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Best Gaming Server Hosting Providers of 2020

For many, gaming is something they can't live without, and for some, it is their getaway from their busy and stressful schedules. While the generation has grown up with mobile games and video games as a part of their childhood, the gaming scene has come a long way from the days when gaming was just gaining popularity. And as days passed, the complexity and size of the games also increased considerably, so did the performance requirement of such games.
Gone are the days when a gamer was pictured as someone who is holed up in his room, just lying around there and wasting time playing games the whole day. Being a professional gamer has become a career option and the dream job for many. But if you want to get unparalleled and most importantly, unparalleled performance, you must use a dedicated gaming server. You will be guaranteed the highest performance, uptime, and more.
But the thing that must be noted here is that different kinds of games come with different service requirements. Hence, it is no brainer to recommend a host and say you get the best gaming server from them. Hence, we have compiled a list of different games and the things you must know when choosing the best server for hosting that game.

Best Gaming Voice Servers:

Nowadays, most of the games multiplayer games are about communicating with your teammates, and communicating has become one of the important aspects for gamers. But gone are the days when you had to type things you have to say to your teammate and the fast phased action means it literally becomes an impossible task. Hence, the concept of voice chat is trending and for this to happen efficiently, you must rely on voice servers.
The dedicated gaming voice applications let the players talk to each other without any hassles and glitches. If you are a professional gamer, you must consider gaming voice servers as games tend to have glitches now and then. And you might already be aware of the effects caused by such mic glitches. Hence, to overcome such situations, you must use dedicated gaming voice servers.

Best Minecraft Gaming Servers:

Minecraft is more than a game. For some, it is a place where their creative juices just start to flow. It is where they start from nothing and end up building empires and more. But for all that to go smoothly, you will need a dedicated Minecraft server which is secure and fast. And most importantly, you must get the customization options of the server to make the most of what Minecraft has on offer. And if you are hosting the multiplayer mode, you would not want to put all that load on your personal computer and eat up its resources.
Even though the number of options you get when choosing a Minecraft server hosting is insanely high, you must remember that all that glitters is not gold. Hence, you must always pay attention to some of the critical server features including the likes of the CPU performance of the server, you must look for the one with SSD storage for better read/write process, DDoS protection, and most importantly latency. And you will need to have many mods and plugins, for which the one-click updates option plays a key role in making things hassle-free.

Best ARK Servers:

ARK is one of the most popular survival games and people all around the globe have been playing it ever since it was introduced back in 2015. It is a sandbox game and its open-source nature has ensured that there are many mods available for this game. When you advance in the game, you will need all the progress to be saved. This game demands a lot of resources, along with your time. And to ensure your gaming experience is not affected by the low availability of resources, you need a powerful server to ensure the highest performance of your game.
You need a ARK hosting server that gives you full server control, super-fast response time, 24/7 game availability, and more. And it must also be highly secure and must give you the control of deciding who can join your server.

Best Rust Servers:

Rust is solely a multiplayer game and it is highly rated among the crowd of other popular games. You can play this game either on Windows or macOS. It is a first-person shooter (fps) game and when you play this game, your goal is to survive. And there will be plenty of things that try to kill you in the game, as it progresses. And to keep up with the things or creatures that try to kill you and make sure you survive till the end, you need a high performing device. And this multiplayer needs a lot of resources. This is why, to enjoy this to its fullest, you must choose a powerful server.
And the server you choose must be well equipped and must come with SSD storage to ensure maximum performance, and the CPU must also be advanced to make sure you do not ensure any lags in your gameplay. And also look for the server with the lowest latency to ensure there are no network issues. And one of the most important factors that are often neglected is DDoS protection. To save your servers from being hacked or attacked by others, you must look for a server with DDoS protection.

Best FiveM Servers:

FiveM is a multiplayer modification for the most popular game GTA V. Almost most of the people who know a thing or two about gaming have come across or played GTA. It is one of the most addictive games most of us have played. And for many, it is the game that introduced gaming in our life. And FiveM lets you play multiplayer mode on customized servers that are dedicated to gaming.
With the help of a dedicated FiveM server, you can enjoy an unparalleled gaming performance without being limited by the in-game money.
Such servers allow you to play any mode you want, be it roleplay, racing, deathmatch, or any custom-developed mode whenever you want on your custom server. You must make sure you get powerful resources with the server you choose. Because, GTA V is a graphic-heavy game and for it to function seamlessly, you will need advanced resources. SSD Server is a must for lighting fast performance, so is full access and control over the server.

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