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Best Logo Designing Services of April 2024 (Free & Paid)


A logo is the best and easiest way of identifying any brand and it acts as the face of a brand. A logo that is visually and aesthetically pleasing can easily help you create a positive impression about your brand, which can benefit your business in more ways than you can imagine. But for the efficient creation of a perfect logo for your brand, you need to use a comprehensive logo maker that can eliminate a lot of time and also help you in expanding your creativity.

Here's a list of top logo designing tools that can help you create the best logo for your business, website, or any other services and products you offer.

Starts from

$10.00 one time payment

  • Free Logo for non commercial use
  • Option to Hire a Professional Designer
  • Drag & Drop Editing Options
  • More colors, fonts and icons to choose from

Starts from

394.00 one time payment

  • Professional Logo maker at lowest price
  • Logo customization with exerienced logo designers
  • Logo with different formats, sizes and colors

Starts from

$24.99 one time payment

  • Create Custom Logos
  • Free Logo Maker available
  • Transparent PNG
  • Edit and re-downloadable

Starts from

$20.00 one time payment

  • Make 100s of Custom Logos Instantly
  • Hi-res & vector logo files
  • Full ownership for logo at any time
  • Create various color variations for logos

Starts from

$4.99 one time payment

  • Best and Easier Graphic Design
  • Everyone can design easily
  • Thousands of Delicate Templates to create graphics
  • Save upto 50% on Graphic Design

Starts from

$0.00 per month

  • Creates a Custom & Unique Designs Logos
  • Great Customer Support is Available
  • Easily Accessible & Affordable Pricing Plans
  • Logo Customizable Colors, Fonts, & Icons

Starts from

799.00 per month

  • Create impressive logos with online Logo Maker
  • Logo Customizable icons and fonts
  • Make animate custom logo
  • SVG and PNG Logo

Starts from

$0.00 one time payment

  • Free Logo generator online
  • Thousands of premium logos for sale
  • 100% customizable logo maker and easy to use
  • Generate thousands of logo designs

Starts from

$1.00 per month

  • Freelance Logo designers across the globe
  • Best custom logo design service
  • 869,168 freelance logo designers
  • Free Logo generator available

Wix Logo Maker:

Wix Logo Maker is a product from the house of Wix, one of the most popular website builders. Hence, reliability must not be an issue, knowing the fact that Wix is one of the most loved brands all over the globe and its Logo maker is on par with the sophistication the Wix website builder offers. The brand that makes creating a website easy also has tried its hand at making the logo creation process easy and they have succeeded in a big way.
The Logo Maker from Wix is loaded with futuristic AI features that can help you a lot and anyone, even a mere beginner, will find logo creation a hassle-free task. The Wix Logo Maker supports multiple languages so that the barrier of language does not come in the way of creativity and you. You get to choose where you want to use your logo, be it on a website, business card, on social media channels, merchandise, or other.
You can get Wix Logo Maker in two different packages. One is priced at INR 1200 whereas the advanced version is priced at INR 2999. Both the packages are offered at a one-time payment where you can pay for them once and use them for a lifetime. The Basic variant comes with just the essentials, whereas you get all the resizable logo files and you also logo files for social media.

Fiverr Logo Maker:

If you want to create a professional-looking logo very easily, in a matter of just a few clicks, Fiverr Logo Maker is one of our top recommendations for you. Fiverr offers a nice and clean interface for you to create your logo and your imagination in combination with the designs created by Fiverr’s designers can weave magic and get your brand the much-needed identity.
Just like Wix logo maker, Fiver also comes with support for multiple languages and you can use those fonts to create your logos. Where Fiverr differs from Wix Logo maker is that you get different designers in Fiverr. These are designers who have loaded their designs on Fiverr and those designs can be tweaked according to your needs.
Fiverr comes in two different variants, namely Basic and Advanced. Irrespective of the designer whose design you have chosen, you get to choose any one of these two packages and these are priced at INR 2356 and INR 4713 respectively. These versions are offered as one-time payment models and you get plenty of additional with the Advanced package, such as resizable vector files, social media kit, backgrounds, and more.


BrandCrowd has been in the market for more than 12 years and has been one of the most popular brands when it comes to best logo designing services. Ever since it was launched in 2008, the main focus is given to providing high-quality logo design, and as many varieties as possible. And BrandCrowd has stuck to that formula ever since, without bringing any drastic changes like AI and all.
Like Wix Logo Maker and Fiverr, BrandCrowd does not come with support for multiple languages. You can get it only in English and non-English characters are not supported. The logo making process is not a step-by-step process as it is with the likes of Wix. Rather, you get to choose the logos from a large library of icons, where you can give your personal touch with the advanced customization options and you can easily create your logo without very minimal or no fuss. You can also choose from a large collection of fonts.
Just like the process of creating a logo, BrandCrowd’s pricing is also straightforward. You get two different packages, where the standard package comes at a one-time payment and has a price tag of $20. The Premium logo pack is priced monthly and costs you $15/mo. 


99designs is a premium logo design service that comes loaded with a long list of features. 99designs offers a comprehensive design solution that can help you design marketing emails full of graphics, create a website, create custom packaging, and more, along with logo creation. If you need multiple logos, maybe for your clients or your different ventures, 99designs is the best bet you have.
You get support for multiple languages such as English, Spanish, Japanese and many more. You can use any of these languages in your logo. You can get yourself your dream logo in two different services, through contests and individual hiring. When it comes to contests, you submit your logo requirements and then the designers come up with their respective designs, and you get to choose the one that fits your requirement well. Or you can hire an individual designer to get your job done. You can view their previous work in their profile and choose them.
The pricing starts at $90 and goes all the way up to $1299. The pricing is on the heavier side compared to its counterparts, but 99designs caters to the need of customers belonging to a different category than that of those other logo design services. But the pricing is justified when you compare it with design agencies or firms.


DesignCrowd is a community-based designing platform that has over 854000+ freelancing designers offering their service. These designers offer logo designing, business card designing, web designing, flyer designing, graphic designing, and a lot more services on DesignCrowd. You have to select the service you need and DesignCrowd shows you a wide variety of designs to be inspired from. You can pick a designer for you or let DesignCrowd do it for you.
If you want ‘top designers’ design your logo, you must choose that add-on of “Top Designers”. This can be done when you sign up for the cheapest plan. This plan lasts for a week, within which you will get your logo done. Picking a designer can be easy as you can choose from the global leaderboard, which has results of the contests held for the designers.
You can interact with the designers in person and lay your requirements before them. They will get the logo done, where you can constantly give them inputs on the changes you need in the design.


Looka is a futuristic logo design service that is loaded with AI features, guaranteed to deliver the logo your brand needs. Creating a sophisticated logo is not the only thing you can do with Looka. Once you are done with your logo, you can also use Looka’s quick drag-and-drop website builder to create a stunning website for your business too. This is very easy to use and can save you plenty of time.
With Looka, you can design your logo for free. Only once you are satisfied with the logo you have created, you can proceed to pay. This feature is given a miss in many logo makers, where you get to pay even before you can start designing your logo. Creating logos with Looka is very easy and we can safely say it is one of the easiest logo making tools out there in the market.
You can get your Logo downloaded in two different variants where the two packages are priced at $20 and $65 where the latter comes with a premium high-resolution logo package, consisting of PNG, EPS, SVG, and PDF files.

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Rehana Haja

08 Sep 2022

Good Customer Support

I have never had an issue take more than 30 minutes to resolve with In Hostsoch. Support team are knowledgeable, experienced, and very polite. 5 stars all the way.

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