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$1.00 price/mo

  • Best Secure Remote Access to Your Work Computer
  • Access up to 2 computers
  • Includes 1 LastPass Premium license
  • Unlimited Users

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$35.00 price/mo

  • Remote Desktop Software
  • Unlimited Remote Access
  • End to End Encryption
  • File Transfer & Sync

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$22.50 price/mo

  • Affordable remote control software
  • Multi-platform desktop sharing and remote control
  • Remote access to sleeping and powered-off computers
  • Flexible user access control

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$1.84 price/mo

  • Remote Access and Remote Desktop software
  • One user License
  • Access 2 computers
  • Unlimited Remote access

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$29.00 price/mo

  • Remote Desktop software
  • Remote access over LAN or VPN
  • Remote access over the Internet
  • Self-hosted server

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  • Remote Access and Password Management
  • Secure, Control and Monitor Access to Privileged Accounts
  • On-Premises Shared Password Vault
  • One-Click Connection Launch

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  • The Fast Remote Desktop Application
  • Commercial Use
  • Unlimited Endpoints
  • Remote Printing

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599.00 price/mo

  • Remote Connectivity Software
  • Access & Control Computers Remotely
  • Secure Unattended Access
  • Remote printing for Mac & Windows on any printer

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  • Remote Access Tool
  • One Single License Restriction
  • 1 user can make 1 connection
  • 10 Unattended Access Agents

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  • Remote access software for desktop and mobile
  • Encrypted VNC® software for cloud connectivity and direct access
  • 24/7 attended & unattended access
  • Cloud connections only

Best Remote Access Softwares of 2024

Remote Access Software has its meaning defined in its name. These are the tools that you need to access one or more devices, located in any part of the world. The only condition here is that the devices in question must be connected to the internet or must be connected to each other via a local network. All you need is the proper remote access tool and the possibilities of the benefits are just endless.

Of all the remote work software, using remote access software is one of the easiest things to do. Because the main purpose of using remote software is getting access to the target computer. With these remote access apps, you can access your own devices, get access to other computers located next to your computer or another part of the world. As remote access software is very simple to use, people often fail to choose the right one and fail to pay attention to some of the important aspects that must be considered even before using a remote access tool.

Factors To Consider Before Choosing Remote Access Software:

One of the most important factors that distinguish the remote access apps is security protocols. You cannot expect all tools to be equally secure. If you are using these tools in a corporate environment, then you must choose a tool that comes with the highest security and safety features.  

The other important aspect being the convenience of usage. Because if you are using these access tools to offer remote support, you might come across users who are not very good at using such tools. A software that has a complex interface can cause problems for them to use these tools. Hence, choose the remote support tools that are very easy to use.

Pricing is also a deciding factor for many. If you are using one of these tools very rarely and that too just to perform very basic operations, going for premium and advanced tools makes no sense. You should look for applications that come at attractive pricing and are feature-rich.  

Which Type Of Remote Access Software Is The Best For You?

As it is mentioned earlier, not all remote access applications are equal, neither are the requirements of the people who use them. One can use one of these tools to access other devices for their business, to check some business-related information on other computers. In such cases, the type of remote desktop tool you need is different. You will need a highly sophisticated tool that is protected with the highest security.

But if you are using remote desktop software to get access to the computer of your friends or family, just to install some application or troubleshoot any persistent issue, you can go for basic tools that usually come with very cheap pricing. These tools usually come with a free variant or trial variant, which you can use initially and you can upgrade to their premium gif you are highly benefitted by such tools, and if you want more features.

Another most common and most important use of remote access software is done by software firms that might get to offer remote support to their clients. Maybe in setting up their applications, resolving the glitches and errors that their customers may encounter. In such cases, one can easily get access to the target device and get hands-on experience of the issue and offer a quick solution without any confusion or hassles.


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