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Best Password Managers of 2024


Cybersecurity has become one of the most important necessities right now and there are thousands of brands offering Cybersecurity. But unfortunately, many popular cybersecurity products omit password management from their list of features or options.

Password Manager is a digital vault that encrypts and stores your login credentials. So that you can easily access it on your devices. Most of the password managers come with the auto-fill feature that can save you a lot of time too. 


Starts from

$2.49 per month

  • Password Manager- Autosave & Autofill Passwords
  • Save unlimited passwords
  • Keep notes & credit cards
  • Sync across all devices

Starts from

$3.00 price/mo

  • Reliable password management with access on all devices
  • Free Plan Available
  • Includes 30-day trial of Premium
  • Save all passwords & auto-fill passwords

Starts from

$2.91 price/mo

  • Best Personal & Business Password Manager
  • Free 30-day trial on Keeper Personal packages
  • Variety of plans for Personal, Business, Enterprise, Family & Students
  • Securely Store Unlimited Passwords

Starts from

54.00 price/mo

  • Secure every password
  • Share passwords across your team
  • Get timely alerts to reset your passwords
  • Auto-login and Password Autofill

Starts from

$2.50 price/mo

  • AES-256 encryption leading standard, biometric authentication
  • Best Password Manager
  • Strong password generator
  • Works on all your devices Windows, Mac, Android and iPhone

Starts from

$2.99 price/mo

  • Best Password Manager for Families, Businesses & Teams
  • Apps for Mac, iOS, Windows, Android, Linux, and Chrome OS
  • Get Admin controls to view and manage permissions
  • Advanced Protection & Multi-factor authentication

Starts from

$1.00 price/mo

  • Open Source Password Manager
  • Bitwarden Authenticator (TOTP)
  • 1 GB encrypted file storage
  • Two-step login with YubiKey, U2F, Duo

Starts from

$2.50 price/mo

  • PasswordLess Smarter Identity Management
  • Team & Business Password Manager
  • Auto Login to your sites
  • Dedicated secure vault for each user

Starts from

$3.33 price/mo

  • Best Password Manager App for Home, Mobile, Business
  • Free Plan Available
  • Stores Unlimited passwords & devices
  • Stores all passwords, payments, and personal details

Starts from

$3.00 price/mo

  • RememBear- App to Manage Passwords
  • Apps for iOS, Android, Windows, and macOS
  • Free Plan available
  • Sync passwords across all devices

Why do you need a password manager?


Remembering different passwords used in different platforms and websites can be a tough task. And there might be instances where some of you might have lost access to your accounts by not remembering the correct password. Only a few websites and platforms come with a proper password recovery mechanism. 

But if you use a password manager, that will not be the case. You can store anything and everything, from password to shipping address in the password manager and it will be in encrypted form. Hence, you are guaranteed that no one else can access your data. All you need to remember is a master password to the password manager app. And if you choose any modern brands, you will get advanced biometric authentication options, making your life a whole lot easier.

And if you are someone who is very bad at thinking of a very strong password, the password managers can do that job for you too. Your password manager app can help you create a strong password that matches all the required criteria. 

What to look for in a password manager?


  • Security:


This one is the obvious factor that you will need to see in any software that deals with security. Keeping your data safe and secure requires very advanced and modern encryption. The 256-bit AES( Advanced Encryption Standard), which is the most secure and powerful encryption you can avail right now. This type of encryption is known as bullet-proof for its military-grade security. Along with the best encryption, other handy features like two-factor authentication or no-logs or no knowledge protocols are welcome features.


  • Customer Support:


Customer support is important for all products or services. But when that product deals with your private information or your security, the importance of being backed by bankable customer support goes up a level higher. Unfortunately, if something goes wrong, you will need the assistance of the customer support team more than anything else. Hence, always make sure that you get round the clock customer service and the customer support team must be easy to reach.


  • Features:


As mentioned in an earlier section, always choose the password manager that is rich in features. Storing your important data is one of the fundamental tasks a password manager can do. But, additional features like file storage, auto-filling of forms, VPN, secure password sharing across different platforms can be life-savers at times. 


  • Pricing:


And most importantly, always pay importance to how a password manager company has priced its packages. Because everyone pays much priority to their security now and many brands are always on their toes to exploit this mentality of people. The best bet is to compare the pricing of different products and see if they are priced according to the value they offer to you. 

Also, when it comes to security, never compromise. Because there are lots of companies who claim to offer free or extremely cheap password managers. Always be beware of such fraudsters. Upon storing very sensitive information or important passwords in those apps, it may end up in the wrong hands and your accounts and devices can be misused very badly. Check for some of the recommended free password managers


  • Ease of use:


When we introduce you to our top recommendations, we will be discussing how easy those products are to use. The ease at which you can use anything defines the usefulness of the features that come loaded in it. What is the point of having numerous features in a cluttered interface? You will not even be able to use the basic features properly. Hence, go through customer feedbacks on the easy of use and if you can, try to get a trial version that can help you understand how a password manager works and how its interface is laid out.

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