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Scala Hosting Review - The Summary

ScalaHosting is a US-based cloud hosting that specializes in Fully Managed Cloud hosting VPS solutions at unbelievably affordable prices. They have been in the business since 2007 with their Headquarters in Dallas, Texas. The hosting services are served in about 35 cities across the globe including Dallas, New York, and the EU, made possible with their integration with DigitalOcean and AWS.
Since its inception in 2007, ScalaHosting has gone by a singular mission: democratizing VPS hosting to empower individuals and entities of all backgrounds—be it students, developers, businesses, or large-scale teams—to unleash their creativity and innovation on the web.
Their dedication lies in transforming the cloud into a secure, scalable, and effortlessly manageable platform. Through relentless efforts, ScalaHosting endeavors to ensure that VPS hosting is not just accessible but also user-friendly, enabling everyone to harness its potential to create remarkable digital experiences.
With over 50,000 customers, ScalaHosting has established a significant presence in the internet landscape. Hosting more than 700,000 websites, they demonstrate a strong track record of reliability and trustworthiness.
Operating for over 20 years, ScalaHosting's extensive experience underscores its commitment to excellence and longevity in the industry. These impressive statistics alone make ScalaHosting an enticing option for users seeking dependable web hosting solutions.
ScalaHosting is dedicated to promoting and providing a safer and faster internet experience for all users, backed by a sincere commitment. This pledge is reinforced by the acknowledgment from industry giants like Google, who highlight the pressing concern of security in today's digital ground. 

Scala Hosting Pros & Cons


  • Affordable managed VPS to get started
  • ScalaHosting boasts a 99.9% uptime guarantee
  • Managed VPS plans come with a straightforward control panel
  • Includes automatic backups, free SSL certificates, and other security measures
  • A free domain name and website migration assistance


  • Only VPS plans get all-in SSD performance
  • Renewal fees are higher

Scala Hosting Key Features: What makes Scala Hosting Best?

Feeling unsure about where to host your website is normal, and having those doubts is okay. But guess what? We've got your back! When it comes to finding the perfect spot for your website, ScalaHosting is like the MVP of the game.

With its rock-solid reliability and spot-on recommendations, ScalaHosting comes out on top. You can trust it to provide the best solutions for your website needs. So, if you're searching for a web hosting service that ticks all the boxes, ScalaHosting is the way to go.

If you're wondering where to put your website, ScalaHosting might have crossed your radar. They do all sorts of things, like helping with WordPress sites. But if you're stuck trying to decide if ScalaHosting is your go-to, we've got your back with a thorough review.

We've done all the digging, checking out stuff like how good their support team is, how much it'll cost you, and how well it works. We'll give you the lowdown on ScalaHosting, so you can figure out if it's the right fit for what you need and what you can spend. Let's kick things off with a big picture of what ScalaHosting offers, and then we'll zoom in on the nitty-gritty details.

Entry Cloud Plan For Fastest speed & Best level of security

We promise scalaHosting is a much easier, quicker, and more dependable website hosting. We've given it a lot of testing to ensure it functions properly.

Here, we'll pay close attention to Entry Cloud, one of their expertly chosen ideas. It offers the n9 speed and the best level of security possible.

NVMe SSD: Enjoy blazingly fast website speeds with their upgradeable 50GB NVMe SSD storage. Performance is up to ten times faster than standard SATA SSDs because of its superior speed. 
CPU and RAM: You, as a user, are guaranteed continuous performance with their hosting every day of the year. With dedicated resources like two CPU cores and two gigabytes of RAM, ScalaHosting makes sure your website loads quickly and without any hiccups.
Robust Security: Scalahosting is capable of handling your website. They keep it safe from any dangers by hosting it in a specialized, isolated cloud environment, which guarantees excellent security. 
Bandwidth: Because ScalaHosting provides unmetered bandwidth, there is no hard cap on the volume of visitors that can visit your websites. It will not be a concern for you to worry about using up all of your bandwidth as your websites gain popularity and more visitors. 
Websites: You can host as many websites as you like with ScalaHosting on this plan. The quantity of websites you can make and oversee has no restrictions. 
SSL certification: Every website you host with ScalaHosting comes with a free Let's Encrypt SSL certificate. This certificate guarantees your visitors that your website is safe and reliable. Furthermore, it automatically renews, saving you the trouble of remembering when it expires or manually renewing it. 

Multiple Hosting Options

ScalaHosting gives you lots of choices when it comes to hosting your website. They offer different kinds of hosting plans, like shared hosting, VPS plans, eCommerce hosting plans, and dedicated IP hosting.

Having all these options means customers can pick the hosting plan that works best for them and their budget. Whether you need something simple and affordable or something more powerful and specific, Scalahosting has something for everyone.

With this variety of hosting options, you can find the perfect fit for your website without spending too much money. It's nice to have options, so you can get exactly what you need to make your website work just the way you want it to.

ScalaHosting E-Commerce Options

With ScalaHosting, you can easily set up an online store using popular e-commerce services like OpenCart, osCommerce, Magento, ZenCart, and others. All you have to do is click a button to install them. Once installed, you can start building your store with simple drag-and-drop tools. This means you don't need any technical skills to create a great online store. Just a few clicks and you're ready to go!

White-Label Hosting

More commonly known as Reseller hosting, White-label hosting lets you make some extra money or to add an extra service portfolio by reselling its hosting services, bandwidth, servers etc. to other websites under your own brand name and logo.

ScalaHosting provides this intriguing feature called white-label hosting, which may not be necessary for everyone but can be valuable for certain users. Professionals like website designers and developers often include hosting services along with their designs.

With white-label hosting available across all ScalaHosting plans, these professionals have the opportunity to become their own web hosting providers. White-label hosting allows users to offer hosting services under their branding without any visible association with ScalaHosting.

This means they can set their own prices for hosting and operate as independent hosting providers. It's a convenient option for individuals and businesses who want to expand their services and establish their own hosting brands.

While not everyone may require this feature, it opens up new possibilities for those who do. It's a testament to ScalaHosting's commitment to providing flexible solutions that cater to a diverse range of users, empowering them to customize their hosting experience according to their specific needs and preferences.

Excellent Uptime & Performance

ScalaHosting’s 100% SSD powered servers ensure fast and guaranteed performance of your website with 99.9% uptime guarantee.

They have strategically chosen Data Centre locations at Dallas and New York in USA and Sofia in EU, and the other integrated DigitalOcean data centers spread across the world from which the website owners can wisely choose to get assured great speeds.

If your website keeps going offline, even if it's amazing, it's not much use. But with ScalaHosting, they promise that your website will be online most of the time. If your site's uptime falls below 99.8%, which means it's not available for people to see,

ScalaHosting will give you some money back as a credit towards your subscription. And if your uptime drops below 99%, meaning your site is hardly ever online, they'll give you all your money back. This is nice because it shows that ScalaHosting cares about making sure your website stays up and running, which is important for you and your visitors.

We checked how often a website made with ScalaHosting's service was available over 14 days. Every 15 minutes, the tool checked if the website was working. If it couldn't reach the site for at least a minute, it sent an email. The test showed that ScalaHosting's service didn't have any problems during the two weeks of testing.

While it might be a bit more challenging to make a website with ScalaHosting compared to some other options, the good news is that once you've built it, it's unlikely to have any issues and go offline. This means your website will be up and running most of the time, which is very important for you and your visitors.

SPanel On Managed VPS Is Comprehensive & Powerful

ScalaHosting's SPanel stands out as a key feature of its service, serving as an alternative to the widely-used cPanel.

In 2019, cPanel increased its licensing fees, prompting ScalaHosting to develop its own control panel solution, SPanel, which offers compatibility with cPanel at a lower cost.

SPanel serves as an all-in-one control panel, providing users with comprehensive control over their accounts from a single interface.

It covers everything from email management to DNS configurations, offering convenience and efficiency. The control panel also includes advanced features like SShield and SWordPress Manager.

SShield is a real-time cybersecurity solution integrated into SPanel, boasting a high success rate in stopping website attacks at no extra charge.

SWordPress Manager is a utility designed specifically for WordPress users, offering various administrative functions such as installation, password management, updates, and more. It also enhances the security of WordPress sites.

Migration to ScalaHosting is hassle-free, especially for those using VPS plans with SPanel. Since SPanel is fully compatible with cPanel, migrating websites is fast and straightforward, akin to moving between cPanel hosts. The intuitive interface ensures users feel comfortable and familiar during the transition.

Overall, SPanel enhances the hosting experience with its user-friendly interface, advanced features, and seamless migration process, making ScalaHosting a compelling choice for website owners. It is not just a replacement for the traditional control panel but is an all-in-one web hosting solution for managing cloud VPS services.

Its User and Admin interface makes managing emails, spam settings, domain names, SSL certificates, databases, DNS Zones etc from one place much easier. SPanel also supports some of the fastest web servers in the world like LiteSpeed Enterprise, OpenLite speed, Apache etc. ensuring that your website stays up in SE rankings and loads within seconds.

24/7/365 customer support by experts

ScalaHosting is well known for its award-winning customer support that is available round-the-clock via Live Chat (30 seconds response guarantee), tickets (15 minutes response guarantee), Email, phone and the Knowledge base covers almost every topic you might face an issue with such as hosting plans, billing, installing SSL certificates etc.

Before you decide to sign up for ScalaHosting, you can get help from their customer support in a few ways. They have a Knowledge Base where you can find answers to common questions. Plus, you can chat with them live on the website, and they're quick at answering questions. ScalaHosting is known for its great customer support.

If you're not happy with the service within the first 30 days, you can get a full refund. Even after the first 30 days, if you decide to cancel, they'll give you a refund for the remaining time you didn't use. This is called an "anytime money-back guarantee." These refund policies are pretty generous, which means if you're not satisfied with ScalaHosting, you can get your money back without any hassle. This makes it a service that's definitely worth considering if you're looking for web hosting.

HTTP/2 On All Plans Speed Site Loading & Powerful security

HTTP/2 has been around for quite some time now, but it's still not getting the attention it deserves in the hosting world. Many web hosts only offer it on their premium plans, overlooking its benefits.

However, ScalaHosting stands out by making HTTP/2 available on all its plans, including the most affordable ones. HTTP/2 is an upgraded version of the previous standard, offering faster and more secure performance. It's also mobile-friendly, which is crucial in today's digital landscape.

With HTTP/2 enabled, websites can load resources in parallel, further enhancing speed and efficiency. One potential concern with hosts not offering HTTP/2 is that they might be relying on older servers for those accounts. This could affect performance and security. Some hosts reserve HTTP/2 access for their more expensive plans, indicating a reliance on outdated infrastructure.

ScalaHosting's decision to provide HTTP/2 access across all its plans is commendable. It demonstrates a commitment to offering modern, efficient hosting solutions.

While HTTP/2 can be obtained for free through services like Cloudflare, ScalaHosting's inclusion of it suggests that they prioritize using newer equipment in their server infrastructure. This ensures better performance and reliability for users across all their hosting plans.

Apart from the SSheild security discussed above, you may even run on-demand free security scans if you suspect any malware attacks, unencrypted file transfers, or unauthorized access.

They also back up your website automatically and store the archives in a remote server which can be restored at any time.

When we tested ScalaHosting, we found that their servers were really fast. We did our main tests using Bitcatcha’s speed test tool. The fastest speeds we saw were from Germany, with an excellent time of 37 milliseconds. When we checked the performance of ScalaHosting's VPS servers, we found that they were even faster.

In fact, the speeds from Germany were as low as 30 milliseconds. These results earned ScalaHosting a really good A+ rating on Bitcatcha's tests.

The demands from search engines like Google are getting higher all the time. To keep up, it's important to use a hosting service like Scala. Their ability to quickly deliver content (called TTFB) is a big factor in making this choice.

We ran these tests many times to make sure the results were accurate. Generally, this level of performance is what most users can expect from ScalaHosting. But it's important to remember that there are lots of things that can affect how fast a hosting server is. So, while these results are a good indicator, they might not be 100% exact for everyone.

CDN in all hosting packages

With ScalaHosting, you get something called a Content Delivery Network (CDN) along with your hosting package. A CDN is like a team of servers all over the world that work together to make sure your website's content gets to visitors quickly and smoothly. This means no matter where your visitors are, your website will load fast for them. Having a CDN with ScalaHosting means your website will be faster, which is great for the people visiting it. They'll have a better experience because they won't have to wait long for your website to load, no matter where they are in the world. So, it's a nice bonus that comes with ScalaHosting's hosting packages, making your website more enjoyable for your visitors.

Automatic Daily Remote Backups

With ScalaHosting, you get a handy feature: daily remote backups of all your stuff. This means your files are saved every day, so you don't have to stress about losing anything. ScalaHosting makes sure your data is always secure and easy to get back if you need it. If something goes wrong, like if you accidentally delete something or lose some data, you can quickly bring it back with just a few clicks. This is part of every Scala Hosting WordPress hosting plan, so you can relax knowing your website is always protected. Having your data backed up every day is a nice bonus that comes with ScalaHosting, making sure your website is safe and sound.

Easy To Use & User-Friendly Interface

ScalaHosting says they have a control panel that's easy to use, so customers can easily take care of their user accounts. Having an easy-to-use control panel means customers can manage their accounts without any trouble. They can do things like adding or removing users, changing settings, and more, all without needing any special technical skills. 

They also offer a website builder, which makes it simple to create and design a website even if you don't know how to code.  It's user-friendly, so you can choose a design you like, add your content, and customize it to make it your own. This is great for people who want a website but don't know how to code, as it makes the process  straightforward and easy.

ScalaHosting offers an interface that's easy for users to understand, so they can easily take care of their hosting account, website files, and other settings. This makes it a great choice for beginners who might not have much technical knowledge.

With Scalahosting's user-friendly interface, people who are just starting with hosting can manage their accounts and website files without any trouble. They can do things like upload files, change settings, and more, all without needing to know a lot about how it all works. This simplicity makes ScalaHosting a good option for beginners who might be intimidated by other hosting services that are more complicated to use. With ScalaHosting, they can get started with hosting their website quickly and easily, even if they're not very experienced with technology.

Cutting-Edge Technology by ScalaHosting

Another striking feature of ScalaHosting is its in-house R&D that builds beautiful technology without depending on 3rd party providers, the notable ones being SPAnel, SSheild and SWordPress Manager.


It is a 100% automated built-in security system with artificial intelligence that closely watches your website in real-time 24/7/365 for any malicious behavior and blocks 99.998% of the attacks and notifies the owner.

The best part is that all of this is done automatically and does not need a virus database which has to be updated regularly with every new virus in cyberspace.

SWordPress Manager

This is yet another path breaking in-house technology by ScalaHosting. It increases the convenience of managing any number of websites at a time manifolds even without any technical knowledge. With SWordPress Manager you can install/remove websites with a single click, reset the admin password, enable/disable updates, and even add more layers of security. Shortly, they are also coming up with cloning/staging and backup and restore features.

Generous Provision Of Resources

ScalaHosting is known for its generous allocation of resources across its hosting plans. 

Even in their shared hosting plans, users enjoy unmetered bandwidth, with only the lowest-tier plan having a storage limit of 50GB. This contrasts with other web hosts that often impose stricter limitations on resources, causing inconvenience to users. 

For instance, offers a mere 3GB of space on their starter paid plans. Another noteworthy aspect of ScalaHosting is its generous provision of Inodes. In simple terms, Inode count refers to the number of allowable files and directories on a hosting account. Exceeding the Inode limit can slow down server performance, so hosts typically impose restrictions. 

However, ScalaHosting's Inode provision is quite ample. Even the Mini plan allows up to 150,000 Inodes, which is considered generous and more than sufficient for hosting a single website. 

If users find themselves exceeding the node count on ScalaHosting, it likely indicates broader issues with their website rather than account limitations. ScalaHosting distinguishes itself by providing ample resources across its hosting plans, ensuring users have the flexibility and capacity they need to run their websites smoothly.

Scalability on demand

When you host a website on ScalaHosting sky is the limit. Even if you are a novice or small entrepreneur, you may enjoy the benefits of cloud VPS hosting by custom-building your plan and paying only for the resources you use.

On the other hand, for a giant in the business, ScalaHosting upgrades resources within seconds upto 24 CPUCores, 128 GB RAM and 2000 GB SSD storage space. They even build a custom cloud cluster setup for unlimited scalability to ensure your website never outgrows its services.

Explore Scala Hosting Services & Plans

Scala Hosting offers the following Services and Plans:
Shared Hosting : $2.95/month - $14.95 /month
VPS Hosting : $29.95/month - $179.95 /month
Cloud Hosting : $20.00/month - $179.00 /month
Resellers : $14.95/month - $39.95 /month
WordPress Hosting : $2.95/month - $14.95 /month
Domain Pricing : for $10.95/yr
Minecraft Hosting : $61.95/month - $249.95 /month
Forex VPS : $60.00/month - $148.00 /month

Shared Hosting

ScalaHosting offers dynamic pricing plans for both Shared and VPS hosting to suit every client, all of which come with a 30-day money back guarantee.

The prices for VPS plans are especially cheaper because with SPanel you may manage any number of hosting accounts at the same standard price.

However, with cPanel in other web hosts, the prices increase as you add more users. Moreover, VPS plans can also be customized with 100% control so that we choose what to pay for.

Shared Hosting Plans are offered in three variants as :

The Mini ($3.95/month) plan offers only 1 website, 20 GB storage, 1 CPU Power and other standard features like Free migration, domain, SSL Certificate, CDN etc. However, there is no SShield security with this plan.

The Start ($5.95/month) plan provides unlimited websites, 50 GB Storage, 2 X CPU power and SShield security along with other standard features.

The Advanced ($9.95/month) plan provides unlimited websites, 100 GB Storage, 4 X CPU power, SEO analysis, Priority support and SShield security along with other standard features.

Shared Hosting Plans

Plan Name OS Space Bandwidth Panel No. of SitesPrice
MiniLinux10 GBUnlimited CPANEL1$2.95/month
StartLinux50 GBUnlimited CPANELUnlimited$5.95/month
AdvancedLinux100 GBUnlimited CPANELUnlimited$9.95/month
Entry CloudLinux50GB Upgradeable NVMe SSDUnmeteredSPanelUnlimited$14.95/month
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VPS Hosting

ScalaHosting believes that managed VPS hosting is really important, and it's something they're good at. If you're thinking about getting VPS hosting and you want a service that can handle your website as it grows, ScalaHosting is a great choice.

They offer high-quality service without costing too much. But it's good to know that there are other web hosting companies out there, like Dreamhost and Hostwind, that offer even more options for different plans and types of servers. So, if you think you might want to do more with your website in the future, it's worth considering these other options too.

Under VPS hosting both Managed (starting at $9.95) and Self-Managed VPS (starting at $26) have four different plans: Start, Advanced, Business and Enterprise varying in their number of CPU cores, RAM and SSD storage provided.

VPS Hosting Plans

Plan Name OS Space CPU RAM CorePrice
Build #1Linux50 GB2 CPU4 GB2 Core$29.95/month
Build #2Linux100 GB4 CPU8 GB4 Core$63.95/month
Build #3Linux150 GB8 CPU16 GB8 Core$121.95/month
Build #4Linux200 GB12 CPU24 GB12 Core$179.95/month
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Cloud Hosting

Plan Name OS Space CPU RAM BandWidthPrice
Build #1Linux50 GB2 CPU4 GBUnmetered$20.00/month
Build #2Linux100 GB4 CPU8 GBUnmetered$45.00/month
Build #3Linux160 GB8 CPU16 GBUnmetered$91.00/month
Build #4Linux240 GB16 CPU32 GBUnmetered$179.00/month
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Reseller Hosting

Plan Name OS Space Bandwidth Panel No. of SitesPrice
Scala1Linux25 GBUnmeteredWHM20 cPanel$14.95/month
Scala2Linux50 GBUnmeteredCPANEL40 cPanel$24.95/month
Scala3Linux75 GBUnmeteredCPANEL60 cPanels$39.95/month
Visit Scala Hosting Reseller Hosting (Discount Link)

WordPress Hosting

The Managed WordPress hosting solution is the perfect choice for hosting any kind of WordPress websites with great performance. Some of the important features it includes like CDN, Automatic daily backups, Free Website Migration, Free SSL Certificate With Advanced Security Options,  SSD storage drives and LiteSpeed web servers, SWordPress Manager, SPanel, SShield make it the best WordPress hosting platform in the market. 

They use of advanced hardware, like SSD storage drives and LiteSpeed web servers, and fast & trustworthy hosting is what makes ScalaHosting’s service commendable.

This fancy hardware helps the servers run faster and perform better overall. Scalahosting promises that your website will be up and running almost all the time, with hardly any breaks. They're so sure about it that they offer a guarantee of 99.9% uptime, meaning your website won't be down much at all.

Here are the WordPress Hosting plans:

WordPress Mini: $2.95/month (for 36 months)
WordPress Start: $5.95/month (for 36 months)
WordPress Advanced: $9.95/month (for 36 months)
Entry Cloud: $14.95/month (for 36 months)

WordPress Hosting Plans

Plan Name OS Space Bandwidth Panel No. of SitesPrice
WP MiniLinux10 GBUnmeteredCPANEL1$2.95/month
WP StartLinux50 GBUnmeteredCPANELUnlimited$5.95/month
WP AdvancedLinux100 GBUnmeteredCPANELUnlimited$9.95/month
Entry CloudLinux50 GBUnmeteredSPanelUnlimited$14.95/month
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Domain Name Pricing

Domain Registration

  • $10.95/yr
  • $11.95/yr
  • .eu $12.95/yr
  • .ca $20.95/yr

Domain Renewal

  • $10.95/yr
  • $11.95/yr
  • .eu $12.95/yr
  • .ca $20.95/yr

Minecraft Hosting

$61.95/month$89.95/month$149.95/month$249.95 /month

Including AWS Hosting Charges
2 CPU Core
Unlimited MySQL Databases
24/7 Backups
4TB Bandwidth
1Gbps Uplink Ports
Web Service
Unlimited Ports
Dedicated IP Address
Free Domain

Including AWS Hosting Charges
2 CPU Core
160 GB SSD
Unlimited MySQL Databases
24/7 Backups
5TB Bandwidth
1Gbps Uplink Ports
Web Service
Unlimited Ports
Dedicated IP Address
Free Domain

Including AWS Hosting Charges
4 CPU Core
Unlimited MySQL Databases
24/7 Backups
6TB Bandwidth
1Gbps Uplink Ports
Web Service
Unlimited Ports
Dedicated IP Address
Free Domain

Including AWS Hosting Charges
8 CPU Core
Unlimited MySQL Databases
24/7 Backups
7TB Bandwidth
1Gbps Uplink Ports
Web Service
Unlimited Ports
Dedicated IP Address
Free Domain

Get Started

Forex VPS

Build #1Build #2Build #3Build #4
$60.00/month$84.00 /month$124.00 /month$148.00/month

4 CPU Cores
Free Snapshots

8 CPU Cores
Free Snapshots

12 CPU Cores
Free Snapshots

16 CPU Cores
Free Snapshots

Get Started

What Makes a ScalaHosting Popular in 2024?

ScalaHosting carved a niche in the industry by being the exclusive VPS partner and more importantly by creating their in-house control panel software- SPanel, comparable in quality with CPanel and WHM.

So what made ScalaHosting grow to power with over 7000,000+ websites in over 120 countries throughout the world? Let’s find out in the coming sections.

No prizes for guessing that the name ‘ScalaHosting’ comes from the company’s vision to make web hosting scalable to an extent like never before. Their mission is to provide secure, scalable, and easy-to-manage hosting to literally anyone including students, enterprises, or even developers.

To cater to all their needs ScalaHosting offers mainly three types of hosting services: Shared, Managed VPS and Self-Managed VPS.

Apart from these, they also offer Reseller Hosting and Business Email Hosting keeping in mind the wide client base.

The Shared hosting plan comes in two variants- web hosting and WordPress Hosting where even the simplest and cheapest plan comes with a whopping 20GB storage and all special features like cPanel, Free website migration, unlimited bandwidth, auto installers, SSL Certificates, backups, etc.

However, the key focus of ScalaHosting is the domain of VPS hosting (both Managed and Self-Managed) in which they brought a revolution by providing world-class services at the most affordable prices.

ScalaHosting Review: Can you trust their giant claims to be the future of web hosting?

There’s no doubt about the fact that a website’s backbone is the hosting provider. The performance, security, traffic etc. of your website depends to a large extent on your choice of hosting company. And this is the main reason that we may have second thoughts about choosing a lesser known web hosting company for our website that claims to offer hosting services at much cheaper prices than the giants of the industry.

One such underdog in the hosting domain was ScalaHosting which grabbed eyeballs with its big claims of futuristic services at the lowest prices possible. 

The Final word: Is ScalaHosting the best choice for you? 

ScalaHosting is the ultimate choice for any website owner, especially with high visitor traffic who wants to enjoy the benefits of VPS hosting at affordable pricing, made possible with the unique SPanel.

It gives you a choice between two powerful data centers to ensure great performance and take care of all cyber security aspects with Shield.

However, we did not like the fact that their renewal rates are slightly higher than the introductory pricing, but it can be ignored considering the satisfactory services offered. 

So, the features and the cost seem appealing, don't they? Would you want to give ScalaHosting a try? Select the ideal plan today by going to our discounted link here.

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