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Best Accounting Software in India (Free & Paid)

   Keeping track of all the transactions that happen in a business organization can be really hectic and messy when done manually. Just like many other processes involved in running a successful business, accounting is also a crucial one. Accounting is something that helps business owners in meeting their compliance obligations. As you already know, accounting deals with the financial information of a business and if there is any error in carrying out this process efficiently, it can badly affect the entire business. 
Accounting software is the solution you need for efficient accounting that can save you a lot of time and also bring in proper order for multiple people to work in the same environment. Many companies offer this Accounting software and choosing the best and right provider is equally important. Therefore, check below our recommendation where we listed the top best Accounting software in the market that you can trust and choose for your businesses:  



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  • Best Accounting Software for Micro, Small and Medium businesses
  • Includes Inventory, Configurable Invoicing / Documents / Letters, Sales Tax / VAT Reports, Service Tax & TDS
  • Web Based Reporting via PC / Mobile / Tablet
  • Multi-Location Inventory Available
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Why do I need Accounting Software?


If you are just getting started with a business, it might not make sense to upgrade to accounting software, as of yet. But if you are running an established business with messed up accounting, you might have realized very well the importance of using accounting software. Accounting is a complicated process that consists of many different parts. It might be a very basic task of keeping track of the income revenue, the bills to be paid, keeping track of other expenses, and more. We are still discussing the basics involved in accounting and things already seem to be complicated.

Imagine how complicated things can get when you carry out more complex tasks like calculating the profit, tax payment, cost-cutting, making new purchases, and more. And now doing it all manually or in an unorganized manner. Things will just get out of hands. This is why you need to use an accounting tool that can help you in ensuring the smooth running of your business’ accounting.


Accounting Software Types


The types of businesses that exist in the present market are endless. And all the different businesses come with their own accounting needs. The way accounting is carried out in a small business does not have to be just like that of how business is carried out in large scale industries. It must be noted that large enterprises usually have custom solutions to serve their accounting team and we will focus more on the small business accounting software. 

Even if you consider only small businesses in india, the type of accounting solution you will need will differ from business to business. There are softwares that you can install and use straight away and there are those who come with a lot of customization options and it all depends on the type of business you are running. 


Accounting Software for Small Businesses in India


One thing that most of the large enterprises do but small businesses don’t, is the use of modern technology. Most of the business owners who have just started their business are hesitant to try software technology and go forward with traditional methods of accounting. And studies say that not equipping themselves with advanced software solutions is the main reason why most such businesses fail.

As we are considering small businesses, let us assume you are not going for a high-end tool that is a custom made solution especially for your business. You can get a good accounting tool and input it all it asks you about your business and the financial details. After you finish feeding all the information to the software, it helps you in carrying out the accounting. The information can be related to the financial accounts in use, the products you sell, your clients or customers, the vendors, and so on.

Once you start using the software, it will eventually give you reports. And you can decide the frequency for the reports and you will get everything you should know in these reports. You can even search for specific attributes and customize it according to your requirements. These reports can be a real blessing for a small business in analyzing what works for their business and what doesn’t.


How does Accounting Software Work?


Over time, business tools companies have brought a lot of improvements to their tools and have achieved in making them easy to use. When it all started, using accounting software was very complicated as it is not as simple as just listing out things to do. 

If you consider the interface, usually every accounting tool divides all the content in different modules and for every department that is concerned, there will be a separate module. You can use the settings options to customize the tool according to your requirements. The dashboard is where you get all the information that you might want to see most of the time. This may include daily reports, account balance, comparisons, invoices and bills, and more.


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Best Accounting Software Providers - Recent User Reviews

Deskera Hosting Review

Isaac Lowe

16 May 2022

Very Helpful App

Mind blowing flexibility , Payment reminders of this app is really very useful for me because now I can easily maintain my ledger book through this one. It is good Very helpful Especially for day to day transactions recorded. you can use the pictures of the bills in claims.

BUSY Hosting Review

Someshwar Singh

19 Jul 2020

Good Software

A very good software for accounting, have service from phone , So there is no problem of service.... We can start using the same without any hesitation right now.. For me Good Software

QuickBooks Hosting Review


14 Jun 2020

Nice Accounting Software

I am using software for generating Invoice, no such any issue found and easy to use good Software thanks to QuickBooks

Tally Solutions Hosting Review

Manoj Sharma

11 May 2020

Best Accounting Software

Tally ERP- 9 Is Best of features in Accounting software, daily updating with new features there is nothing to disagree in it.

MARG ERP Hosting Review

Amrande Singh

06 May 2020

Good software

Mar erp is a good Software Good Support they are given me while i found any problem

myBooks Hosting Review

Saniya Mishra

11 Apr 2020

Easy to understand

myBooks accounting software for managing of my business and find the software reliable. I didn’t have to waste time learning how to use it as it is intuitive, and easy to installation. myBooks accounting software is easy to understand and has a simplified. This enables me to invest my time in the business than on accounting.

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