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Best Free Website Builders & Blog Sites of June 2024: 


A Website Builder is the one tool you use throughout your journey with your website. It drops the complexity of creating a website to very low and you can create and manage a website with utmost ease with the use of a website builder. But what’s better than being able to get that ease for completely free?

You will be glad to know that even the most popular website builders offer come with free plans, which you can upgrade to premium anytime you want. We highly recommend you giving the free plans a try, and then going for the premium plans as the free plans come with it's own limitations. 

Starts from

$0.00 per month

  • Create a beautiful, simple website for free
  • Pre-Installed SSL Certificate
  • 3 GB Storage Space
  • Dozens of Free Themes

Starts from

0.00 per month

  • Free Drag and drop website builder
  • 100+ Stunning Templates
  • Mobile Optimized
  • Total Design Freedom

Starts from

$0.00 per month

  • Create a Website for Free of cost
  • Free SSL Security
  • 500 MB Storage
  • Chat & Email Support options

Starts from

$0.00 per month

  • Creates a Professional Website for Free
  • Provides Security with SSL
  • Drag & Drop Website Builder
  • Unlimited Bandwidth and Storage

Starts from

$0.00 price/mo

  • Build a Website for Free
  • 500MB storage
  • 1GB bandwidth
  • Free Subdomain

Starts from

0.00 price/mo

  • Design a website for free
  • subdomain
  • 500 MB Storage
  • 2 GB Bandwidth

Top Recommendations for Best free Website Builder & Blogging Sites:

Wix: The Best Free Website Builder

Toppling all the competition when it comes to being the best, Wix is one of the most popular website builders in the market to make money online by blogging. It has been topping most of ‘The Best’ lists and has been highly recommended by most of the industry experts for its reliability and cheap pricing. And it is ranked as our #1 Free Website Builder in the market as it has proven it's worth time and time again.
With Wix, you can create a stunning website for free. The free plan gives you access to a wide range of beautiful templates that can make your website creating experience easy and hassle-free. It has over 500 mobile-responsive templates and you can browse them for free. The app gallery of Wix makes it very easy to add new functionalities to your website, such as photo gallery, eCommerce features, and so on. 
You can add a blog section to your website and get started with your blog without spending a single penny with the free plan. You get up to 500MB of storage and 500MB bandwidth with the free plan. Customer support is also offered and to be able to have the option for online payments, you will need to upgrade to premium plans, whose prices start from INR 80/mo.

Zyro: Better Safety With Free SSL Certificate

Zyro is a relatively new player in the website builder industry. But within a short span of arriving, it has given a tough fight to the segment leaders and attained a status that others can only dream of. If Zyro has been able to reach such heights in such a short time, the main reason that favors it is the reliability that comes with it.
Zyro’s free plan is loaded with a long list of features. It offers more features than what you would get with the basic premium plans of other website builders. Even if you use the free version, you should not be worried about the SEO of your website as every website created with Zyro is automatically optimized to rank higher in the search engine result page. The AI features are also offered on the free variant.
Safety is taken care of by the Free SSL certificate, which guarantees better security of your website without having you to spend any money on it. You get access to dozens of stunning templates that can help you create a beautiful website with utmost ease, without wasting any time. The ability to connect the custom domain is given with the premium plans, whose price starts from just 1.99/mo.

Weebly: Powerful Website Builder For Free


If you have heard about Wix, odds of you not knowing about Weebly are very low. These two have ruled the website builder industry for quite a long time now and have been regarded as two of the bests when it comes to offering tons of features. Even though these two have their distinct feature sets, both can come extremely handy when you are just getting started with the creation of your website. Weebly has been known for being very easy yet features packed, which is something only a very few website builders can achieve to be.
You can create a website for free with Weebly as it offers a free plan and you can use it as long as you want. There is no time limit or expiry period for this plan. You get a free domain from Weebly with its branding and you can host your website on a subdomain, with this plan. You also get a Free SSL certificate, right from the Free plan. This means you will not have to worry about paying extra for better security. SEO is also taken care of, for free as the websites created on Weebly are automatically optimized for better performance in SEO ranking.
One special feature that you get with the free plan of Weebly is the lead capture and contact forms. You can create simple forms and collect the email IDs of your website visitors, which can help you in lead capture and contacting them. Weebly offers Chat and Email support for the users who use the free version, which is really commendable.

Wordpress: The Most Popular Website Builder In The World


WordPress is a name that we all first remember when we hear anything about creating a website or blog to make money online. It has the largest community of users and developers or bloggers. With WordPress, you can do a lot more than what you would be able to do with regular website builders. It is loaded with a lot of features and you are trading ease-of-use for these additional features you get with it. 

 There are numerous confusions about WordPress and one confusion is if WordPress is free. Yes, it is free. You can get all the features of WordPress without any limitations. You can use the free plan of WordPress and even host your website for free with the WordPress subdomain. If you want to connect your custom domain, only then you will have to buy hosting, either from WordPress or from any third-party WordPress Hosting Provider. 
You get access to hundreds of templates and plugins on the template and plugin directory and use them for free. You get access to all the features of WordPress irrespective of you buying hosting or not. To make things simpler, we can say WordPress as a Software is free and you have the option of paying for Hosting, Premium Templates, and Plugins, Premium Support, and more. Moreover, WordPress is the only website builder that has no limitations for the free version, in terms of features.

Site123: The Most Simple And Easy Website Builder

Site123 is the most straightforward website builder out there in the market. It offers the simplest way of creating a website, which of course, means that very limited set of customization options. Compared to other fully-pledged website builders, Site123 is just barebones without any fancy features. You just have to choose the type of website you want to create and then choose from the available styles and you are almost there.
Just like the other website builders in this list, Site123 is also available for free. You get a web editor with free hosting, where your site will be hosted on a subdomain. You can create a website for free without having to enter your credit card details if you choose Site123. You get all the features of Site123 in the free plan, barring the eCommerce features.  

500GB storage is offered with this plan and you get up to 1GB bandwidth. There will be a Site123 floating badge at the place of footer, which disappears when you upgrade to the premium plan. Site123’s free plan is the one we recommend for those who want to create a website very easily for free, without going through much of a hassle.

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Best Free Website Builders Providers - Recent User Reviews

Zyro Hosting Review


22 Oct 2020

Super fast and easy to use

It is incredible how easy it was to create a new website for our company. It was online in less than hour.

Weebly Hosting Review

Donna Stelter

14 May 2019

Weebly was simple

I am not a computer girl but I needed a website when I started my own Business. Weebly was simple to drag and drop my information, pictures, add videos. It’s easy to add new pages and items to the store. I have used the support system a few times and it was not live chat but they connected with me in a timely manner. I am sure if great computer peeps look at my site they may think its looks pretty simple, but for a small business owner whose focus is just on informing clients who I am and what I offer Weebly is great. Thanks for making me feel talented in the website world.

Wix Hosting Review

Pascal Laube

07 May 2019

i was always happy about the high grade of design flexibility

I am creating websites on for four years. I also have experience with the former editor. I can tell you, i was always happy about the high grade of design flexibility you have, to build up your absolute personalised website. It’s possible to edit and customise almost everything. Editor is quite good, sometimes a bit shaky (and no, its not my internet connection:). Online performance: It’s ok. From time to time it takes quite a while to load the page. (and no, its not my connection). Support: Was always average. You can reach them by email. They will answer you of course, but you will get some standard answers. and those you can read by yourself on the support page. If you really have a problem, like with the DNS or connection problems, it will be faster if you have the knowledge to fix it up by yourself. The only thing i am really upset about, is the new blog. Absolutely rubbish. It’s almost an affront. A lot of bugs and everything standardised. Not the way i know wix… And i was working with the old blog before, and this app was absolutely amazing to work with. I don’t understand why a leading company with great programmers going to realise such a crappie blog even there was a brilliant product before. Also, be aware: If you are blogger, test the features carefully before you make a final decision and buy a product you won’t be happy with. Also, the latest release of the member area they created, is not really what i want to have or what I personally expected from wix. Quite a few failures in design and usability. I am a bit worrying, that wix will cut down the design flexibility and reduce the highly customisable contents…. Its just a thought… Just one more thing: If you think you can sit down, and create a nice website in 5 hours you are wrong. For a great looking website with a intuitive and unique looking interface you need time. Even with :)) Hosting Review

Heather Haynes

26 Mar 2019

Quickly build simple host is a great choice for new bloggers to be able to quickly build a simple and stylish website to get your voice out to the world. They also offer additional features and increased storage in the paid plans which come in handy for marketing your new blog. I am enjoying the ease of use and the selection of features. I look forward to upgrading to the Premium plan this month.

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