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Best Portfolio Website Builders for June 2023

As we already know how easy creating a website with website builders is, some of you might want to know what the best website builders are, using which you can build a portfolio website easily. While a portfolio website is essential to get more visibility over the internet and eventually get more business. With the help of website builders, you not only can create a website to show off your work in the easiest way but also can make those websites very attractive and eye-catchy.

After all, grabbing the attention of potential customers is what the purpose behind creating a portfolio website is. But there are a number of website builders in the market right now and choosing one over all the other might be an ardors task for many. Because there is some factor that need be paid attention to before choosing a website builder to create your portfolio website. We have listed some of the important aspects that you need to keep in mind before choosing the right website builder for you and following that list are our recommendations for top portfolio website builders.

Starts from

$1.30 price/mo

  • Best for Portfolio websites
  • Free Plan available
  • 1GB Space & 3GB Bandwidth
  • Free SSL Certificate

Starts from

80.00 per month

  • Free Plan Available
  • Best for Portfolio Websites
  • Drag and drop builder
  • 1GB Bandwidth & 500MB Storage

Starts from

417.00 price/mo

  • Best for Portfolio Websites
  • 15 Days Free Trial Available
  • No credit card required
  • 1 year Free Domain Name

Starts from

$5.00 per month

  • Free Plan Available
  • Showcase your Portfolio Work
  • Beautiful Portfolio themes
  • Drag & Drop Builder

Starts from

$8.00 price/mo

  • Beautiful Online Portfolio Site
  • Easy to Create, Update & Maintain
  • Drag and Drop Website Builder
  • Unlimited Hosting, with Unlimited Bandwidth

Starts from

$8.00 per month

  • Free Domain for a Year
  • 14-Day Free Trial
  • 5GB Bandwidth & 500MB Storage
  • Free SSL Certificates Includes

Starts from

$5.00 per month

  • Best for Portfolio Websites
  • Free Domain for a Year
  • 14 Days Free Trial Available
  • No Credit Card Required

Starts from

$9.00 per month

  • Most User-Friendly Portfolio
  • Unlimited Layout Possibilities
  • Free Trial Available
  • No Credit Card Required

Starts from

$8.00 per month

  • Offers Beautiful Templates
  • Best for Portfolio Websites
  • 10 Days Free Trial Available
  • No Credit Card Required

Starts from

£6.75 per month

  • Beautiful Portfolio Website
  • 14-Day Free Trial Available
  • No Credit Card Required
  • Provides Full Customer Support

Important factors to keep an eye on while choosing a portfolio website:

  • Ease of use

Ease of use must be one of the top priorities because that is the reason why everyone uses website builder and you must note that not all website builders are easy to use. For beginners, the website builders that the experts find easy might be difficult as getting started requires time and lots of extravagant features can be bit overwhelming. Therefore, choose a website builder that is very easy to use along with being powerful. Because, the long list of features will be useless if you do not know how to use them.
  • Creative Options

One of the key factors that separate a portfolio website from the rest is the design of the website. If you are showcasing your work, you will need to show-off in a creative way that the visitors will find interesting and attractive. If you chose a website builder that offers very less creative freedom and a very few templates, then you will have to settle to a boring website. Therefore, make sure that the website builder you choose has lot of themes and templates on offer and higher level of customizations are allowed.
  • Features on offer

The feature-set of a website builder plays a very important role in building a successful website irrespective of the category it belongs to. Make sure that you are settling for only very basic features that you will be left wondering what to do next. And also if you get enough features, they must be integrated neatly into the dashboard making things easier for you. If the options in an interface are too complicated, a beginner will end up messing up the entire website. Too much is too bad. Hence make sure you do not get fooled with very few features or get overwhelmed by too many features.
  • Customer Support

Customer Support is one of the most ignored aspects that must actually be paid attention to. We do not understand the importance of being backed by a good customer support team until we land in such situations. And most of us have already experienced pathetic customer service at least once and it really makes things worst. Therefore, always look for reviews that will hold the evidence to the customer service offered by any website builder. And your priority should be more channels of communication and 24/7 service.
Below is the list of best website builders to create portfolio websites:

Top Portfolio Website Builders Explained


1. Wix

Wix is one the very best in the website builder industry and it has proved time and time again that it is the undisputed king of the website builders, no matter what the niche is. Wix has enabled hundreds of thousands of people to get their websites created very easily, without breaking a sweat. Wix is hence one of the most popular, most recommended and most trusted website builders and there are only a handful of website builders that can give a tough fight to Wix. 

Pros of Wix:

Huge collection of templates and apps
Pricing is very aggressive 
Loaded with class-leading features

Cons of Wix:

 Supports only single site
No live-chat customer support

Wix Pricing:

Free Version:   
  • Have your site on subdomain     
  • Loaded with ads
Premium Plan:   
  • Priced at INR 29/mo.
  • Free Domain for 1 year
The pricing of Wix is also one of the main factors that make it a sweet deal as their premium plan is priced at just INR 29/mo. for Indian customers. There is also a free plan on offer and you can also give the trial version a try and decide whether you want to buy the premium plan or not. For international customers, the pricing starts at $5/mo.
Out of many things that go in favor of Wix, ease of use leads the pack. Creating a website with Wix is extremely easy and you get all the features you need to create a perfect portfolio website that stands out from the rest. Wix is known for its reliable service that contributes greatly in increasing the performance of your website. As you know, a faster website means higher SERP rankings and also enhanced user experience. Wix also comes with many SEO guides and a special guide called SEO Wix, with the help of which, you can create SEO friendly websites easily.
As your goal is to show-off your work, Wix contributes in making your website more visible to your target audience, hence fetching more traffic to your website and more exposure to your work. And the websites that are created with Wix are optimized to work well with devices of all screen sizes, by default.
You get more than 500 responsive and modern templates and there are 17 such templates that are tailor-made for portfolio websites. You can choose from the rest of the templates too as Wix’s templates come with a higher level of customization. You can customize any template according to your website requirements very easily. As it is mentioned earlier, creative control is one of the key aspects you should look for in a website builder and Wix offers excellent creative control to its users. With its drag-and-drop editor, you can literally do any change you want to the existing design. 

2. Weebly

Like always, Weebly accompanies Wix in the list of bests. Though Wix and Weebly offer similar performance, Wix has a slight edge over Weebly. But there is nothing taking away from the fact that Weebly is one among the best website builders and belongs to the elite class. Weebly comes loaded with a lot of features and offers a complete package to its users. Creating a portfolio is a cakewalk if you choose the right template for your website as Wix is extremely easy and simple to use. Websites can be created faster with Weebly than with most of its competitors.

Pros of Weebly:

  • One of the easiest to use
  • Loaded with advanced features
  • Offer maximum customization
  • Comes with huge collection of apps

Cons of Weebly:

  • Optimization needs improvements
  • More marketing tools must to be added.

Weebly Pricing:

Free :
  • Have your website on subdomain
  • Avail free SSL
Connect :
  • Priced at $5/mo.
  • Connect custom domain
  • Priced at $12/mo.
  • Comes with basic eCommerce features
  • Priced at $25/mo.  
  • Advanced eCommerce features.
The pricing of Weebly’s premium plans starts at $5/mo. and as mentioned above, starting right from this plan, all the plans on offer are loaded with features and there is also a free plan on offer. This however comes with its own limitations. Hence you are recommended to choose one of the three premium plans offer and the Weebly’s most premium plan named Business comes with eCommerce features and is priced at just $25/mo.
Weebly has offered advanced templates that are highly responsive and modern, over time. What makes the templates offered by Weebly stand out is the extreme simplicity that they offer. There will be no hassles while customizing these templates due to their simplicity. You can select any of the templates or themes on offer and customize them according to your website requirements. There are 7 dedicated portfolio themes that you can use without any customizations.
Weebly scores high points when it comes to offering a wide variety of features. Not just the features, what makes Weebly worth every penny is the fact that their low-end plans are also full of advanced plans that you would get only in the higher end plan when it comes to other website builders. Even though some of the popular website builders have their plans priced lower than that of Weebly, the features on offer are just barebones. But with Weebly, you get high- end features starting from the very basic plan. 

3. Pixpa

Pixpa is an alternative to the popular website builders and it is creating quite a buzz for right reasons. Pixpa is a dedicated portfolio website builder and its tagline terms it to be a website builder for creative minds and most of the features on offer are to make the website attractive. If you would not mind giving the sense of robustness, reliability and the security as miss that comes with the likes of Wix and Weebly, you can choose Pixpa. Pixpa is one of the only few dedicated that can be considered for serious website needs and it has established itself as the best of all the dedicated portfolio website builders.

Pros of Pixpa:

Comes with specialized photography website features
Dedicated template collection
Offers a higher level of security.

Cons of Pixpa:

No drag-and-drop builder
Publishing is not allowed with the trial version.

Pixpa pricing:

Trial version: 15-days trial period
      No credit card required
No publishing allowed
Pro: Priced at INR 6999 per year
Get 5GB storage
Biz: Priced at INR 9999 per year
Get 25GB storage
And as far as pricing goes, there are different varieties of plans on offer for different type of professionals. For photographers and for creators. And the prices start at INR 6999 when billed annually. These plans include the client galleries that otherwise is sold as a separate service. And the prices of client galleries start at INR 3600/year when bought separately. All plans come with 30 days moneyback guarantee and 15 days free trial version is also on offer.
For the features on offer, Pixpa is priced extremely well starting at just $6/mo. More about the pricing later, let’s take a glance at the features on offer. Pixpa was introduced back in 2012 as a medium for professionals and artists to showcase the work very easily. So Pixpa was originally introduced as a portfolio website builder that would allow the professionals and artists with less expertise in creating a website, build websites very easily. But when you look at the pricing, it can be noted that Pixpa is also aiming to offer service to the students too and it’s also aiming at the small businesses by offering them excellent features at very cheap prices.
Pixpa’s template collection is nowhere closer to that of Wix and Weebly. Yet the small collection of templates have very modern and highly responsive templates and it must be noted that unlike other website builders, all the templates on offer are specially designed for portfolio websites. And the count of 38 really seems to be great when you consider that fact.

4. WordPress

WordPress needs no introduction. No matter what the type of website is, WordPress has a theme on offer that you can use to create a perfect website irrespective of its niche. With WordPress and the page builders on offer, you can literally build anything that you can imagine. While WordPress is already famous enough, let us tell you how it can contribute in creating an eye-catching portfolio website.

Pros of WordPress:

Advanced customization options
Highest availability of themes and plug-ins
Expert support with premium plans

Cons of WordPress:

No built-in drag-and-drop builder
Getting started might be tough for beginners.

WordPress Pricing:

Free version: Available
Option of self-hosting or subdomain
Personal: Priced at INR 160/mo.
Connect custom domain
Premium: Priced at INR 280/mo.
Support for Custom CSS
Business: Priced at INR 640/mo.
Install custom themes and plugins
eCommerce: Priced at INR 1152/mo.
Comes with advanced eCommerce features
WordPress comes with a free version that lets you to either self-host your website or on a subdomain. The premium WordPress plans have their prices starting at INR 200/mo. you get advanced support anytime you require and you are backed by a large community of users that constantly keeps updating the forums with a valuable piece of information and develops advanced plugins.
WordPress is not the most ideal option for beginners but once you are through that phase, there no stopping. You can literally do anything as the flexibility offered by WordPress stands next to none. WordPress comes with 61 official portfolio themes, while you can always choose from thousands of third-party themes.  And all these official themes are mobile-friendly, helping you up your SEO game. WordPress must be your top choice if you are considering combining blogging with your portfolio website as WordPress is the best option out there for bloggers.


These are our recommendations for the best portfolio website builders. Wix leads the pack with a long list of features and possibly the cheapest pricing among all other website builders (for Indian customers). Following Wix very closely with its amazing feature-set and extreme ease of use is Weebly. And you can also choose Pixpa to create portfolio websites with utmost ease as it is one of the very few dedicated portfolio website builders. And then there is WordPress that lets you do anything you can imagine. Choose any of these four website builders for an amazing portfolio website building experience.

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It is incredible how easy it was to create a new website for our company. It was online in less than hour.

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Weebly was simple

I am not a computer girl but I needed a website when I started my own Business. Weebly was simple to drag and drop my information, pictures, add videos. It’s easy to add new pages and items to the store. I have used the support system a few times and it was not live chat but they connected with me in a timely manner. I am sure if great computer peeps look at my site they may think its looks pretty simple, but for a small business owner whose focus is just on informing clients who I am and what I offer Weebly is great. Thanks for making me feel talented in the website world.

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Pascal Laube

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i was always happy about the high grade of design flexibility

I am creating websites on for four years. I also have experience with the former editor. I can tell you, i was always happy about the high grade of design flexibility you have, to build up your absolute personalised website. It’s possible to edit and customise almost everything. Editor is quite good, sometimes a bit shaky (and no, its not my internet connection:). Online performance: It’s ok. From time to time it takes quite a while to load the page. (and no, its not my connection). Support: Was always average. You can reach them by email. They will answer you of course, but you will get some standard answers. and those you can read by yourself on the support page. If you really have a problem, like with the DNS or connection problems, it will be faster if you have the knowledge to fix it up by yourself. The only thing i am really upset about, is the new blog. Absolutely rubbish. It’s almost an affront. A lot of bugs and everything standardised. Not the way i know wix… And i was working with the old blog before, and this app was absolutely amazing to work with. I don’t understand why a leading company with great programmers going to realise such a crappie blog even there was a brilliant product before. Also, be aware: If you are blogger, test the features carefully before you make a final decision and buy a product you won’t be happy with. Also, the latest release of the member area they created, is not really what i want to have or what I personally expected from wix. Quite a few failures in design and usability. I am a bit worrying, that wix will cut down the design flexibility and reduce the highly customisable contents…. Its just a thought… Just one more thing: If you think you can sit down, and create a nice website in 5 hours you are wrong. For a great looking website with a intuitive and unique looking interface you need time. Even with :))

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