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ResellerClub Review - The Summary

ResellerClub is mainly popular for it's reseller program that has attracted more than 200,000 entrepreneurs. It offers many other core services such as Web Hosting, Domain, Email Hosting, SaaS and security products, & all the best products that enable businesses to build and amplify their website.

One of the key advantages they provide their customers with is the ability to scale with the single domain as well as multi-domain hosting services. and their support team is accessible all round the clock for your service. 

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ResellerClub Key Features: What makes ResellerClub Best?


99.99% UPTIME




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Explore ResellerClub Services & Plans

ResellerClub offers the following Services and Plans:
Shared Hosting : ₹160/month - ₹295 /month
VPS Hosting : ₹399/month - ₹1749 /month
Dedicated Server : ₹ 4999/month - ₹8449 /month
Cloud Hosting : ₹ 280/month - ₹ 425 /month
Resellers : ₹ 1259/month - ₹ 2799 /month
WordPress Hosting : ₹205/month - ₹385 /month

Shared Hosting

ResellerClub’s shared hosting services begin at Rs.35 a month for the first month itself with unlimited disc space, unlimited data transfer and unlimited email e-mail accounts. Their regular plans are divided into basic, business and professional which are priced at Rs.235, Rs. 245 and Rs. 290 per month for a single domain, three domains, and unlimited domains respectively. But when they have The best part about their shared hosting is the one-click install along with SSH and SSL specifications. Not to mention the control panel they provide along with the entire suite of services.

Shared Hosting Plans

Plan Name OS Space Bandwidth Panel No. of SitesPrice
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VPS Hosting

VPS hosting start at Rs.1050/month. They provide you full root access, cPanel & CentOS along with KVM hypervisor.Their plans are split into Standard, Business, Professional and Elite.
Standard Plan: Starts at Rs.1500/month with 2 CPU cores with 30 GB disk space and 1TB of bandwidth.
Business Plan: Starts at Rs.2720/month with 2 CPU cores, 60GB disk space, with 4 GB RAM and 2TB bandwidth with an additional IP address.
Professional Plan: Starts at Rs, 4760/month with 3 CPU cores, 120 GB disk space with 4GB RAM and 3TB bandwidth. 
Elite Plan: Starts at Rs. 5750 , provides 4 core CPUs with 8 GB RAM and 3TB bandwidth. You also get an additional IP address in this plan.


  • Enhanced cPanel
  • Full admin root access
  • Flexible infrastructure backed with secure network 
  • Kernel-based Virtual Machine that provides multiple operating systems to share single hardware host for better control

VPS Hosting Plans

Plan Name OS Space CPU RAM CorePrice
STANDARDLinux20 GB2 CPU Cores2 GB2 Core₹399/month
BUSINESSLinux40 GB2 CPU Cores4 GB2 Core₹849/month
PROLinux80 GB3 CPU Cores6 GB3 Core₹1259/month
ELITELinux120 GB4 CPU8 GB4 Core₹1749/month
STANDARDWindows20 GB2 CPU2 GB2 Core₹530/month
BUSINESSWindows40 GB2 CPU4 GB2 Core₹ 825/month
PROWindows80 GB3 CPU6 GB3 Core₹ 1700/month
ELITEWindows120 GB4 CPU8 GB4 Core₹ 2380/month
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Dedicated Hosting

The dedicated server plans begin at Rs.6000/month with complete root access and scapable options for hosting. Their basic plans are split into 4, namely: D1,D2,D3 and D4. 
D1- Starts at Rs.6120/month, provides you with 4GB RAM, Quad Core, 1000 GB HDD, 5TB bandwidth with 2 free IPs.
D2- Starts at Rs.8160/month and provides you Quad Core, 4GB RAM with 5TB, 2 Ips and 1000GB HDD. 
D3- Starts at Rs.10,200/month gives you all the same specifications as that of D2 but with 
10TB bandwidth.
D4- Starts at Rs. 12,240/month and provides the same specifications as the previous dedicated server but with 15TB bandwidth.


  • Great data center facility equipped with fiber-optic connectivity
  •  Power for dedicated hosting is drawn from independent centers for uninterrupted operations
  • Maximum uptime provided with high network security

Dedicated Hosting Plans

Plan Name OS Space CPU RAM CorePrice
STANDARDLinux1000 GBIntel E3-1220LV24 GBDual Core₹ 4999/month
BUSINESSLinux1000 GBIntel E3-1265LV24 GBQuad Core₹5399/month
PROLinux1000 GBIntel E3-1265LV28 GBQuad Core₹6999/month
ELITELinux1000 GBIntel E3-1265LV216 GBQuad Core₹8449/month
STANDARDWindows1 TB HDDIntel E3-1220v34 GB3.10 GHz Quad Core₹ 9400/month
BUSINESSWindows1 TBIntel E3-1265v312 GB2.50 GHz Quad Core w/HT₹ 10500/month
PROWindows2 TBIntel E3-1265v320 GB2.50 GHz Quad Core w/HT₹ 14900/month
ELITEWindows2 TBIntel E3-1271v328 GB3.60 GHz Quad Core w/HT₹ 16500/month
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Cloud Hosting

ResellerClub’s cloud hosting provides reliable and high-performance service with robust infra that serves 99.9% uptime. All the cloud hosting plans are available at a 40% flat discount so, make sure you apply that rate to these current plans by asking the sales person. 
Personal Plan: Starts at Rs.500/month, provides 2 CPU cores with 2GB RAM with the provision to host 1 website, along with unmetered bandwidth and disk space. Also, not to mention, you get unlimited email accounts. 
Business Plan: Start at Rs.700/month, gives you 4 CPU Cores with 4 GB RAM, unmetered bandwidth, disk space with unlimited email accounts and website hosting provision.
Professional Plan: Starts at Rs.1200/month and pretty much gives you the same things as the business plan but with 6 CPU Cores and 6GB RAM.


  • Varnish caching to fasten page upload 
  • Data mirroring provision to recover lost data
  • Intuitive dashboard that provides for instant upgrades 

Cloud Hosting Plans

Plan Name OS Space CPU RAM BandWidthPrice
PERSONALLinuxUnmetered2 CPU2 GBUnmetered₹ 280/month
BUSINESSLinuxUnmetered4 CPU4GBUnmetered₹ 360/month
PROLinuxUnmetered6 CPU6GBUnmetered₹ 425/month
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Reseller Hosting

The Reseller Hosting packages are available for both windows and Linux. Linux users are getting a 40% flat discount on their plans. We will talk about the plans separately. Please bear in mind all the rates are in Rupees/Month. 

Reseller Hosting (Windows):

Reseller Hosting for windows starts at Rs.770/month. This is the promo price. The prices marked with the * mean that these are non-promo prices. In order to avail the promo prices, click here.
There is 4 Reseller Hosting plans, namely: R1, R2, R3, and R4. 

R1- Basic plan that starts from Rs.1220*/ month with 10 GB disc space and 200GB data transfer with unlimited websites. 
R2- This plan starts with Rs. 1445*/ month and gives you 25 GB disc space and 550 GB data transfer with free WHMCS.
R3- The plan starts at Rs.1900*/ month and gives you 50 GB disc space with 1000 GB data transfer and free WHMCS.
R4- Plan begins at Rs.3055*/ month and gives an upgraded 100 GB disc space with 2000GB data transfer with free WHMCS.

Reseller hosting (Linux): 

All Linux plans have a flat 40% discount with free websites which are worth a steal. Their products are bifurcated into R1, R2, R3, and R4. 
R1- Plan starts with Rs.1290/ month but with 40% discount it starts at Rs. 770/ month and gives you 40 GB disk space and 500 GB data transfer. 
R2- Plan begins at Rs. 1425/month which gives you 50 GB disk space and 1000 GB data transfer with free WHMCS.
R3- Plan begins at Rs. 1900/month with 100 GB disk space and 2000 GB data transfer. This plan like others also provides free WHMCS. 
R4- This plan begins at Rs. 2885/ month and provides you 200 GB disk space along with 4000Gb data transfer with free WHMCS. 


  • Robust infrastructure
  • Complete control over glitches that arise out of poor scripts and traffic turbulence, thanks to CloudLinux
  • Complete management of domain, thanks to WHM 
  • Easy to set up


Reseller Program:

If you are not looking to buy any hosting products specifically, you can also become a reseller at ResellerClub by availing of their Reseller Program. With this program, you can easily sell any of the products within the Reseller Program package. This program includes Domain Reselling Domain Registrations, Domain Transfers, and Hosting Products. You can also avail of the promo offers for all of these. Along with these products, you will get access to tools like:       

  • API integration      
  • cPanel for admin purposes       
  • Supersite storefront for your end customers 


Bundling or packaging of any products/services within the Reseller Program and selling it to your customers at your own price is possible  Setting up things is very easy as compared to other Resellers Billing for customers is automated with order management panels integrated along with them to give access to WHMCS.  

Resellers Hosting Plans

Plan Name OS Space Bandwidth Panel No. of SitesPrice
ESSENTIALLinux40 GB800 GBCPANEL5₹ 1259/month
ADVANCELinux50 GB1000 GBCPANEL5₹ 1299/month
PROLinux100 GB2000 GBCPANEL5₹ 1749/month
ULTIMATELinux200 GB3900 GBCPANEL5₹ 2799/month
R1Windows10 GB200 GBPleskUnlimited₹ 1280/month
R2Windows25 GB500 GBPleskUnlimited₹ 1570/month
R3Windows50 GB1000 GBPleskUnlimited₹ 1995/month
R4Windows100 GB2000 GBPleskUnlimited₹ 3210/month
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WordPress Hosting

ResellerClub’s WordPress hosting plans are designed specifically to allow substantial web traffic per month. These plans also give great disk space at an affordable rate. There are 4 plans split as per usage. They are Lite, Performance Lite, Business Lite and Pro-Lite which start at Rs.160 per month.
Lite Plan: Gives you 1 website, 2 Cores with 2 GB RAM, and a traffic limit of 25,000 users/month.
Performance Lite: Provides you 2 websites, 4 Core processors with 4GB RAM and a traffic limit of 200,000 users per month.
Business Lite: 3 Websites, 6 Core processors with 6 GB RAM and a traffic limit of 300,000 users per month.
Professional Lite: 5 Websites, 6 core processors with 6GB RAM and 500,000 traffic limit of users per month.

Advantages: A pre-installed WordPress with auto-updates Easily scalable CPUs and RAMs Integrated caching and CDN Data mirroring provides you with backup and data recovery

WordPress Hosting Plans

Plan Name OS Space Bandwidth Panel No. of SitesPrice
STARTER LITELinux5 GB 25,000 visits/moCPANEL1₹205/month
PERFORMANCE LITELinux20 GB Storage200,000 visits/moCPANEL2₹225/month
BUSINESS LITELinux40 GB Storage300,000 visits/moCPANEL3 Websites₹305/month
PROFESSIONAL LITELinux40 GB Storage500,000 visits/moCPANEL5 Websites₹385 /month
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