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Best Free VPS Servers in India

 VPS hosting is the most preferred option when you want the features, flexibility, and control that are available in dedicated hosting, but your budget is lower than dedicated hosting. Like a dedicated server, you will also get complete control over your VPS account through root access. With VPS the traffic on the other websites on the same server or the activities of other VPS customers will not put a direct impact on your website if you choose VPS Hosting. 

 VPS hosting considerable updates over shared hosting in terms of stability, performance, flexibility, and resources. Since, VPS costs higher than shared hosting, many people might hesitate to buy VPS Hosting ad this is how the concept of Free VPS came into existence. 

 Now you must be wondering how to get Free VPS Hosting. Here, we have some exciting high-quality best Free VPS offers for you. Few hosting providers offer a Free trial VPS for a limited period without requesting your credit card details to test their services and then charge you normal fees. Check below a few best free VPS deals for you:

Is Free VPS Hosting real?

If you have come across some advertisements which mention giving Free VPS, you surely might have been tempted to get your hands on Free VPS. But you will never be taken to the actual Free VPS page. All you do is watch ads, skip ads, and click on the link that would open additional pages in turn. 

Therefore be aware that many ads on ‘Free VPS’ were just clickbait. And they also have a fully sophisticated website that makes them seem legit.

Yet, some web hosting providers provide you with effectively free VPS. And after knowing about all these risks, if you’re wondering why you need Free VPS Hosting, here is the answer.

Free VPS is extremely handy when you are not very sure if VPS is the right choice for your website, how it works or when you just want to get a taste of VPS before buying actual VPS hosting. 

Even though Free VPS is not quite powerful as paid VPS, it can get the job done for you if you are in one of the above-mentioned situations. 

When you should Avoid Free VPS Hosting?

  • Advertisements on your Websites -  This trick is what usually most ‘Free’ providers have up their sleeves. You will be desperate to get yourself Free VPS and you consider wasting your time on a few ads no big deal as a price for getting a lot worthier VPS for Free. But you might be the target of any malware attack too. There are chances that you end up giving any permission to the website, which in turn may get access to your data. so, always be aware of the mouse trap that could be laid at your door with a lot of cheese on it, in the form of Free VPS.  
  • Data collection- Even your email address is worth the money for such scam businesses. The companies collect the data from you, like your Email ID, Phone number, etc., and sell them to a third-party buyer. Imagine thousands of visitors like you providing these businesses with their data. It is a lot of fortune for these scammers.  


We Recommend you choose Affordable VPS plans over Free VPS. Check - Best and Cheap VPS hosting plans.

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Best Free VPS Hosting Providers - Recent User Reviews

AccuWebHosting Hosting Review

Steve C

24 Jun 2018

AccuWeb Windows Cloud VPS Rules!

I have been in the process of consolidating websites hosted on several VPS servers. I wanted to move them all onto one platform that would be reliable, responsive and handle both ASP.NET/MS SQL and PHP/MySQL. The pricing would need to be reasonable as well. I did research on all the VPS hosting companies out there and set up accounts with 6 of them for test purposes. Some of these were based on Windows 2003, but most were Windows 2008. After doing considerable testing, I found the AccuWeb Cloud VPS to be head and shoulders above all the others. The responsiveness of the cloud architecture was fantastic, the features provided filled all my needs, and the customer service was excellent. On top of all that, AccuWeb's pricing is competitive. I highly recommend AccuWeb if you're looking for a VPS cloud server.

Hostinger Hosting Review


09 Feb 2021

friendly service

Hostinger providing great and very responsive and have a friendly tech service. They are excellent in assisting me in a timely manner.

X10hosting Hosting Review


17 Sep 2018

not working for turkish people

It dosent accept turkish ip

InterServer Hosting Review


28 Jun 2021

Pretty quick to respond

I have a multi websites hosted with Interserver over many years. found a few problems, some of my own making but I've always found them pretty quick to respond even within the hour. Overall, I'm pleased to recommend them.

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