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Best Online Video Makers/Editors Free & Paid

In today’s fast-paced world no one has the time to read through long product descriptions or advertisements. If you want your product or service to grab your customer’s attention, the best possible way is to create a video about it which is not just short and concise but also eye-catching and animated and describes your product completely. And no ,we are not just guessing but have statistical evidence.
According to a recent survey conducted in December 2020, 84% of the consumers admitted that they were convinced to buy a product or service by watching the brand’s video [Check Source]. However, such video marketing strategies not only skyrockets your sales but also works wonders in increasing your site traffic, websites’ customer engagement and retention rates, Leads and click-through rates etc.

To lend you a helping hand with creating such videos to advertise your brands, a myriad of Online Video Makers and Editors are available, the best among which we will recommend to you in the coming sections.



Starts from

Rs742.00 price/mo

  • Best high-quality videos makers
  • Create professional videos without watermarks
  • Free stock videos & world-class music tracks
  • Professional videos for social media
  • Read more about CANVA

Starts from

$24.91 price/mo

  • Vyond-Makes Easy Create Dynamic Video Any Situation.
  • Automatic character lip sync
  • Limitless Customization
  • Hundreds of pre-made templates
  • Read more about Vyond


How to make a Good Video?

Though videos have great potential in creating a long-lasting impression of your brand in the digital space, any such video won't just chase the cut.
Here, we enumerate some pointers to help you create a good engaging video for online marketing.
Know your audience: Choose the layouts, script, templates etc keeping in mind who your target audience are.
Less is more: Keep your content precise and short. Ideally a 1- 2 minutes will be good enough.
Content is the King: For the best intended impact, your video must have a high quality cand valuable content, appropriate colours, graphics and backgrounds and a loud and clear audio.
Call to Action (CTA): Through your video it is very important to appeal and encourage your viewers to take some kind of specific actions such as sharing on social media, subscribing, visiting the website or even giving feedback.

How to Choose the Best Video Maker?

Among the vast sea of online video makers and editors, how to choose the one that fits your brand the best? Let us help you with some criteria to weigh a video editor against and make an informed decision.

1.Ease of Use:

The Editor must have an Easy and intuitive interface to create and edit videos so that you don't have to hire a professional or spend hours in learning the process. At the same time it must also feature all basic as well as Advanced video editing tools.


The videos you create must be easily customizable in terms of colors, fonts, graphics, animations etc. to reflect your brand and products.

3.Stock Library

A good video editor is also equipped with a huge stock of videos, images and audio in its library, which can be used without any copyright issues. This ensures that you get ready-made footages and audio to suit your needs perfectly, without having to go through the hassle of recording by yourselves.


The videos created on a good Video Maker must be exportable easily to various platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Dropbox etc. or readily downloadable to your computer.

5.Video Formats

Each platform requires a different file format and aspect ratio. Thus your chosen maker should support switching between these different formats suitable for Facebook Covers (Square 1:1) , Insta stories  (9:16) or Youtube (16:9) etc. with the same video.


Last but not the least, you must ensure that the Pricing plans of the video maker does not burn a hole in your pocket and delivers the best features at the most affordable prices.
Here, we discuss  the key features of some of the top online Video Makers and Editors to guide you through your final choice:


FlexClip is a go-to video editor, especially if you are a beginner. It is equally suitable for personal home videos as well as for businesses. You can easily make slideshows, video essays, vlogs, ads or promo videos thus enhancing your brand’s marketing, and all of it without being a pro.
Video Editing Tools: FlexClip has diverse Video editing tools which lets you create, Trim, Merge or even Convert videos into different formats as per your requirement.
Royalty-Free Library: FlexiClip’s rich content library stocks thousands of free videos, images and music that you can use while creating your storyboard and use for your brand’s marketing without worrying about Copyrights.
Screen and Voice recorder: This feature makes FlexiClip perfect for demonstrating or instructing videos. You may even record your voice over while capturing the screen.
Motion Graphics: FlexClip uses a linear video editing system which makes it really easy to add animations, transition effects, texts, icons etc. to enhance your videos just by a single click.
Video Templates: There are many pre-built video templates available in three categories: Personal, Business and Social media which makes your work even easier.


There is a completely free version which limits you in aspects of video quality (480p), stock content availability, video length etc.
If you are looking for an online brand campaign then we recommend you to opt for any of the three Paid versions: Basic ($8.99/month), Plus ($15.99/month) and Business ($29.99/month)


  • Huge stock of royalty free content.
  • Easy to use
  • No watermark even in the Free Version


  • Lacks Professional editing tools; only suitable for beginners.
  • Has video duration limit even for Paid plans

2. Animaker


It is the most suitable video maker for both beginners as well as professionals to create animated and live-action videos for any occasion. It is one of the fastest growing software in the content and video making industry with over 12 million users spread around 220 countries.
Character Builder: Animaker has an easy Drag and drop whiteboard style builder with 5 unique board styles which lets you create various animated characters with a choice of 15 facial features and over 10 accessory slots in minutes.
Auto lip-sync: Animaker has a smart voice-over feature that automatically lip-syncs the animated characters accordingly and brings them to life.
Huge stock Library: Animaker offers you a humongous stock of over 100 million assets including videos, GIF, images etc. for your dream project.
Animaker Brand Kit: This feature lets you store your brand’s colours, fonts, logo etc. so that you can easily reuse them for all projects.
Animaker Voice: This is a text-to-speech converter which can be used to create human-like voices available in 50+ voices and 25 languages.
Multi-user Collaboration: You can collaborate, edit and create projects with your team on the go.



There are four different plans offered: Basic ($10/mo); Starter ($19/mo); Pro ($39/mo) and Enterprise (Custom pricing) which differ mainly in the number of downloads allowed, video quality, custom characters, premium credit assets etc.

4K Video Quality
Powerful HTML 5 Engine
Largest asset library with royalty-free content
Only available online
Slightly steep learning curve, but the tutorials on the website are of great help.

3. Canva


Canva is yet another useful online graphic tool with loads of customizable templates available to make your work easier.
Free royalty free stock videos and world-class music tracks.
Easy to use interface similar to Powerpoint slideshows that lets you create professional looking videos in a matter of minutes.
Export videos in different formats to suit the platform you intend to upload your video to.
Canva Teams lets you collaborate with your colleagues easily by sending them an invite and thus can create designs together in real-time.
Pricing: Canva offers a free but limited version as well as two paid versions: Pro ($9.95/mo) and enterprise ($30/mo)
Extremely easy to use interface even for non-designers.
No watermark even in the free version
No resize option in the Free version
Audio tools are not available.

4. Animoto


Animoto is an easy to use drag-and drop video editor with around 60 customizable templates to fit various occasions. You can download videos in four different qualities: two HD(720p and 1080p) and two SD (360p and 480p) and in two formats: 1:1 and 16:9.
It provides two services: Animoto Memories, for personal and social media videos and Animoto Marketing, for businesses and priced at $408/year. However there is no stock library apart from the Music library and template stories.

5. Visme


Visme is also a powerful content creation tool trusted by about 4.5 million users around the world including bigwigs like IBM, Accenture etc.
It is the best option if you are looking for team work-friendly software as Visme lets you organize all data related to your project into folders and assign role-based access to them to your team members. It also houses an ample library of templates, images, videos, animations and other assets.
There is a free version as a paid one starting from $19/month.

6. Moovly

This is another video editing software fit for all sizes of businesses with an intuitive interface and over a million stock assets.They also feature tons of pre-built templates to choose from as well as lets you add images, sounds, animations etc. to your video.
There is a free version to get started apart from the paid versions starting at $24.92/month.


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