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When you run a dental hospital or clinic, the use of the right Dental Practice Management Software can help you in many ways. The efficient management of all operations will be easily attainable with these tools. Dental Practice software helps you in managing different operations such as billing, patient management, and scheduling. Different processes that a dental healthcare organization must carry out are streamlined with the use of such dental clinic software.


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$99.00 price/mo

  • ACE Dental - Best Dental Practice Management Software
  • Patient and Family Ledgers, Paper and Electronic Insurance Claims
  • Appointment Scheduling & Pre-blocking
  • Patient Statements, Prescription Writer
  • Read more about ACE Dental

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Rs624.00 price/mo

  • Halemind is ingenious, leading edge & connected EMR and HMS.
  • Appointments Scheduling, Automated Billing
  • Patient Registration, Visual Case Sheets
  • Evidence based care & Easy-to-consume data
  • Read more about Halemind

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Rs399.00 price/mo

  • Healcon Practice - All in One Integrated Medical Software to Manage Clinic, Lab & Pharmacy.
  • Appointment Scheduler, Advanced Calendar
  • Electronic Medical Records & ePrescription
  • Treatment Plan & Scheduling & Medical Billing
  • Read more about Healcon

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Rs399.00 price/mo

  • CAPS28 - Computing Assisted Practice Solutions.
  • Appointment Scheduling, Patient communication
  • Speciality, finance, communication and many other Modules
  • Back Office Support
  • Read more about Caps28

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$299.00 price/mo

  • YAPI- Automated Practice Efficiency Software.
  • Online Scheduling & Paperless Dental Forms
  • Dental Dashboard, Intra-office Messaging
  • Appointment Reminders and Recall
  • Read more about Yapi


What To Look For In A Dental Practice Software?


Appointment Management:

Appointment Management is the most basic and one of the most common tasks any dental software can perform. With this application, you can schedule patient appointments, manage the waitlist and you can reschedule the appointments based on patient requirements. You can easily manage the no-shows. This feature is very helpful in avoiding last minute hassles and confusion, for both the patients and the staff.

Patient Management:

Gone are the days when you had to store all the data in papers or in old fashioned software that is not really meant to serve this purpose. Almost all dental management tools come with Patient Management feature which can be used to store the patient details, health records and this can be used in the future during future visits or during the time of need. All the data will be stored very efficiently and there will be no room for error if it is stored properly once.


While Billing is a feature that most of the dental software come loaded with, it is not one of the mandatory features that you always get. Even though the dental management applications can help you in charging the patients for the treatment that they have received and also offer a payment gateway through various channels, some hospitals already have sophisticated billing software. Hence, this is an optional feature if your dental healthcare has already deployed a billing software.

These are the features that come as standard in most of the dental practice management tools, but the additional set of features may differ from vendor to vendor. And you must make sure you get all the features you need. Hence, run a thorough check through the feature-list of all the tools you have considered as options.

You can get features like Appointment Reminder where the patient will be notified about their upcoming appointments via email or SMS, whichever they have opted for. You can also be benefitted by Charting feature where you can create a dental chart of patient’s teeth and gum’s health, from the reports that you get during their every visit. And treatment planning can also be done where you can formulate treatment strategies by evaluating their records.


Things To Consider Before Buying A Dental Software:


Ease of Use:

Make sure that the dental application that you choose for your health care center is very easy to use. You cannot expect the medical staff to be extremely good at using software complicated interfaces. Hence, choose the one that has a very less learning curve and a one that can be used without much technical knowledge.


The app you use will be used to store the patient records and this data should be very secure. If the software you use is not up to the mark in terms of security, the data stored in it will eventually land in the wrong hands. Hence, make sure that your software is highly safe with the inclusion of advanced security protocols and other measures.

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