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Vodien is one of Asia’s leading providers of cloud-based web hosting solutions. It has catered to the needs of over 1,500,000 small businesses and individuals. It is best known for its reliable cloud hosting across multiple platforms at a very competitive price since it was launched in 2002.  The company is based out of Singapore, but it has its customer base all over the globe. Vodien has been providing different kinds of hosting solutions like web hosting, email hosting, domain registration, WordPress Hosting, VPS and more. And their web hosting is backed by cloud servers, which are considered as the future of web hosting. If you want modern web hosting solutions with modern technology at very competitive prices, then Vodien is the name to remember. Let us dig deep into their offerings and features to know more about this industry-leading web service provider.   Vodien Features   Cloud-Based Web Hosting As already discussed, one of the USPs of Vodien’s service is that their hosting services are cloud-based and they are already one step ahead in complying with future trends. Cloud technologies certainly have an edge over traditional web hosting and can outshine the traditional web hosting in every aspect.  But what was a bit worrying was the high price-tag cloud hosting carried. But that’s not the case with Vodien’s cloud hosting. Because you can get your hands on much-desired cloud hosting at arguably best prices from Vodien. Free setup and transfer Vodien has an expert team to handle all the processes in website migration. The transfer process from the existing host to Vodien will be done smoothly by this dedicated team. And you are also free from setup and transfer charges as you can transfer your website to Vodien and set it up for free. So that you will not have to worry about spending a few bucks to transfer your website from another provider to Vodien. 30 days moneyback guarantee Adding more value to the Vodien web hosting solutions is the money-back guarantee that comes with their products and services. This is a good feature considering the sense of security the money-back guarantee offers. You can give their service a try for 30 days and can get your money back if you are not completely satisfied with the service provided by Vodien. Reasonable Pricing One thing that has enabled Vodien to establish themselves in the market, along with their stellar service is their pricing. All Vodien services and products come with very reasonable pricing. Their pricing has made them give tough competition, not only to their native nemesis, but also their competition in the international market. Free Domain The businesses in Singapore can Free .sg or domain names that come Free with Vodien service. This will save them a further $60 per year. A free domain surely is a boost to the value of the services offered by Vodien. . One-click installer Vodien provides the easiest solution to download top CMSs like WordPress, Magento, Joomla, etc., in the form of a One-click installer. This one-click installer simplifies the task of installing the top CMS’s that you would want to use to build your website. This surely can save the day for beginners with very less or no technical knowledge. Without the one-click installer, one would have to visit the official website of different CMSs and then install it manually. WebGuard and email SpamGuard Vodien’s proprietary web guard and email SpamGuard are nice little features that you can get. These services come handy in protecting your website from spam, malware or SQL injections. These services would still cost you a considerable amount of money if you opt to buy them from any third-party service provider. You get these services free of cost if you buy business hosting. 24/7 Dedicated Support Vodien support team consists of experts with deep knowledge of all web hosting aspects and also are technically advanced. Therefore, whenever you have a hiccup in anything regarding your website, or any issues related to Vodien web hosting, all you have to do is get in touch with this dedicated team who are up to help you with everything, round the clock. Vodien customers can reach support through phone, email, and chat. Daily/Weekly automated backup Backup has turned out to be one of the important aspects that need to be paid a lot of attention to. Vodien’s web services come with automated backup facility which surely can save your day, at the times of need. You can perform the daily remote backup if you get yourself the business hosting plan or weekly remote automated backups with the basic web hosting plan. And you get all-in-one access for restoration from your control panel. 99.9% uptime guarantee Vodien’s web hosting services come with a 99.9% uptime guarantee. While this is not the highest, it is still acceptable and is an industry average. There are hosting providers who have set new benchmarks in uptime guarantee. When we are discussing important features of any web hosting provider, an uptime guarantee is something that one should not fail to give attention to. Because your website’s uptime has a lot to do user experience and your website’s SEO ranking. Multiple Payment Options When we are talking about an international web hosting provider, one thing that would concern most of us is the payment options. But with Vodien, all such concerns are taken care of as they provide multiple payment options including cash, credit cards, checks, ATM fund transfers, and internet banking payments. Vodien sales support team can provide you more details regarding this.     Vodien Core Services    Cloud Web Hosting   Usually, cloud hosting is considered as the advanced web hosting and demands considerably premium amount over traditional web hosting. And it was preferred by only large scale website owners. But Vodien has turned the tables in favor of small scale website owners by enabling them to get their hands on futuristic cloud servers, at just a tad bit higher amount than the traditional web hosting.  You can get the affordable Cloud-based web hosting with the best value-for-money from Vodien. They have priced these cloud-based web hosting plans very reasonably and the considerably lower than other top guns in the market. These web hosting plans are backed by a 24/7 dedicated SuperSupport customer care team and the prices start at $10/mo., going all the way up to $60/mo. you get unlimited subdomains and unlimited FTP accounts with all the plans, right from the very basic to the most premium plan in their line-up.  You get cPanel across all the plans, as the control panel for your Vodien Hosting account and Linux is the server OS.   Business Hosting   If you want an upgraded and advanced version of basic web hosting, then you can get yourself the power of fully loaded and blazing fast business hosting, running on cloud servers from Vodien.  With Vodien Cloud Business hosting, you get up to 300% Faster speeds. You now get the SSD based servers if you opt for Business Hosting and this will surely be a way in which you can enhance the user experience of your website visitors and can also top the SEO ranking with flying colors.  You get all the important features that come with the basic web hosting plans and in addition to that, you do get some advanced features that will surely take your website to newer heights.  Business Hosting is divided into four plans and these plans are priced reasonably well. The prices start at $25/mo. going all the way up to $150/mo. If you are someone who is just looking for an upgrade over the basic web hosting, you can opt for the value plan with the cheapest price tag of the four. If you choose Business plans, you not only get more resources, but also SSL certificate, dedicated IP, Anti-Virus & Anti-Spam, Daily remote automatic backups. You also get priority access to customer support via phone or email, round the clock.   WordPress Hosting   No web hosting line-up is complete without WordPress Hosting. Owing to its immense popularity and ever-growing users, many Web Hosting providers have upped their game by offering WordPress hosting. But where many of them fall short is when it comes to website speeds. To tackle this, Vodien’s WordPress hosting comes with a cache blaster. Cache blaster is a technique that has helped in increasing the website speeds dramatically. Therefore, if you choose Vodien over other leading web-hosting providers, you will not have to be concerned about your website’s speeds.  Vodien offers dedicated WordPress Hosting plans which are divided into three. The cheapest among these is priced at $10.50/mo. You just have to pay a premium amount of 0.50/mo. more than the basic web hosting plans to get yourself the specialized WordPress Hosting based on cloud technologies. But what you get is a whole lot more than the basic hosting plans. Just like other plans, WordPress hosting also comes with a 99.9% uptime guarantee. And the security of your website is also taken care of. You get a one-click site-migration option too so that you can migrate your WordPress website to the Vodien server in a matter of a few clicks with its Automated Migration Tool. The long list of offerings from Vodien doesn’t just consist of basic hosting, business hosting or WordPress hosting. Vodien is known for VPS, Dedicated servers too. Let’s take a look at these services.   Virtual Private Server (VPS)   Vodien has been a proven provider of VPS over the years and has helped many businesses to grow on the internet. You can get fully managed VPS which is highly scalable and very powerful. The Vodien VPS plans are very flexible so that you can choose your plan according to your website’s requirements. The VPS server is powered by SSD and you get the power of cloud hosting with Vodien VPS. Self-managed VPS is priced at $49/mo. and the managed VPS is priced between $99-$299/mo. You get the same amount of SSD storage across all plans there is a considerable amount of difference in power and speed offered by these plans.    Dedicated Server Vodien also provides fully dedicated servers, in both the self-managed and fully managed avatars. Every dedicated server includes Intel multi-core processor, Super-fast storage drives, all-in-one control panel, free infrastructure management. The self-managed servers are priced at $280/mo. and $499/mo., whereas the fully managed servers are priced between $499/mo. and $1299/mo., depending on their configurations.    Domain Names Vodien provides domain names at reasonable prices and is also the #1 Domain Registrar in Singapore. You can enjoy feature-packed domain services from the most trusted Singaporean domain registrar. The Singapore’s own .sg domain is available at $60 per year. The .com and .net domains are up for grabs at $20/mo., among other top-level domains. With all domain names, you get Free Domain manager, DNS Hosting, and option to connect your domain to email. The 24/7 dedicated expert support team is available for domain names too. And for newly registered Singaporean companies, the .sg domain name is available for free for one year. This domain would otherwise cost $60 per year. This way, Vodien has pledged to encourage the upcoming local businesses.   Conclusion Vodien’s fame is not limited to just Singapore. It has now gone global and is recognized as one of the leading cloud-based web hosting providers. Vodien has a line-up of offerings that can give even the global leaders a run for their money. With continued improvements, Vodien is one the best out there in the market. And another stand out feature is the affordability of cloud services at arguably best prices, making it serve a variety of customers with different web hosting needs.    

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Vodien Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Vodien offers Coupon Codes?

Yes, Vodien offers a 30% Discount on all Business Hosting Yearly Plans. Use the coupon code given above to utilize this offer.

Does Vodien offer discount codes for all the Products & Services?

No, they offer only on Business hosting packages only for yearly & triennially packages.

How do I use Vodien Coupon code ?

You need to proceed selecting a plan till the Vodien checkout page where you can find for 'Do you have a Promo Code?' section at the bottom. Apply the given coupon code and you will be given for the discount. Please note- vodien promo code is valid only on the selected hosting plans and for yearly packages.

Does Vodien offer Free Trial?

No, Vodien does not offer a free trial on their hosting packages.

How to cancel a service at Vodien?

Contact Vodien support via Chat or ticket system to cancel the service at Vodien

Does Vodien offer promo codes for Renewals?

No, Vodien does not offer a promo code on the Renewals.