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Best Drag & Drop WordPress Page Builders

WordPress has made it possible for almost everyone to create websites easily. It offers lots of features to users but something that WordPress misses out on is Drag-and-Drop builder. Drag-and-drop builders allow the users to create and customize their website and its pages without writing any code. This is very useful for beginners that have very less or no coding knowledge. 

If you are wondering if it is possible to have a drag-and-drop editor in WordPress too, fortunately, Yes. It is possible. You can create and edit your website in a drag-and-drop manner with the help of WordPress page builders. The need for drag-and-drop builders has given rise to the immense popularity of WordPress page builders and these WordPress page builders come with a drag and drop builder. Check below our top recommendations for WordPress Page builders:

Top 10 WordPress Website Builders for Free & Paid:

Starts from

$99.00 price/mo

  • Best WordPress page builder plugin
  • Available for Unlimited Sites
  • Page Builder Plugin
  • World-Class Support for 1 Year

Starts from

$4.08 price/mo

  • Free Version Available
  • Best Website Builder for WordPress
  • Drag & Drop Builder
  • License for 1 Website

Starts from

$69.00 price/mo

  • Themify Builder Plugin for WordPress
  • Drag & Drop Builder
  • Copy/paste modules and rows from one page to another
  • RESPONSIVE Websites Templates

Starts from

$14.00 per month

  • A1 Powered Automated Easy WordPress Website Builder
  • Reliable Hosting Powered by Google Cloud
  • Automated PageSpeed Booster to Speed Optimization
  • 24/7 LiveChat support & Dedicated Slack Support with Engineers

Starts from

$19.00 price/mo

  • Thrive Theme Builder - Fastest WordPress Website builder
  • Unlimited Design and site building elements
  • Integrating with popular tools
  • Use Pre-Built Design Templates for web site build

Starts from

$4.08 per month

  • Best WordPress website builder for any one
  • No coding skills requirement
  • Mobile /tablet response website design
  • Top speed page loading function

Starts from

$59.00 one time payment

  • Easy Drag-n-Drop Customize website builder
  • Google Analytics & Tag Manager facility
  • Design Wordpress and Joomla pages and themes

Starts from

$56.00 per month

  • Best WordPress Page Builder Plugin
  • Intuitive Drag and Drop Builder
  • Responsive Websites Templates
  • No Coding Skills Requirement

Starts from

$129.00 one time payment

  • Best Website Builder for WordPress
  • Lifetime Unlimited License
  • Drag & Drop Editor
  • 60-Day Money Back Guarantee

Starts from

$10.00 per month

  • Mobile-Friendly Website Design
  • 24/7 Customer Support Available
  • Designs Global Templates
  • 14-Day Free Trial Available

Drag-and-drop is one of the most desired features in any website builders and other leading website builders like Wix, Weebly, and more come with Drag-and-drop interface. For most of the WordPress users, Drag-and-drop is a feature that they want to have in WordPress too. 

Another thing of WordPress that most users would want to change is its customization options. Yes, WordPress offers a great number of customization options, but these customization options are limited by the themes you choose. Some premium themes offer high customization options but it will need a developer to fully customize a website. Such a high level of customization requires good knowledge of coding like HTML or CSS. But with the help of page builders, along with creating websites easily, you can also fully customize them without having to write even a single line of coding.


Why do I need a WordPress page builder plugin?

Consider, for example, you are running a special discount or have published a special offer for your website’s visitors. And you are in desperate need of a landing page. To do this, the traditional and old fashioned way is to code. And not everyone is lucky enough to be good enough in coding. Even if you have bits and pieces of knowledge about coding, you are assured to mess up your page unless you are a pro. It is not just regarding the landing pages. Even if you want a Contact Us page, you will have multiple form elements like Name, Email ID, Phone number, Message, and more. This will also require a lot of effort if you are choosing the coding way of doing things. But all these efforts will be eliminated if you choose a WordPress Page Builder.
If you ask us how WordPress page builders differ from other ways like coding or WordPress’ Gutenberg Block editor, WordPress page builders offer a live visual representation of all changes that are being made on a page. In the case of the Gutenberg Block Editor, you have to hit the preview button to view any changes irrespective of whether it is a minor change or a very major change. But with the WordPress Builders, every change that you make will be displayed to you in real-time on your screen. This feature is the USP of WordPress Page Builders along with many other stellar features.

Advantages of using WordPress Page Builders


Customization and Creative Options:

The most obvious advantage of WordPress Page Builders would be the customizability it offers. To fully customize your website is what you will use Page Builders for. This is the main goal behind page builders being introduced. Therefore, full customization of your website and its pages is what you get if you choose WordPress Page Builders.
You no longer are limited to the customization freedom offered by WordPress’ Gutenberg block editor or the editors that are bundled with the themes you install. Usually, what happens is, you will have an amazing design in mind about how a page should look like or how your website must be. But due to the lack of creative options offered in the WordPress editor, you will have to settle for what is offered rather than what you actually want.
With the WordPress page builders it possible to create any kind of pages. Be it about us, landing pages, homepage, or add any elements like headers, widgets and adjust almost everything on your pages.

Way less effort required

Even though the high customization options were the goal behind the WordPress page builders being introduced, it is the ease of use and the less amount of efforts required to do anything, which made page builders stand their ground. The negatives that came with using coding for page building and the efforts it took to get things done with coding were the main reasons why page builders came to the limelight, faster than they would have. It is evident why this happened. Those some of us who have unsuccessfully tried our hands at coding know how arduous and complicated it can get. But all that hassle is negligible, if not non-existent when you choose to do something with the help of WordPress Page builders.
While we cannot guarantee you a pleasant experience if any other WordPress Page Builders, we can assure you that choosing WordPress Page Builders that we have recommended below will benefit you in more ways than you can imagine.

Top WordPress Page Builders



Great things take time. This is a famous saying. But defying this saying is Elementor. It has taken way less amount of time to be the most popular and the most trusted WordPress page builder. Despite not being a very old player in the industry, Elementor has gone past other top and established page builders to claim the top spot. Elementor is not just the most popular WordPress page builder, but also one of the most recommended.


  • Most popular WordPress Page builder
  • Capable enough even in Free version
  • Very simple and reliable layout
  • A large number of widgets and templates


Third-party apps integration could be better
Support needs some improvements


  • Comes with dozens of free templates
  • 25+ free widgets
  • 300+ Pro templates
  • 50+ advanced widgets
  • Priced at $49/year
  • For 1 site
  • Priced at $99/year
  • For 3 sites
  • Priced at $199/year
  • For 1000 sites
Elementor comes with a very simple layout that that is both easy to use and reliable. This interface offered by Elementor also happens to be one of the fastest out there, without any lags or performance bugs, making it a butter-flow experience. Elementor has made it possible for many website owners to spend less time building the layouts and offer them more options to spend their time customizing their content.
Elementor comes with numerous widgets that can be added anywhere on your website or its pages with the utmost ease. And these widgets cover almost all the needs of your website. You can a text box, image, map, image box, button, and the list is endless. Elementor has been able to serve the basic purpose of using page builders, with the help of these useful widgets. These are the widgets that are included in the free version. If you choose to opt for the Pro version of Elementor, things just get better as you get more advanced widget pack like media carousal, Review options, call to action buttons, and more.
As explained in the earlier segments, Elementor is immensely popular and widely used. This popularity and the large community have resulted in a humongous number of plugins being created. There are more than 700 plugins that you can install and integrate well with Elementor, without any hiccups. And these custom widgets will be saved, so that they can be used whenever and wherever you need, on your website.
If you think the good things about Elementor end right there, think again. Because, even with the Free version of this amazing page builder, you get a lot of free templates, that are very attractive and the variety in these templates is such that there is a template up for grabs, for every type of website. You also get access to block templates that come with either black or white backgrounds. You can use these block templates when you have finalized a template you want but if it misses out on some blocks that are of key importance to your website. But if you want access to more templates and blocks, you can always sign up for premium plans and enjoy the privilege of having more templates and advanced widgets at your exposure.
If Elementor proves to be the absolute best in its free avatar, just imagine the potential the paid variant has and the different ways the paid variant can benefit your website. You can get the Pro version of Elementor in three different packages. The first plan is priced at $49/year and is named Personal. You can use this only for 1 site and you get access to 50+ Pro widgets and 300+ Pro templates. You do get support and updates for 1 year. If you want the Pro version of Elementor for 3 sites, then you can choose the Plus plan that supports up to 3 sites and this plan is priced at $99/year. One thing to note is that all three pro plans come with the same features except for the number of websites supported. If you are a developer or a firm handling client websites, then the Expert plan is the obvious choice for you as it comes with support for a whopping 1000 websites. All these plans come with 30 days moneyback guarantee.

Beaver Builder

Standing right next to Elementor and giving Elementor a run for its money is Beaver Builder. 
Beaver Builder has established itself as a reliable and a go-to WordPress page builder despite coming with certain limitations when thrown head to head with other leading page builders such as Elementor. Where Beaver Builder obtains top scores is in the ease-of-use factor. Beaver Builder is one of the easiest to use and most developer-friendly page builders out there in the market.
When it comes to ease of use, Beaver Builder ranks ahead of even Elementor. Beaver Builder offers a neat and minimalistic interface that is extremely easy to use and extremely fast. You never really will need assistance from anyone or any user manual to learn how to use Beaver Builder. It is that easy.


  • Extremely easy to use
  • Exceptional customer support
  • A large collection of beautiful themes
  • Comes with precise live preview option



  • No form builder
  • Extra features will need you to use 3rd party apps


  • Comes with many limitations
  • No Priority support
  • Priced at $99
  • Unlimited Sites
  • World-class support for 1 year
  • Priced at $199
  • Multisite Capability
  • Beaver Builder Theme


  • Priced at 399
  • Comes with white labeling
Introduced back in 2014, Beaver Builder has grown to be one of the most recommended and most trusted page builders among the WordPress community. Beaver Builder has achieved such a stature because of its user-friendliness, ease-of-use, and exceptional support. Support is one such thing that you might not need all the time. But whenever you need it, it has to be top-notch and available all the time. This team of experts is not just a group hired to attend calls of customers but this is a team that has expert knowledge of all the products and they try above and beyond to solve any issues of their customers regarding their product and service. They even go out of the way to suggest custom solutions, unlike the Elementor customer support team that is reluctant to offer custom solutions.
This is possible when the team of customer support consists of passionate individuals and tech junkies.
A page builder is incomplete without a wide range of templates on offer. And making Beaver Builder a complete package is the large selection of templates. These templates are classified into landing pages and content pages. Beaver Builder’s landing pages template selection includes small business templates, eBook templates, law firm templates, and many more. You can also get a wide range of templates for contact pages, newsletter sign-ups, about pages, pricing tables, and more.
In addition to these beautiful templates, you get a lot of drag and drop modules like photos, text editors, call to action buttons, separators, number counters, subscribe forms, and pricing tables and a lot more. And you can save all your custom layouts for future use and you can use these saved layouts anywhere on your website.
When it comes to pricing, you can get Beaver Builder in both free and paid variants. The free variant, of course, comes with its own limitations. If you are seriously thinking about taking your website to the next level, you must choose the paid version that comes in three different packages. These packages are named as Agency, Pro, and Standard. The agency plan is the costliest and more feature-rich when compared to the other two plans. The Standard plan is the cheapest of the three, at $99. The Standard package is the most ideal choice for a small WordPress website but Pro plan is the most recommended as it has the perfect balance between pricing and features. The Pro package has the right amount of everything you need. This package is priced at $199.
One noteworthy feature that Beaver Builder offers is unlimited support right from the basic Pro plan. Though it starts at $99, the similarly priced Elementor plan offers support for only 3 sites.

Visual Composer

Our third pick in this list of Best WordPress Page Builders is Visual Composer. Just like the previous two recommendations on this list, Visual Composer is also very easy to use along with being feature-rich. Visual Composer is a very powerful page builder that comes with a simple yet efficient drag-and-drop interface that can be used by a mere beginner or an expert developer. You get live visuals of every change being made on your website. This eliminates the need for previewing the changes done after every change or a series of changes. Believe it or not, it also saves a lot of your time.


  • It offers a live-preview editor
  • 200+ Elements
  • 100+ responsive templates


  • Some must-have features are sold as add-ons


  • Free Version: Available
  • Limited Features
  • Premium Version: 200+ Elements
  • 100+ Templates
Single Website: Priced at $59/yr.
3 websites: Priced at $149/yr.
1000 Websites: Priced at $349/yr.
What adds to the credibility of Visual Composer is the fact that it a page builder from the creators of the WPBakery plugin. WPBakery is a page builder that is one of the most sold page builders on CodeCanyon. But the difference here is that WPBakery is only meant for content part whereas, Visual Composer is used to creating an entire page or website including header and footers.
While most of the page builders come with front-end page editing, Visual Composer comes with both the front-end editor and tree view. The tree view turns your builder into a layered interface. You can navigate between different elements of your website easily and edit any of those elements. This just makes the design process so easy.
Along with integrating well with all the pre-installed themes on your website, Visual Composer also comes with templates of its own. And these templates are amazing in every way. You can create a landing page, portfolios, product pages, and more. Another thing to note is that all the elements and templates that come loaded with Visual Composer are responsive out-of-the-box. These are mobile-ready and make your website easily viewable on any mobile device without any issues.
There is a special feature that comes with Visual Composer called as Visual Composer Hub. This is a space where all the elements available for users to download is saved. Visual Composer customers can access this Visual Composer Hub and get any element that they want for their website. This is a library that keeps itself updated whenever any new element is added. Another noteworthy thing about Visual Composer is that it does not any shortcodes. This makes the page created using Visual Composer load faster in comparison with the pages created with other page builders. No usage of shortcodes also eliminates the potential issues that can occur when the plugin is disabled or if anyone messes up with the shortcodes.
When it comes to pricing, you can either get the free version or get a visual composer in its premium variants. The free version offers a drag-and-drop editor for the content part. This version is suitable only for low-end websites with minimal requirements. But if you want to take your website to the next level, you should shell out some bucks and get yourself the premium variant. There are three different packages offered when it comes to premium plans. The first package is for a single website and is priced at $59. The premium variants come with premium templates, premium support, and regular updates. The next package supports 3 websites and comes with a price tag of $149 and if you are firm that wants license of Visual Composer for unlimited websites, then you will have to shell out a hefty amount of $349. All these packages come with 15 days moneyback guarantee.


If you are looking for something else and want to try something that is not too mainstream, here we present to you, Themify. Themify Builder is built into all of the Themify themes so that you will not have to worry about wasting your time looking for a third party page builder. And Themify builder works best only with the Themify themes. When it comes to sophistication or offering a complete package, Themify Builder stands lags behind the segment leaders like Elementor or Beaver Builder. But it has a price advantage.


  • Comes with frontend and backend editor
  • A good collection of pre-built templates
  • Well priced


  • No header/footer builder
  • The interface is not fully sophisticated


  • Free Variant: Available
  • Misses on some must-have features
Add-ons: Priced at $39
Total of 25 add-ons
Includes must-have features
Pro Version: Priced at $69
Includes add-ons worth $39
The saving grace for Themify Builder is the responsive elements that it consists of. And these responsive elements make your website SEO friendly. They also come with Social icons which can make it easy for others to share your website’s pages and spread the word with their connections on social media. Like other leading page builders, Themify Builder also comes with a live preview option that can save a lot of time and effort. Themify also comes with the option of backend or frontend editing option. You can just switch between either frontend or backend depending on which is easier for you.
With the lite version, which is free to download, you get a drag and drop editor, where text, audio, post, gallery, widget, and more modules are included. And the Lite version also includes some of the premium features, which otherwise would come with a price tag with other page builders, like module for import/export, copy/paste, and more. The builder also comes with 40+ pre-designed layouts. All you have to do is import these layouts, change the elements according to your taste and requirements. Themify also comes with a panel called styling panel. You can use the Styling panel to modify any aspect of your website right from header styles, post title styles, background image styles, footer styles, and the list just goes on.
Another aspect where Themify builder scores high is the ease of use. You can just drag and drop the elements to any page until you are satisfied with the result. With no coding required. And knowing a bit of coding just makes things better as you can further customize your website to the smallest bit possible. And in Themify, customization is not limited to only changing colors and fonts, you can also choose any of the 60 animation effects that are included with Themify and give your website elements an eye-catchy look.
Now let’s talk about the Pricing of the Themify Builder. The free version of Themify Builder available for download for anyone. And you get the Themify builder bundled with every Themify Theme. If you want some add-ons, you have to shell out $39. This add-on comes with some must-have features. But this is just adding some features to the free version. If you want the Pro version of the Themify Builder, you will have to spend a total of $69 and this version is known as Builder Pro. The Builder Pro includes the pro version of the Themify Builder and all the 25 builder add-ons that cost $39.


Brizy might be the latest entrant in the page builder industry, but it has enough potential to make it to the list of Top Page Builders. Well, for some of you this may be the first time coming across Brizy. But what if we tell you that Brizy is developed by the team of developers at ThemeFuse. These veterans at ThemeFuse have been creating stellar WordPress themes for quite a long time. And Brizy is a product that has been developed by this team of veterans. This fact gives alone a lot of credibility to Brizy.


  • Extremely easy-to-use
  • Responsive template collection
  • Extremely cheap when compared to other builders
  • Has a lifetime plan at very attractive pricing


  • Still a new brandThere is no theme builder


Free version: Available
Misses out on many Pro features
Pro version: 250+ Premium Designs
Brizy WordPress Pro
Personal: Priced at $49/yr.
For 3 sites
Studio: Priced at $99/yr.
Unlimited sites
Lifetime: Priced at $299
Lifetime unlimited access
Just like the other page builders on this list, Brizy also is extremely easy-to-use and has ease of use as its core strength. Brizy comes with some cool and unique features that cannot be seen on any other page builder in the market. Brizy comes with a drag-and-drop interface that is clutter-free and extremely fast, along with being neatly laid out. Brizy brings basic features like text, buttons, images, lines, tabs, and more. All you have to do is select any layout and customize it according to your need by dragging and dropping. It is as easy as that. What contributes to making Brizy extremely easy to use is its clutter-free nature, where you will not be overwhelmed by elements of no use present here and there. You get all the tools you need. Kudos to Brizy for keeping things that way, instead of stuffing it with unwanted features just to market it harder.
One unique feature that Brizy offers is the inline editor. Like other page builders, Brizy does not have any sidebars or drop-down menus. With Brizy, you can control all the stuff inline. Brizy lets you edit the text inline, adjust the button and style it, and add images also right in the editing area. This is a really cool and innovative feature, which is guaranteed to offer a refreshing user experience. And Brizy comes with over 150 pre-made blocks like intuitive templates and layouts that offer high customizability. You can rearrange all that you feel like doing and even change the backgrounds to the images, video, or parallax of your choice.
Brizy can help you design your website without having to write even a single line of code. Brizy is still a new product with evident rawness present everywhere. And there is still enough room for improvement.
When it comes to pricing, Brizy offers very its Pro versions at very competitive prices with the prices starting at just $49/year. And note that there also a free version of Brizy as it is with most of the page builders. The $49 package goes by the name Personal and this package is for 3 sites. If you want to have a Brizy license for an unlimited number of websites then you can go for the Studio package that is priced at $99/year. And if you want lifetime access for unlimited use, you can choose the Lifetime package and this plan makes most sense if you are looking for a long-term partner for your page building needs. Brizy is also highly worth every penny you spend and with time, it can really establish itself as a bankable option and give the segment leaders a run for their money.


As mentioned earlier, choosing any of these page builders listed above is guaranteed to give you an incredible page building experience. This list includes page builders that are fully sophisticated to entry-level, very experienced, and totally new to the market. Some come with their own USPs while some are best for general use. Elementor and Beaver Builder are our top picks whereas Visual Composer gives you a balanced performance. The newbie Brizy packs enough punch to give the top page builders a run for their money. Brizy can be your choice if you are not concerned about the number of years of existence and just want a feature-rich page builder at unbeatable prices.

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