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MilesWeb Review - The Summary

Fast Growth; this is what MilesWeb is known for. They are one of the fastest-growing Web Hosting providers in India market right now. Driven by passionate leaders and backed by extremely talented professionals, MilesWeb’s journey toward becoming one of the leading web hosting providers has been nothing short of amazing. MilesWeb provides web hosting solutions for all types of websites, be they brand-new or well-established websites.

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Explore MilesWeb Services & Plans

MilesWeb offers the following Services and Plans:
Shared Hosting : ₹ 50/month - ₹ 180 /month
VPS Hosting : ₹ 630/month - ₹ 2,556 /month
Dedicated Server : ₹ 3,495/month - ₹ 12,392 /month
Cloud Hosting : ₹ 596/month - ₹ 2796 /month
Resellers : ₹ 270/month - ₹ 1936 /month
WordPress Hosting : ₹ 50/month - ₹212.5 /month
Domain Pricing : .com for ₹999/yr

Shared Hosting Review

A shared web hosting service is the most basic and cheapest web hosting option usually an ideal option for new websites, blogs, and low-traffic websites. Milesweb's shared hosting service does the same job of providing best-in-class hosting for medium business owners, personnel, bloggers, and webmasters who are looking for web hosting at cheap rates. The line-up starts off with the Tyro pack which is priced at Rs 60/mo. And it is followed by the Swift pack which is priced at Rs 99/mo and it also happens to be a Best Seller in this line-up. And then there is the Turbo pack 170/mo. You get Free SSL Certificate with all these plans. You can host 1 website in the Tyro pack, 1 website in Swift plan and Unlimited websites in the Turbo package. You get disk space of 1GB, Unlimited in the Tyro, Swift, Turbo packages. And you get Unlimited of bandwidth in all plans respectively. It has SSD servers and you get Free SiteBuilder.

Unlimited Hosting:

Economy package in shared hosting service is the cheapest in the Unlimited Hosting priced just Rs 72/mo. You get 1GB of SSD storage and unlimited bandwidth. Next up is the Value package that is well priced at Rs 165/mo at which you get a Free Domain for Lifetime, Unlimited SSD storage, Unlimited Bandwidth. But you can Host only one website under this plan. Then there is the Unlimited Package which stays true to its name by offering Unlimited website hosting, unlimited SSD Storage, Unlimited Bandwidth, Free Domain Name for a lifetime, Free Website builder. And it is priced at Rs 279/mo.

Windows Hosting:

The Basic package kicks off this line-up, being the cheapest of the three Windows Hosting packages. It is priced at Rs 100/mo and is followed by the ‘best seller’ W Prime pack that is priced at Rs 325/mo. You get a free. Com domain with this plan, unlike the former which doesn’t buy you any Free Domain. But in both these plans, you can host only 1 website. But that’s not the case with the class-leading Unlimited Package that lets you host unlimited websites. The Unlimited package is priced at Rs 425/mo and comes with unlimited SSD storage, unlimited bandwidth same as you’d get in the Value pack.

Shared Hosting Plans

Plan Name OS Space Bandwidth Panel No. of SitesPrice
IgniteLinux50 GBUnlimitedCPANEL1₹ 50/month
EliteLinux75 GBUnlimitedCPANEL5₹ 100/month
StellarLinux200 GB UnlimitedCPANEL100₹ 180/month
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VPS Hosting Review

MilesWeb provides India’s best Linux VPS Hosting, offered in 10 different plans where the price range starts from Rs 630/mo and goes up to Rs 32,640 depending on the plan that you choose. Ant the server is located in Bangalore.

Windows VPS Hosting:

MilesWeb’s Windows VPS Hosting starting at Rs 1260/mo and goes up to Rs 12060/mo over the 6 plans based on the one that you choose and the server location in Mumbai.

VPS Hosting Plans

Plan Name OS Space CPU RAM CorePrice
VM1Linux25 GB1 vCPU1 GB2 Core₹ 630/month
VM2Linux55 GB1 vCPU2 GB2 Core₹ 756/month
VM3Linux80 GB2 vCPU4 GB2 Cores₹ 1,368/month
VM4Linux160 GB4 vCPUs8 GB4 Core ₹ 2,556/month
VMW2Windows80 GB2 vCPU4 GB2 Core₹ 2,898/month
VMW3Windows160 GB4 vCPU8 GB4 Core₹ 5,616/month
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Dedicated Hosting Review

Milesweb's Dedicated hosting India plans are divided into three packages namely Geek, Pro, Plus and is priced at Rs 5687/mo, Rs 9782/mo, Rs 12057/mo. The Geek package has 4 CPU cores, 4GB memory, 500GB hard disk storage, and 1TB bandwidth. The Pro and Plus plans offer 6 and 8 CPU cores, 8GB and 16Gb memory, 1TB and 1500GB hard disk space respectively.

Dedicated Hosting Plans

Plan Name OS Space CPU RAM CorePrice
DS1Linux480 GBIntel E3-1240 V28 GB4 Core₹ 3,495/month
DS2Linux1 TBIntel E5-262032GB6 Core ₹ 7,992/month
DS3Linux1 TBIntel E5-2650 v232GB8 Core₹ 8,792/month
DS4Linux1 TBIntel E5-2650 v364 GB10 Cores ₹ 12,392/month
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Cloud Hosting Review

Cloud Hosting Plans

Plan Name OS Space CPU RAM BandWidthPrice
Alpha CloudLinux250 GB2 CPU4 GBUnmetered₹ 596/month
Beta CloudLinux300 GB4 CPU8 GBUnmetered₹ 1196/month
Zeta CloudLinux350 GB6 CPU128 GBUnmetered₹ 2796/month
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Reseller Hosting Review

Reseller Hosting from MilesWeb is partitioned into three categories. Cheap Linux reseller being the first of the three has three packages. Names as Micro, Startup, Grow and Expand, they are priced at Rs 270/mo, Rs 704/mo, Rs 1320/mo and Rs.1936/m.

Windows Reseller Hosting is the third category of reseller hosting, has Neo, Entry, and Smart and Plus costing Rs 290/mo, Rs 560/mo, Rs 900/mo, Rs.1120/m. respectively

Resellers Hosting Plans

Plan Name OS Space Bandwidth Panel No. of SitesPrice
MicroLinux10 GBUnlimitedCPANEL5₹ 270/month
StartupLinux20GB UnlimitedCPANEL10₹ 704/month
GrowLinux50 GB UnlimitedCPANEL20₹ 1320/month
ExpandLinux100GBUnlimitedCPANEL30₹ 1936/month
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WordPress Hosting Review

MilesWeb provides simple, reliable, and efficient WordPress hosting in India at a very affordable price range. Starting at just Rs 60/mo, the Tyro package is the cheapest of the three. But you can host only one website and get no free domain with this. Then there is the Turbo package that is priced at Rs 255/mo gives you a Free Domain name, Unlimited SSD storage, and unlimited bandwidth. And the Rapid pack priced at Rs 150/mo lets you host five websites.

WordPress Hosting Plans

Plan Name OS Space Bandwidth Panel No. of SitesPrice
SoloLinux1GB SSD UnlimitedCPANEL1 ₹ 50/month
GeekyLinux10GB SSDUnlimited CPANEL1₹82.5/month
RapidLinux30GB SSDUnlimitedCPANEL 5 ₹125/month
TurboLinuxUnlimited SSDUnlimitedCPANELUnlimited₹212.5/month
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Domain Name Pricing

MilesWeb also provides a wide variety of Domain names which are well priced. You can select any domain name along with any extension from long list of extensions that you can register at MilesWeb.

Domain Registration

  • .com ₹999/yr
  • .net ₹1,200/yr
  • .org ₹1,200/yr
  • .in ₹649/yr
  • .biz ₹1,500/yr
  • .info ₹1,500/yr
  • .xyz ₹299/yr
  • monster ₹199/yr

Domain Renewal

  • .com ₹1099/yr
  • .net ₹1,200/yr
  • .org ₹1,200/yr
  • .in ₹749/yr
  • .biz ₹1,500/yr
  • .info ₹1,500/yr
  • .xyz ₹850/yr
  • monster ₹850/yr

MilesWeb Key Features: What makes MilesWeb Best?

Affordable Hosting packages

Free Domain Name

Going for the advanced plan doesn’t set you back when you’re with MilesWeb. Because you get a Free Domain name for a lifetime with most of the advanced plans in their line-up.

Free SSL Certificate

Many of the plans from MilesWeb come with Free SSL certificate. This can be considered one of the top reasons why should you choose MilesWeb based on the price that you have to pay if you have to buy an SSL certificate.

Free Site Builder

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

MilesWeb plans come with a 30-day money-back guarantee if the customers are not satisfied with the service that MilesWeb provides. And one more privilege that users get is the scalability of their packages which means users can upgrade or degrade their packages when needed.

24/7/365 Support

They offer best-in-class 24/7 customer support whenever you have need of it, 24/7/365. Available options are by email, phone, or live chat. 

Managed WordPress

MilesWeb’s state of art infrastructure focuses on providing reliability and security to its users. They have a top-notch data center and provide performance-rich servers to their customers. 

Premium CDN

With their commitment to providing best-in-class web hosting service, MilesWeb has reached miles ahead of other many biggies that once ruled the web hosting industry.  Having been founded by Deepak Kori, Chetan Mahale & Chinmay Dingore in the year 2012, MilesWeb has stayed true to the aim that it was established for, ‘to deliver quality services round the clock at affordable prices. 

Of all the other good things about MilesWeb, their team is the best one. Consisting of people driven by a passion for what they do, this team is the pillar that holds MilesWeb up and strong.

MilesWeb empowers people to get their business online without having to worry much. It aims to deliver quality services at affordable prices and is committed to providing exceptional customer support as it's slogan claims - "Your Hosting is Our Responsibility".

Even though there is not much to complain about MilesWeb service, to beat the best you have to beat the best. And to beat the best, it takes more than just rapid growth. There are many areas where MilesWeb can improve. If they achieve this, there is no doubt that MilesWeb will reign in the Web Hosting industry as the Best.

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