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10 Best HR Software in India of April 2024

Overseeing various aspects that are involved in a business can be demanding for HR staff. And most of you might already be familiar with HR software and how useful it is for the HR staff. But over time, HR software has evolved a lot, and to comply with the changes in the industry, all software companies are trying their best to be in the race, by offering top-notch software solutions. 

The areas that HR software was used were limited to just employee records and payrolls. But the industry comes a long way ahead and now automation and cloud technologies have taken over. Therefore many HR Software companies started online offering the HR software tools and services.


Top 10 HRMS & Payroll Software in India:

Starts from

$9.00 per month

  • Best online payroll software
  • Compliance with statutory requirements
  • Create custom leave policies
  • Employee/Contractor Management Software

Starts from

$42.00 per month

  • Complete HR solution for every business
  • Employee Onboarding, Database Management
  • Payroll Management System
  • Projects time tracking system

Starts from

5199.00 per month

  • Freshteam- Simple & affordable HR Software
  • Free Plan available
  • Includes job postings, Customizable Career Site & Hiring Pipelines
  • Manage unlimited employee documents

Starts from

$9.99 per month

  • Web-based online HR system
  • Centralized medium to store unlimited data
  • Creates Departments & Designations
  • Provides HR Reporting

Starts from

$39.00 per month

  • One of the Best Payroll Software
  • Employee Database
  • Vacation / Leave Tracking

Starts from

6999.00 per month

  • Best HR, Payroll & Talent Management Software in India
  • Employees Leave Management, Attendance System included
  • Payroll and Compliance for easy Payroll process
  • Expense & Loan Management, Employees Documents

Starts from

2495.00 per month

  • Best HR & Payroll Software in India
  • Convenient and reliable HR MIS reporting tool
  • Perfect Payroll Software for all industries
  • Leave Management and Approval

Starts from

2450.00 per month

  • End-to-End HRMS Software
  • Free Trial Available
  • Employee Leaves Management, Attendance, Database Records
  • Employee Payroll, Asset, helpdesk management

Starts from

995.00 per month

  • Best Core HR Management System
  • Employee Payroll, leave management
  • Overtime Management System
  • Multi company support provided

Starts from

1499.00 per month

  • India’s best cloud based HR Software
  • HR Automation & Employee Self-Service Portal
  • Employee Attendance and Leave Management
  • Payroll & Statutory Compliance Management

Why do you need HR software?


HR personnel is required to perform several tasks like logging the details of employees, managing documents, and employee payroll. Initially, these were being done manually. But as the industry evolved, the responsibilities of HR personnel just kept on increasing. This became burdening for HR staff and that too especially in small scale business that has a very few HR staff.

But the introduction of Human Resource software paved the HR staff the way for an easier method of doing their job. The advanced automation helped the HR staff in making their work more efficient and productive. Most importantly, it saved a lot of time for these HR staff.

The main goal behind using HR software is to organize and manage employee information and records. But since the HR department also deals with recruiting new employees, the present-day HR software is built to assist the HR departments in the recruitment process too. Most of the initial recruitment processes can be carried out with the help of the HR tool itself. Some tools also come with advanced features to conduct online interviews, tests, and more.

With the help of these tools, you can manage employee records anywhere anytime as you can use the mobile apps of these tools too. So you are free to attend any function or any event without having to worry about employees if you are in the HR department.

But you cannot choose an HR software blindly. You have to make sure that the software vendor has a high reputation for being reliable and the tool itself must offer an intuitive user experience so that it can be used without hassles by the employees. It must also be very easy to use, as you might be having employees who are not so advanced when it comes to using technology. And most importantly, you need best-in-class support in times of emergencies if the software breaks down any time. If these issues are not resolved then and there, it will lead to bigger problems.

Benefits of using HR software

Enhanced Productivity:

As you already know, when done manually, an HR staff’s job can be really tedious and burdening. This sucks all the energy and enthusiasm out of them. But when the same job is done with the dedicated tool, things fall in place and tasks get completed without much effort. Moreover, all you need is just one tool to carry out several tasks, unlike having to maintain multiple records, and sources, when you do it manually.

With advanced automation, you get digitalized and accurate reports and employee data. You can easily analyze the performance of all the employees and see if tasks are completed on time. And as it helps save a lot of time and effort, productivity automatically improves. The time that is wasted doing your job manually is saved now and can be used for other tasks. Also, HR tools help you remove the extra weight of your HR staff’s shoulders, which in turn makes them work efficiently.

Improved security:

As you know, security is one of the most important needs of any business. Because businesses will have sensitive and confidential information that must be accessible only by the ones with the authority to do so. If you use old-school methods of storing your employee data or other candidate data, it might end up in the wrong hands if proper care is not taken. But if you use a good Human resource tool, you are free from the worries of missing your valuable piece of information or from sensitive information being stolen by hackers or from unauthorized entities.

Better accessibility:

As mentioned in the previous section, you will not want sensitive information to reach unauthorized people.  When the HR staff is not using the HR software, they will have to use other methods to store information, share documents, and other confidential information. But with those methods, accessing that information when they need it to get very tough and time-consuming. 

Sometimes there are chances that these files end up missing. But If they use the HR tool, all your employee data is stored in a single place and will be accessible only by the authorized personnel. Moreover, you will not miss important files. 

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Isaac Lowe

16 May 2022

Very Helpful App

Mind blowing flexibility , Payment reminders of this app is really very useful for me because now I can easily maintain my ledger book through this one. It is good Very helpful Especially for day to day transactions recorded. you can use the pictures of the bills in claims.

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Pocket HRMS is good solution's for HR Daily works and makes very easy. It saves to time and efforts by automating payroll, attendance/leave. Pocket HRMS, solves all HR related queries of employees online.

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21 Aug 2020

Great support

Good experience with usage that we can really consider keka as a our HR. We did not hire anybody but it is giving accuracy, everything in one place and recommended for modern agencies.

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21 Apr 2020

Really very useful

Freshworks software is really useful and easy to use, it implement an interface that can be customized to carry out a much more direct and comfortable, also while doing some other task we will not be interrupted and the best is It provides a very good customer service so any questions are answered instantly.

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Mallika manne

28 Jan 2020

Very satisfied

This is very Satisfied service was professional and incredibly fast in providing recommendations and booking appointments for reviewing demo packages of software.

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Ranveer kumar

11 Jan 2020

Hassle free

Hassle free migration ,after sales service great support

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