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$4.80 per month

  • Cheap and Best for Valheim Hosting service
  • 2.5 GB RAM & 20 GB SSD Storage
  • 1 vCore and Unlimited player Slots
  • DDoS protection Available

Starts from

$15.00 price/mo

  • Best experience hosting for Valheim server
  • Customized TCAdmin Control Interface
  • 24/7/365 Support Service available
  • 72 Hour Risk-Free Money Back Guarantee

Starts from

$14.99 per month

  • Create Valheim Dedicated Server with Shockbye
  • 4GB Memory & Unlimited Bandwidth
  • 10 Player Slots & Full FTP Access
  • Instant Setup & Automatic Backups

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$2.00 per month

  • Best lag Free Valheim Hosting
  • Available on the multiplayer networks
  • Valheim server included DDoS protection
  • Free MySQL Databases

Starts from

$14.99 price/mo

  • Best for Hosting Valheim Game Servers
  • 4GB RAM & 10 Player Slots
  • 24/7 Livechat and Ticket Support
  • Automatic Backups & Updates

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Best Best Valheim Hosting Providers - Recent User Reviews

ElixirNode Hosting Review

Ben More

21 Dec 2023

worsed company

If anyone is thinking of using elixirnodebdont it is the worsed company I've ever dealt with and their owner is a child I asked to cancel and get a refund as they had a money-back guarantee but they just blocked me on discord so pathetic and the discord is full of people complaining about the trash customer service they have

Shockbyte Hosting Review

unhappy customner

05 May 2020

don't waste your time, seriously.. they will waste your time. major regrets.

it has been 12 hours since i submitted a ticket and it has been 24 hours since ya'll basically stole my money. you guys changed my IP address on your server side on accident and now i cannot even get in contact with you, i have reached out to you guys 4 times, i have been told my ticket has been expedited and i PAID FOR FAST TRACK, still nothing. pretty soon, i'm going to demand my money back and take my money else where. let me remind you, i paid for a service. it was messed up on your side. i even played by your little games and paid for it to be fast tracked and still have not gotten an answer. i feel scammed and have been stolen from, you all say 24/7 support which is not true and when you buy your service, you make us wait 18 hours and 34 minutes to get the thing running and then go a screw it up with the wrong IP address and now make me wait another 8 hours since i submitted the ticket and now your telling me 3-72 hours? even though i paid for fast track, this is what you guys call a bait and switch borderline false advertisement. too bad you guys already have my money, i wont be continuing the service when everything is done. make me wait more and i will call my bank and file fraud.... so you tell me, i pay for a service and its "time based".. but you guys make me wait 24+hours. either refund me those 24 hours you all stole from me or prorate me. i'm SHOCKed..

Sparked Host Hosting Review


18 Apr 2020

Extraordinary host

I have been with Sparked Host for the guts of 2 years now. Both webhosting, and MC hosting, and have nothing but high praises to sing. The support is amazing, friendly, and knowledgeable in their departments. All my issues I've ever encountered were fixed in a matter of hours, and I have had no pro-longed unnecessary downtime (With regards to Web Hosting). Would recommend this host to anyone looking for the services of which they provide.

ApexHosting Hosting Review


30 Oct 2019

Outstanding Support

Great support from the team even at the peak times. Amazing server with no downtime, Got good technical support to solve any kind of issue. Highly appreciated

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