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Which WordPress Security Plugin is Best in September 2023?


Are you facing hacking attempts or other security issues in your WordPress site? But still don’t know the next step or confused about which security plugin is best for you. Then you came to the right place.

Here we come with some handpicked WordPress plugins for your assistance. 


Starts from

99.00 per month

  • Best WordPress Security Plugin
  • High Security with automated Backups, Malware Scan, Spam Protection
  • Downtime monitoring
  • Brute force attack protection

Starts from

$8.99 price/mo

  • Protect your website from hackers with Security Ninja
  • Bruteforce - Protect Login
  • Malware Scan entire WordPress
  • Core Scanner module for best feature

Starts from

$80.00 per year

  • Best WordPress Security Plugin to Secure & Protect WordPress
  • It prevents hacks, malware, security breaches & more
  • Enforces Strong Password
  • Hides defualt Login & Admin URLs

Starts from

$99.00 price/mo

  • Best WordPress Security High Performance Websites
  • Instant Malware Removal
  • Patching vulnerable plugins or themes
  • Track Activity Log

Starts from

$23.99 per year

  • Protecting the WordPress admin area
  • SQL Injection, Brute Force attacks, XML-RPC attacks Protection
  • Compatible with Other Plugins?
  • Change Paths in Sitemap XML

Starts from

$29.00 per month

  • Best protection against attackers
  • Latest technology in vulnerability scanners.
  • One Dashboard for all wordpress websites

Starts from

$10.00 price/mo

  • DDoS Protection with traffic rate limiting
  • Top rated Brute Force Protection
  • WooCommerce site support and protection
  • Tamper Protection For Plugins & Themes

Starts from

$29.00 price/mo

  • XSS, SQL Injection, Command Injection Protection
  • Best WordPress Security Plugin
  • Protects from new attack patterns
  • Auto Blocks Dynamic list of bad ip addresses

Starts from

$39.00 per year

  • Improves Security of WordPress Plugins
  • Offers Mixed Content Pro
  • Excellent Support
  • Large Scan for Secure Lock in Really Simple SSL Pro


What is Hacking? 


Hacking is an unauthorized attempt to steal or damage data from an information system such as a website. 


How Hackers Hack WordPress Sites?


Generally, hackers use Outdated versions of WordPress, Plugins, Leaked week passwords etc. to hack WordPress sites.


Hacked website can result in:


A hacked website can create following problem for you-

  • Lose data. 
  • Customer data can be stolen and used in the wrong way. 
  • Can loss access to your website 
  • Can lose your brand reputation 
  • Website can get locked, destroyed or defamed 
  • Affect SEO ranking 


Why you need a security plugin for WordPress?


According to statistics approximately 18.5 Million websites get infected with malware in a week and an average website faces security attacks 44 times a day. 

We think after reading it you know that your site is facing a security threat every day. If you want to protect your website against hacking then the easiest way is to use a security plugin. These plugins will harden the security of your site and prevent brute force attacks.    


What security plugins do? / What are common Security Plugins practices?


WordPress Security plugins generally perform some common security practices- 

  • Active security monitoring
  • File scanning
  • Malware scanning
  • Blacklist monitoring
  • Security hardening
  • Post-hack actions
  • Firewalls
  • Brute force attack protection
  • Notifications for when a security threat is detected


How to secure your WordPress website? 


There are some common security practices- 

  • Use security plugin 
  • Update all installed plugins 
  • Use secure hosting


Top-performing Security Plugins for WordPress Blogs and Websites.  



Do you want to protect your website from outer threats in an easy way then your first choice should be Jetpack. It provides you many benefits in one plugin. It’s simple easy and multifunctional. 


  1. Automated off-site and real-time backup 
  2. Malware scanning and one-click fix
  3. Automatically blocks spam from comments and forms. 
  4. Easy to use 
  5. Customizable 
  6. Secure authentication 
  7. Brute force attack protection 
  8. Downtime monitoring  
  9.  Automatic plugins update 


Jetpack offers 3 types of pricing plan. 





Billed monthly

Billed yearly

Backup daily

Automated daily backup off-site, one-click restores, unlimited site storage



Security daily

All above features, daily scan, Comment and form protection, Unlimited video hosting




All above features, real-time backup, CRM, up to 100k records, site search 





Jetpack provided documentation for maximum quarries related to jetpack. If it doesn’t answer your question then expert engineers from Jetpack are there to solve your issues through the forum and contact forms. They help you solve troubleshoots. Check here Jetpack Plugin Installtion Guide




Sucuri is one of the best WordPress security plugins. It builds a protective wall around your website and hardens its security. Many websites facing hacking attempts been secured after using it. It has a record of website owners who installed sucuri after their website been hacked but get their site cleaned with help of sucuri experts.


  1. Remove Website Malware and Blocklist Status
  2. Repair SEO Spam
  3. Prevent Future Attacks
  4. Fast Response Time
  5. Unlimited Cleanups
  6. Malware and Hack Protection
  7. Zero-Day Exploit Prevention
  8.  Brute Force Attacks Protection
  9.  DDoS Attack Mitigation
  10. Website Speed Optimization
  11. Multiple Caching Options
  12. Reliable Website Uptime
  13. High Availability and Redundancy
  14. Automatic scheduled update 
  15. Secure storage 


Sucuri also offers 4 types of plans. 





Malware & Hack Scan Frequency

12 hours, Malware Removal & Hack Cleanup, Brand Reputation & Blocklist Monitoring, Anti-hacking, Advanced DDoS Mitigation, CDN Performance, HTTPS & PCI Compliant

$199.99/per site


All above-mentioned features, Malware & Hack Scan Frequency

6 hours, SSL Certificate Support

$299.99/per site


All above-mentioned features, Malware & Hack Scan Frequency 30 minutes, Malware Removal SLA

$499.99/per site 


Multiple sites, Seamless integration, Emergency response SLAs, Flexible account management, Custom server configurations, Dedicated support team




They provided a step-by-step guide on how to install sucuri and its basics. If you need further help their customer support provides support on a ticket basis. Check for Sucuri Plugin Installation Guide




Wordfence is one of the top-performing WordPress plugins. It also has a free version that covers all security essentials. It is the best and budget-friendly choice for beginners to protect their site. 


  1. Security scanner
  2. WordPress Firewall
  3. Password leak protection 
  4. Live traffic scanning 
  5. Advanced manual blocking 
  6. Geographic protection or country blocking 
  7. Repair Files
  8. Two-Factor Authentication
  9. They have some additional features in their paid license such as the latest security updates, Real-time Threat Intelligence, Real-time IP Blacklist, Real-time Malware Signature Updates, reputation check etc. Learn more on How to Install Wordfence Plugin



It is free and available in the WordPress repository. But they also launched their premium support with paid license. They offer discounts on bulk purchases.  

Number of licenses 







$89.15/per license 



$84.15/per license



$79.20/per license 



$74.25/per license



They have already updated documentation and video tutorials related to product in their support. Users can post their doubts and quarry in forums and get their answers. Premium users can raise a support ticket. 


What should you do if you face any security problems?


If you face any security problem you should immediately contact experts to clean your site and make it running. Sucuri and Wordfence provide website cleaning and security audit service. 


Which Security Plugin is Best for you?


Every plugin is not good for everyone. You need to go through all their features and then decide which one fits your need and budget. 

Hopefully, we helped you to choose the best WordPress Security plugins for your site. Tell us which one you choose. You may want to know more about other WordPress plugins then stay tuned to our website. 


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