAY 2Linux250 GB2 vCPUs2 GB$ 7.99/month
RUNWAY 4Linux450 GB4 vCPUs4 GB$9.99/month
SUPERSONIC 8Linux150 GB2 vCPUs8 GB$34.99/month
LIFT 4Linux150 GB2 vCPUs4 GB$ 43.99/month
LIFT 8Linux250 GB6 vCPUs8 GB$ 60.99/month
MACH 8Linux150 GB2 CPU8 GB$ 65.99/month
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Dedicated Hosting

A2hosting provides managed dedicated server with root access, managed dedicated server without root access and unmanaged dedicated server for developers.  A managed dedicated server is offered in three different configurations. And they are named Sprint, Exceed, and Mach. The packages are priced at ₹10032.40/mo., ₹14753.80/mo., and ₹20655.56/mo. respectively. RAM starts from 8GB in the Sprint and Exceed plans and the Mach has RAM starting from 16GB. You get free SSL and free cPanel control panel with all these plans.

Dedicated Hosting Plans

Plan Name OS Space CPU RAM CorePrice
HYPER 1Linux 2X1 TBIntel Xeon E -222416 GBIntel Xeon E -2224$ 105.99/month
HYPER 2 AMDLinux2X1 TBAMD Rome 2nd GEN EPYC32 GB AMD Rome 2nd GEN EPYC$ 135.99/month
HYPER 2 TURBO AMDLinux 2X1 TBAMD Rome 2nd GEN EPYC64 GBAMD Rome 2nd GEN EPYC$ 165.99/month
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Reseller Hosting

Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum are the names given to the A2Hosting’s reseller hosting packages and these packages are priced at ₹938.12/mo., ₹1313.56/mo., ₹1735.93/mo. and ₹2909.17/mo. respectively.  The storage offered is from 30GB up to 200GB, and bandwidth offered ranges from 400GB up-to 2000GB. You get Free WHMCS in all three plans except for the Bronze pack. With all the plans, you get Free eNom reseller account though.

Resellers Hosting Plans

Plan Name OS Space Bandwidth Panel No. of SitesPrice
KICKSTARTLinux60 GB600 GBCPANEL40$ 18.99/month
LUNCHLinux100 GB1000 GBCPANEL60$ 24.99/month
GROWLinux170 GB1700 GBCPANEL100$ 34.99/month
SCALELinux270 GB2700 GBCPANEL150$ 44.99/month
TURBO KICKSTARTLinux60 GB600 GBCPANEL40$24.99/month
TURBO LAUNCHLinux100 GB1000 GBCPANEL60$32.99/month
TURBO GROWLinux170 GB1700 GBCPANEL100$ 42.99/month
TURBO SCALELinux270 GB2700 GBCPANEL150$ 52.99/month
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WordPress Hosting

A2hosting provides managed WordPress hosting starting at just ₹852.23/mo. All the plans come with unlimited bandwidth, Free SSL, CDN, and SSD. You’ll be provided with Plesk control panel. And all the plans support the turbo feature by A hosting which makes your pages load 20x faster. With the first plan, you can host one website. You get 10GB storage space. The second package is termed as the ‘Most Popular’ and it lets you host 3 websites and you’ll be given 25GB storage. This plan will cost you ₹1350.12/mo. If you want to host unlimited websites, there is plan priced at ₹2629.75/mo. which lets you host unlimited websites and gives you 40GB of storage.

WordPress Hosting Plans

Plan Name OS Space Bandwidth Panel No. of SitesPrice
RUNLinux50 GB NVMe SSDUnmetered BandwidthCPANEL1$7.99/month
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