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Best Wedding Website Builders

Trends come and go. But one trend that has never gone out of style is sharing beautiful photos. Out of different occasions, Wedding photos are the most vibrant and most memorable for many. And when we say Wedding Photos, we mean all the photos right from engagement. Making a photo album is too mainstream. The futuristic way of sharing and displaying your life-defining photos is by making a separate website for them and uploading those photos to your website. Of course, special photos require special space, their own space. Uploading them to social media channels is what everyone does and it lacks uniqueness.

The need for a wedding website is not exclusive to just couples. A wedding photographer or a photography firm can also create a wedding website to showcase the photos captured by them during various weddings. And these types of websites are can be used for commercial use and also provide good exposure to photographers.

You might well be wondering why to use the term ‘Wedding website builders’ instead of regular website builders or why there is a need for a wedding website builder, why not use regular website builder instead. It is because, unlike normal websites, wedding websites are full of photos and images and you will need specialized website builders to create beautiful and eye-catchy wedding websites.  And not all website builders serve the same purpose. Therefore, we have listed a few website builders that are expert wedding website builders.

Starts from

0.00 price/mo

  • Wedding Planning Website & Inspirations
  • Custom Wedding Website to Guide Guests
  • 12-Month Wedding Planning Checklist Calendar
  • 30 Essential Planning Tips From Wedding Pros

Starts from

3750.00 price/mo

  • Complete Wedding Website/App Builder
  • Personalized Wedding App
  • Wedding Videos, Photos, Guest List Manager
  • Wedding dates, invitations, event scheduling

Starts from

$1.30 price/mo

  • Beautiful Wedding website creator
  • Free Plan available
  • Drag & Drop Builder
  • Customized Wedding Planning platform

Starts from

0.00 per month

  • Free Wedding Website Designs
  • Unlimited Photo Storage
  • Amazing Support Team
  • Creates Custom Wedding Website Pages

Starts from

0.00 per month

  • Premium Wedding Website
  • Creates Customized Wedding Website
  • Offers Free Website Package
  • Smartphone-Friendly Website Design

Starts from

0.00 per month

  • Beautiful Wedding Websites
  • Simple Drag & Drop Website Builder
  • Best and Helpful Registry
  • Stunning Template Designs

Starts from

$9.00 per month

  • Premium Wedding Websites
  • Offers The Most Advanced Tools
  • Super Easy to Use
  • Custom Domain Name and Email

Starts from

$99.00 per month

  • Creates a Custom Wedding Website
  • The Intuitive Wedding Planning Tools
  • Drag & Drop Website Builder
  • Flexible Templates & Custom CSS

Starts from

£59.00 per month

  • Beautiful Wedding Website
  • Free Plan Available
  • Hundreds of Stylish Design Themes
  • Stunning Printed & Email Wedding Stationery

Starts from

$35.00 per month

  • Best Wedding Website
  • No Credit Card Required
  • Prioritizes Quality Customer Service
  • Team of Cutting-Edge Digital Designers

Top Wedding Website Builders Explained


The main reason for choosing Wix as our top recommendation for the best wedding website builder is the fact that it comes with an easy photo uploader and allows the best customization possible. This is the main thing that separates other traditional websites from a wedding website. Unlike other websites, Wedding websites have photos and videos as their core. And uploading these images to your wedding site is one of the most important tasks regarding a wedding website and Wix makes this task very easy.

Pros of Wix:

  • One of the most trusted website builders
  • Easy to use
  • 500+ responsive templates

Cons of Wix:

  • Only live chat support is offered
  • Cannot transfer sites to other web hosts


Free Version:     
  • Have your site on subdomain       
  • Too many ads
Premium Plan
  • Priced at INR 29/mo. - Free SSL
  • Free Domain for 1 year - Unlimited Bandwidth 
Another reason is that Wix is the leading website builder and it is one of the most used website builders. And to reach this top spot among other website builders, Wix has proven itself time and again. Despite not being a dedicated wedding website builder Wix just reigns supreme, owing to its all-rounder performance. Wix just knows everything out of the park, no matter what you throw at. Do you want to create a magazine? Wix can do it. Want to create a blog? Wix can do that. Want to run an online store? Wix has got your back? Wedding website? Wix surely can do that. This is why Wix is so special when compared to other website builders. Wix has the capacity to defeat dedicated and specialized builders despite being an all-purpose website builder.
There is a sense of trust when it comes to Wix. Because, Wix is a brand that has been in the industry for a long time and it is renowned for the security, reliability, and performance that it offers. Wix makes your task easier as it has a huge collection of 500+ attractive templates and you can select a template that is photo-centric, as your website will be dealing mostly with the photos. Another fact that is undeniable is that all the experts just love Wix and Wix is the most recommended website builder by most of the experts.
Other positives of Wix are the easy to use Drag-and-Drop interface, a free plan, Flexibility, and its value for money nature. Talking about the interface, you can select a template that suits the best for your website and customize it to every smallest bit possible. The options are so much that you can get confused about which template to choose from. You get one of the easiest, Drag-and-Drop interfaces to build your website where all that you have to do is just drag and drop all your website elements.
When it comes to pricing, despite being a leading website builder altogether, Wix has not let the success get into its head. Wix has managed to price their plan extremely well and compared to other website builders, Wix offers high value for money. Their first plan comes without costing you a single penny. You can make use of the free plan to try out things. But it has its own limitations though. If you want more features like your website on a custom domain, freedom from Wix branding and ads, more performance, you should really go for premium plan that is priced at INR 29/mo. And as you are looking to create a wedding website, one of the most important needs of your website is more storage space. You get 10GB of storage space with this plan. This plan is exclusive for India. If you are from any other country, you have higher end plans on offer.

Appy Couple

Appy Couple has made its mark as the leader in the field of digital wedding service. Appy couple is a dedicated wedding website builder. In Appy couple, more attention is paid to making your website look the best and most attractive. Of course, that’s what separates wedding websites from other websites. Unlike other websites, wedding websites must be attractive and eye-catching. This must be the main goal while creating any wedding website. The task of creating an attractive website gets easier with Appy couple website builder.


One-time payment to unlimited access
500+ Free Templates
Comes with a multipurpose app


No Free variant or Trial version
No monthly plans
Customer support only through mail


Appy Boutique: INR 3750 (One-time Fee)
Access to hundreds of boutique designs
Appy Luxury: INR 10000 (One-time Fee)
Access to limited-edition designs 
Appy couple is a complete package. Despite more importance being given to the looks, Appy couple lets you organize the entire event from your home. The USP of this wedding website builder has to be the mobile app that you can download on your smartphones. This app is a personalized wedding app that can be downloaded by your friends and family. This app can be used to get directions, all related information, venue details or you can use it to put up a highlight of a day itself. Most of all, you can use Appy couple to invite the guests too. You can select a template for the invitations, customize it by filling it with all the information, and then share it with your guests. Yes, it is as simple as that.
Appy couple comes with RSVP management that lets you set up various forms. You can get responses from your friends if they are attending the function or you can take other feedbacks or suggestions from them too. Appy couple has paid attention to providing top-notch privacy too. If you are not someone who wants their wedding photos to be seen by any random person on the internet, you get to control the privacy of your website. You can make the photos accessible by only a few individuals or a certain group of friends.
Appy couple has 500+ wedding oriented themes that you can use to make your website appealing to whoever visits it. The number of themes on offer is really commendable as some of the leading multi-purpose website builders also fall short when compared to Appy Couple. Appy couple excels in the ease-of-use department too. Appy couple comes with a combination of drop-down menus and drag-and-drop interface. For all the changes you want to make on your website, this neat and simple user interface comes to your rescue.
Appy couple is fuelled by a customer support team that is at your service 24/7 but you can reach them only through the mail. No other support mediums like live chat, phone call, etc. Appy couple must realize that phone and live chat are faster than email support and at the time of emergency, customers cannot afford to wait for mails, rather they’d prefer to be given prompt and quick response.
Compared to other wedding website builders, Appy couple comes with more features. That alone can decide if you should choose Appy couple or go for the alternative. Add to that fair pricing of plans. The deal just gets better. You can get your hands on Appy couple at a starting price of INR 3750 ($49). Shocked? Don’t be. Because Appy Couple is a service that does not come with monthly plans. Instead, comes with a one-time payment method that gives you unlimited access to their service. The next plan is priced at INR 10000. If you feel how this price tag can be justified, here we have the answer. Other platforms charge you on a monthly basis. If a platform charges $5/mo. It converts to $60 per year. And next year again the same amount. You might have to pay extra for other features too. But when it comes to Appy Couple, you choose any one of the two plans and that’s the only payment you will ever make. You get access to unlimited resources and best in class features. The only catch is that you have to pay for the custom domain as Appy Couple hosts your website on a subdomain by default.


If you are someone who is not very new to all these website builders and the related stuff, it is sure that you have seen Weebly along with Wix in most of the lists of Top website builders. It may be to create a blog, an online store, or a portfolio website. Weebly hardly fails to make it to those lists of ‘The Best’. And we would be wrong to let Weebly out of the list of top wedding website builders. Not just because it is one of the most popular, most used, and high reputed website builders, but mainly due to the fact that it comes loaded with the features that are perfect for creating wedding website builders.

Pros of Weebly:

  • Availability of numerous apps
  • Feature-rich
  • High reputed website builder
  • Easy to use 

Cons of Weebly:

No option of third party web hosting

Weebly Pricing:

Free: Free SSL
Domain with Weebly branding
Connect: Priced at $5/mo.
Connect Custom Domain
Search Engine Optimization
Pro: Priced at $12/mo.
Free Domain Name
Unlimited Storage
Business: Priced at $25/mo.
Advanced eCommerce features
Phone Support
Weebly can give a tough fight to any dedicated wedding website builder when thrown head to head and might come out victorious too. And that is the reason we have recommended Weebly over other dedicated wedding website builders. One of the many features that make Weebly one of the true contenders for the top spot is the availability of apps. You have a huge number of apps at your fingertips and with the help of these apps, you can make your website a lot more than a website to display your photos. You can add multiple information to your website with the help of these apps and even before uploading your wedding photos, you can use your website for multiple purposes. For example, you can share the address of the locations of your events, share dates, and much more.
A large number of wedding oriented templates make this deal even better. You can choose a template that matches well with your need and expectations of how your website should look like. You can then easily customize the website as per your taste and needs. Another fact that must be mentioned is that Weebly is extremely easy to use. We understand that most of the people looking to create a wedding website might not have any prior experience of creating any website. And in such cases if you choose more complicated WordPress to create your first website, you are up to get stuck between the technical stuff that is involved in creating the website and your website will either be not ready or a complete mess.
Therefore, if ease of use is your priority, we recommend Weebly to you. Adding more credibility is the availability of a Free Plan. If you are not so serious about your website and need very few photos to be uploaded and need a website just for name's sake, you can go for the free plan. Choosing a free plan is also a good idea if you are not sure about paying for it unless your website is ready. If you like what you have created, you can upgrade anytime and choose a premium plan that will fetch you more storage space, the ability to connect your own domain, more features, and more freedom.
The basic plan costs a mere $5/mo., which is really low when compared with other website builders with the same features. You can connect your custom domain if you choose this plan. But the plan that we recommend would be The Pro plan that is priced at $12/mo. and it comes with a free domain worth $20. Things must make sense now why we recommend this plan. The following plan is a Business plan and it cost $25/mo. This is recommended for event organizers, photographers, etc who need more space and have to upload photos of multiple events.
It is worth noting that the Pro plan and Business plans come with eCommerce support. If you are an event organizer, you can sell stuff on the website or if you are a photographer, you can sell the photos clicked by you easily through your website.

The Knot

The Knot has its name shouting out load that it is a dedicated wedding website builder. And there are unmissable perks that come with a dedicated wedding website builder. The Knot is a completely free wedding website service. The Knot comes with over 160 beautifully crafted templates that make your website a sheer symbol of love to the viewer’s eyes. These templates make your website very beautiful as all the themes are specialized to give that wedding vibe to anyone visiting your website.

Pros of The Knot:

  • Comes free of cost
  • Very useful mobile app
  • Easy setup
  • Interact with guest from app

Cons of The Knot:

Creating website on Mobile app has limitations
Customer service needs improvement

Pricing of The Knot:

Knot is a free service. But you can buy custom domain at your own expense.
The Knot is very easy to use. You can create an eye-catchy website to showcase your most memorable memories in minutes. You can either use your computer to create a perfect wedding website or with the help of The Knot phone app, which also doubles up as a wedding planner app. The Knot has gone for a simple interface that is both easy to use and less complex. You will not have to break your head by getting lost in the technical stuff as everything is laid out neatly in The Knot.
One of the favorite things to do for most of us is sharing our photos to social media. And this just got easier with The Knot as The Knot allows easy sharing of the photos to social media channels. You can also easily share your website’s link too. And this is one of the perks that we earlier mentioned that come with a dedicated wedding website builder.
Another handy and interesting feature you never know you need until you get it is, hiding your website from search engines. Let’s agree that not everyone creates a wedding website with the same purpose. Some may create a wedding website for commercial purposes while some may just create it to let the photos be easily accessible for friends and family. And in the latter cases, you can opt to hide your website from the search engine. As mentioned in the introduction, professional photographers would want their websites to be ranked higher in SERP, giving them more exposure. Hence using this feature is optional according to your purpose of creating a wedding website.
There’s not much to talk about the pricing of The Knot as it is a free service. But you can get more than just creating your wedding website by shelling out some bucks. As we are discussing creating a wedding website, that service is free of cost by The Knot. The wedding website is one of the many other wedding related services that are offered by The Knot. They have an App that serves mainly as a wedding planner and includes all the tools required to create a breath-taking wedding website too. You must choose The Knot if you are looking forward to a free way of creating a wedding website that comes with very less or no hassle, then you must choose The Knot.


These are our top picks for the spot of Best Wedding Website Builders. While there are many other website builders out there, these are very few that offer a complete package, like a Swiss Army Knife. You get all the tools you need. Each comes with their own strong points and some with the usual drawbacks. Some have pricing as their USP, while some have feature list to make them worthy. You can select any one of these wedding website builders and rest assured that you will have a great experience with creating your wedding website and flaunting all the best memories in the most modern way possible.

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