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Liquid Web Reviews & Expert Opinion

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Liquid Web Review - The Summary

Liquid Web has been around for over 25 years and is a reliable VPS provider and hosting package for dedicated servers. Since there are many service providers, choosing a website hosting service is not hard. However, the emergence of multiple services has confused service seekers a little.

Liquid Web is a popular hosting option among service seekers looking for managed hosting plans. A managed hosting service brings more convenience as the service provider updates security patches, plug-ins, versions, etc. So, how is the service of Liquid Web dedicated hosting? Find the following unbiased review of the Liquid Web website hosting services.

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Liquid Web Pros & Cons


  • Cutting-edge server Specifications
  • 100% uptime backed by SLA
  • SSL certificates are included in all hosting plans
  • Free of cost Website migration service
  • Decent 24/7 Customer support service


  • Entry-level pricing is high
  • Does not provide Shared Hosting Service

Liquid Web Key Features: What makes Liquid Web Best?

An Excellent Data Security

Since Liquid Web does not offer any shared hosting plans, the hosting servers provide better security. The dedicated servers are HIPAA-compliant and feature a Secure Socket Layer (SSL). On the other hand, multiple VPS hosting services are provided on a single server. However, VPS hosting is more secure than regular shared hosting.

Highly Dependable Uptime of 100%

Liquid Web comes with web hosting services that offer highly dependable uptime. We have used advanced tools for measuring server uptime. The tools show that downtime is negligible with Liquid Web's hosting services. During a 14-day test, our tool only found downtime once, which was only for a short time.

Plesk Control Panel

The user-friendliness of a hosting service depends on the control panel that has been offered to the users. Liquid Web offers the Plesk control panel, which is popular among users due to its user-friendliness. You can easily manage your domains and resources through the Plesk control panel.

Website Speed Optimization for Managed WordPress Hosting

Liquid Web's managed WordPress hosting includes website speed optimization without additional cost. A faster website helps an online business render better experiences to its buyers. The hosting service offers a CDN (Content Delivery Network) to improve the server speed and decrease loading time.

Free Website Migration

Free website migration is a significant inclusion of the Liquid Web hosting service. Due to a lack of technical knowledge and experience, small businesses and individuals often find it hard to move their websites. Free website migration can prove a boon for such website hosting service seekers.

WP CLI-Enabled Hosting

The WP CLI is a command-line tool included with Liquid Web's managed WordPress hosting plans. You can use it to manage and install plug-ins on multiple WordPress sites. Nevertheless, the tool comes with many other unique features for the users.

24/7 Phone & Chat Customer Support

Liquid Web has a customer support team that helps users with technical issues and other problems. The customer support team is well-behaved. Most people who have used Liquid Web's customer service have been happy with it.

Explore Liquid Web Services & Plans

Liquid Web offers the following Services and Plans:
VPS Hosting : $5.00/month - $20.00 /month
Dedicated Server : $199/month - $499 /month
Cloud Hosting : $159/month - $249 /month

VPS Hosting

The virtual private servers give an additional layer of security to your data. Therefore, there is an escalating demand for such hosting services, and Liquid Web is one of the leading VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting providers. Though Liquid Web does not offer shared hosting plans, the VPS plans resemble the shared hosting service. Check below the VPS plans by LiquidWeb

VPS Hosting Plans

Plan Name OS Space CPU RAM CorePrice
1 GBLinux30 GB1 CPU1 GB1 Core$5.00/month
2 GBLinux60 GB 1 CPU2 GB1 Core$10.00/month
4 GBLinux120 GB2 CPU4 GB2 Core$15.00/month
6 GBLinux120 GB2 CPU6 GB2 Core$20.00/month
4 GBWindows100 GB4 vCPU4GB4 Core$65.00/month
8 GBWindows150 GB8 vCPU8GB8 Core$85.00/month
16 GB RAMWindows200 GB8 vCPU16GB8 Core$145.00/month
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Dedicated Hosting

Plan Name OS Space RAM CorePrice
INTEL E-2356GLinux2 x 960 GB SSD32 GB6 Core$199/month
INTEL XEON GOLD 6226R SingleLinux2 x 960 GB SSD64 GB16 Core$299/month
INTEL XEON GOLD 6226R DualLinux2 x 960 GB SSD128 GB32 Core$499/month
INTEL E-2356GWindows2 x 960 GB SSD32 GB6 Core$242/month
INTEL XEON E-2334Windows2 x 480 GB SSD16 GB4 Core$217/month
INTEL XEON GOLD 6226R DualWindows2 x 960 GB SSD128 GB32 Core$542/month
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Cloud Hosting

Plan Name OS Space RAM BandWidthPrice
Intel Xeon E-2356GLinux408 GB16 GB10 TB$159/month
Intel Xeon E-2356GLinux960 GB SSD32 GB10 TB$189/month
Intel Xeon E-2356GLinux1.92 TB SSD 64 GB10 TB$249/month
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