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Best Shared Hosting in India

If your website doesn't require a huge amount of resources, and your budget is modest, shared hosting is the best option to go for. 

The normal websites that are informational websites, Portfolios, and blogging websites usually require a small number of resources and have moderate traffic, which will run best on shared servers. 

When we decide the web hosting based on the website's platform, Shared Linux hosting is the best platform and is commonly used for PHP websites, CMS websites such as WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal websites.

Shared hosting is not an ideal option for eCommerce platforms like Magento, WoCommerce websites as it demands powerful VPS, Cloud, or Dedicated servers to serve the needs.

If you got the above requirements having a small-scale website, and moderate traffic, then we recommend below shared hosting services to go for:

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What is Shared Web Hosting?

Shared hosting is the most basic web hosting plan and the cheapest type of web hosting service.
Shared hosting is the perfect solution for smaller sites and databases, applications or large sites that are in their beginning stages. If you want an economical, efficient, and effective solution and looking to run the said business,  you’ll definitely want a shared hosting solution. If this is the first website you are building, shared hosting is probably the ideal approach to consider.

Resources are Shared

In shared hosting, your service provider will be hosting multiple websites having it's own unique domain names. Since this hosting takes place on a single web server, the allocated resources are shared between many users, where each one has their own defined limits with regards to disk space, databases, FTP accountings, monthly traffic and the number of email accounts. 
Also, understand that all the performance resources on the server are shared. This means that the single Apache server, the RAM and CPU, the single MySQL server and the single mail server are all shared.
Therefore, for larger websites, dynamic or complex websites that ideally require huge resources, it is recommended to choose advanced hosting services like VPS hosting, Cloud Hosting, and Dedicated web hosting.

Is Shared Hosting the Right Option for you? 

Shared hosting accounts are generally ideal for small or medium-sized users unless you are running a SQL-intensive websites that maintain many concurrent connections and attract a lot of users.
Furthermore, shared hosting plans have become a lot faster and more stable over the years. Modern-day servers are able to make sure that the other users experience minimal issues with regard to server productivity during peak hours.   

Why is Shared Hosting Cheap? 

If cost is a concern when it comes to scouting at hosting options, choosing a shared server is the most affordable way for you to set your web pages live. Since you are essentially dividing the cost of the service with other users, this is considered to be among the cheapest of all hosting services 

Shared Hosting Features


  • The Essentials: Disk Space & Traffic
  • Control panel is provided to manage the website and account. 
  • Pre-Installed Apps like CMS, Joomla, Magento etc
  • Professionally managed administration, Administrator takes care of basic server administration tasks like account setup etc. 
  • Databases, emails, etc needs of a website. 
  • Supports programming languages like PHP, Perl or Python


Shared hosting as an option is perfect for you if you are- 

-   Launching your first website
-   Running a small or new business        
-   Looking at exploring coding and web design for the first time on your own
-   Creating a website for friends and/or family
-   Practicing your skills in Joomla, WordPress and other CMS platforms
-   Have a limited budget for hosting 

The Advantages of Shared Hosting 

For most people, the many advantages of shared hosting tend to trump the disadvantages:

Besides the fact that opting for a shared hosting environment can be significantly easy on your pockets, this option also offers great options for customization with regards to the server resources you need and can do without.

Another major benefit that shared hosting offers to users is the freedom from performing technical maintenance while running programs on it. 

Furthermore, it does not involve the need for any Linux administration skills, making it convenient for even people who aren’t tech-savvy to set a website live and manage it. 

Even though shared web hosting requires that the user upload his website or web-based program and configure it for it to work properly, most hosting providers will be able to offer to you the expertise that aids you in the process. Furthermore, shared hosting also offers easy-to-use control panels that allow you to create email accounts, and databases and upload websites with ease. 

With someone else taking care of the server maintenance, you as a website owner can save time and resources on this and focus on more critical activities. 


Disadvantages of Shared Hosting 


Many people may choose to opt-out of shared hosting if they –feel that they are forced to work with only limited resources. Since you are sharing the system resources with other users as well, there is a limit to the scalability of the services. For instance, if a user on the same server experiences a lot of traffic and uses up more CPU cycles and email capabilities, chances are that the performance will lag at your end. However, if these aren’t a concern, shared hosting is a perfect and affordable option to consider. 
Another disadvantage that many website owners experience is that you are not always able to install all the programs or modules on the server that you need to run your scripts or website. Since the shared server is maintained by company administrators to meet the needs of the average client, you may have to make do with the restrictions.
If you are running a simple static website or blog for yourself, your start-up or for a family member, this shouldn’t be a problem for you. 

The following table summarizes how Shared, VPS, and Dedicated hosting service is different from each other and thus helps to choose the right web hosting package for your needs:


Shared Web Hosting Dedicated Web Hosting

VPS Web Hosting                  

  • A server is shared by multiple websites
  • It offers limited bandwidth and disk space.
  • It is comparatively cheap due to shared costs.
  • It does not require the website owner to have much technical skill.
  • High traffic can slow down the server
  • It offers the least control among the three types.
  • It is the least secure among the three types.A server is dedicated to just a single website.
  • It offers high bandwidth and disk space.
  • It is quite expensive because of no shared costs.
  • The website owner will need to have technical skills as he has full control of the server.
  • The server is designed to handle high traffic.
  • It offers high control.
  • It offers high security.
  • A server is shared by multiple websites.
  • It offers high bandwidth and disk space.
  • It is quite expensive but is cheaper than a dedicated web hosting service.
  • It does not require the site owner to have much technical skill but requires a system administrator.
  • The server is designed to handle high traffic.
  • It offers high control.
  • It offers high security.



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