List of Best Free & Paid Accounting Software for Small Businesses in India

best accounting sotware india list


As the world is proceeding towards new ways of living, the needs have also changed to keep oneself updated. The same goes for the needs of businesses. Today, when everyone is rushing towards their goal, no one has time to pause and wait. In this scenario, keeping track of accounting for small businesses has become a hectic task. Accounting software India GST ready helps you to manage accounting and billing without any extra expense. It also enables you to track your business progress without much effort. It also saves a lot of time and energy used for manual billing and accounting.

With the change in business workflow, the needs of businesses have also changed. Every business, be it small or large, has faced a massive change in the workflow and ways of dealing with clients in 2020, and hence, it is crucial for these businesses to update their resources according to the need of the hour. So, to keep your business up to date, here are the six best accounting apps in India you can invest in 2021 for your small business-

  1. Vyapar
  2. MyBillBook
  3. Zoho Books
  4. Tally
  5. Quickbooks Online
  6. Giddh

Vyapar – For free access to all accounting features

Vyapar is by far the most used software used by Indian small business owners in India in 2021. The people behind Vyapar are always ready to make a businessmans life more productive in an efficient way by reducing the manual work of accounting and billing. It also takes care of other paperwork related responsibilities of the businessman like stock management and payment reminders. It is capable of doing every task a small business owner may think of doing. Check for Vyapar reviews

Vyapar Desktop Plans & Pricing

Only DesktopDesktop + MobileOnly DesktopDesktop + Mobile
Rs. 2159/yearRs. 2519/yearRs. 4124/3 yearsRs. 4724/3 years
Dedicated SupportDedicated SupportDedicated SupportDedicated Support
Free UpdatesFree UpdatesFree UpdatesFree Updates
7 days Money Back Guarantee7 days Money Back Guarantee7 days Money Back Guarantee7 days Money Back Guarantee
  1. Rs.539 per year –  This plan is for mobile users who do not want or like to operate a computer system. By purchasing the same plan for three years, it will cost you Rs.1011
  2. Rs.2159 per year – This plan is suitable for desktop users. It provides all the features of a mobile application.  It costs Rs.4124 for three years.
  3. Rs.2519 per year – This plan is for those who want to simultaneously operate the account from both desktop and mobile phones. This plan comes for Rs.4724 for three years.

Here is our Vyapar Special Exclusive offer: Extra 3-6 months Validity on all Licenses.

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Following are the reasons to choose Vyapar for your business-

Invoice Customization-

Vyapar allows you to get the bills intelligently. One can customize their bill with the themes provided by Vyapar to give it a more personal touch. You can create beautiful invoices with your logo and brand name. Moreover, the bills you create are unique and hence give it a more professional touch. Vyapar has many themes, and the team continuously add new themes to the system to make it exciting and alive for its consumers. Any theme can be chosen and could be customized according to one’s will.

Accounting made Easy with Vyapar-

Another great feature of Vyapar is the ease of accounting it provides. Accounting software is the most used and essential resource of any small business. It provides you with an understanding of your business and cash flow at any given time. Vyapar provides a great accounting feature that helps small businesses settle their accounts and bookkeeping without external help. It saves expenses for the business and gives a better understanding of the needs of the business.

Manage Stock and Inventory Efficiently-

Vyapar also helps you to manage stock and inventory. It provides a detail of the store that is purchased, sold and stuck. It gives an insight into the most running stock items and the items stuck in inventory and can be considered dead. It also offers an understanding of stock flow and season wise product consumption. It moreover saves the owner from wrong purchases and reduces the risk of deadstock.

Grow your business with detailed insights of your business-

Vyapar gives more than 30 reports to understand every side of our business. Any type of profit, loss, purchase, sale, expenses, and income can be understood with these reports. Vyapar Creates these reports in real-time, which means you can see these reports at any time of the accounting year. It automatically updates the report for you, and you can check these reports without any extra effort.

Send Invoice Reminders-

Other than that, you can also create invoice reminders and send them to your customers through WhatsApp. It is an excellent feature as the popularity of WhatsApp is more than any other communication medium. It also gives you a feature to make payments directly through these reminders to your UPI account. It makes the payments convenient and quick.

Barcode Billing-

Most businesses have switched to the barcode system for quick billing, and Vyapar supports the system seamlessly. It saves a lot of time while billing.

Reminders for Inventory-

You can also set inventory reminders to save the owner from the stock shortage and streamline the sales.

Get it for Free-

Vyapar is one of those few software that provides a full-featured free version. It offers all the features for free for the mobile version.

Free Trial-

They provide a free seven days trial for the desktop version. You can have the trial and see if it suits your need and get the payment doner for that.

Vyapar is one of those few free accounting software that allows you full access to all its features for free. You can use free vyapar from mobile. Although to use a desktop version, you need to pay Rs.2159 per year.

My BillBook- Kow Why should You Choose My BillBooks

My BillBook is considered the best accounting software for small businesses creating bills and managing accounts most simplistically and straightforwardly. Anyone can use this software, be it production houses, wholesalers, retailers or distributors. The software is designed for people who arent fluent in operating computers and hence is given a minimalistic approach. You can perform all of the essential tasks of small businesses hassle-free. Like Vyapar, it also provides you with 10+ reports to get a deep insight into your business and stock flow.

MyBillbook Plans Pricing

Diamond  PlanPlatinum PlanEnterprise Plan
Rs.2599/year Rs.4999/year Rs.7999/year
Mobile & WebMobile & Web & Desktop Mobile & Web & Desktop
1 Business2 BusinessesUnlimited 2 Businesses
1 User3 UsersUnlimited Users
  1. The Diamond  Plan – Costs for Rs.2599 per year, suitable for those users who want to use one account only.
  2. The Platinum Plan – This plan costs Rs.4999 per year. It is suitable for Small & Medium Business . It provides access to 3 users. with 2 Business/Accounts
  3. The Enterprise Plan – This plan costs Rs.7999 per year. It is suitable for those who have a larger team to handle billing and accounts. It provides access to unlimited users.

The Reasons you should choose My BillBooks are-

Send Payment Reminders-

My BillBook lets you send reminders through WhatsApp and saves all the records of transactions for future use. It enables you to keep stock, inventory, sales, purchase, returns, expenses, and profit or loss to understand the business requirements. It helps a businessman understand which decisions were profitable for the firm and which were not.

Get Notification On Mobile-

My BillBook also keeps you updated for your business with quick notifications on your mobile phone. It gives you updates on payments received and orders. This feature gives you the freedom to access the account with flexibility.

Manage Accounts Effortlessly-

It helps you manage your accounts compatible with updated GST laws all by yourself. It saves a lot of effort, time and money for any small business.

Best for Beginners-

The best feature of My BillBook is the minimalistic accounting approach that lets and beginner without any expertise in operating computers start billing and accounting on the digital platform without much effort.

Training and Live Support-

The initial training they provide is perfect to understand the system, and their 24/7 live support is excellent in helping the users that are stuck anywhere in the usage of the software.

Send Personalized Messages-

Other than payment reminders, you can also share personalised Messages. These messages can be estimates, quotes, greetings or wishes. It gives a personal touch to your professional relationships, and the customers are obliged to be connected to you for a more extended period.

Data Encryption-

My BillBook encrypts the data during transactions. It ensures a safe transaction without leaking bank details or other importation data.

Data Backup-

You can create automated data backups to prevent data loss. This data can be restored very quickly. The automated data backups can be set at a preferred time.

Connect With Third-Party Apps-

Connecting your application or desktop software with a third-party app makes trading a lot easy. It also makes the whole process simple and easy to analyse.

Print your bills with flexibility-

This software allows you to use any printer you have. You can print your bills and other documents with both a thermal printer and a regular printer. It saves you the cost of buying a specific printer for the software.

Barcode System-

It also accepts barcode billing for a faster billing system. It saves time and allows the resources to be more productive for any company.

Synchronise Desktop Software and Mobile App-

The mobile app and desktop software integrity allow users to access the accounting system from anywhere they want. It will enable the ease of desktop and mobility of a mobile phone for the system.

You can start using My BillBooks at Rs.2599 per year. It is one of the most affordable business management software.

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Zoho Books – An Award-Winning Business Solution

Zoho corporation provides a business suite with many software to use to run a small business effectively. Their accounting and billing software has won the Editors Choice Award defeating much other similar software. It gives excellent integrity within the suit that makes it easy to understand the overall working of the business. Zoho Books lets you create customized and attractive invoices with already available templates. It also enables you to efficiently handle clients and employees data by providing integrated apps.


  1. The Standard plan – Comes for $10 per month.
  2. The Professional Plan – Comes for $20 per month.
  3. The Premium Plan – Comes for $30 per month.

All the plans of Zoho Books have some basic features. With the higher plans, some additional features can be used. The user can choose the plan according to their usage.

Accept Payments through Payment Reminders

You can send payment reminders and accept the payment through UPI. This feature saves a lot of payment hassle, and it becomes easier for your clients to pay on time.

Customise Invoices and Send Through Emails

You can also send invoices through the mail for a professional touch, and the mails can be pre-scheduled for seamless working. Zoho also lets you schedule payment reminders.

Use Multiple Languages and Currencies

The unique feature of this software is the user can switch between languages and currencies for different clients. It gives a chance for better communication, and Zoho Books provides 10+ languages to switch from. The currencies can also be changed at the time of billing.

Get Better Insights Through Reports

Reports provided by Zoho invoices are detailed and are delivered in real-time. These reports include Sales by Customers Report, Sales by Item Report, Sales by Salesperson Report, Tax Report, Expense Report, Profit and Loss Report, Cash Flow Statements, Balance Sheet, Business Performance Report, Inventory Summary Report, Inventory Valuation Report, and Customer Balances. These reports are a great way to overview your business and perform the necessary actions for its growth. Furthermore, these are also important for accounting and understanding accounting actions.

Snail Mail WIth Zoho

A unique feature provided by Zoho corporation is their Snail Mail facility. Through Snail Mail, you can send physical copies of invoices, quotations and estimates to your customers. Zoho Corporation does everything from printing, enveloping and posting to the postal address. It saves a lot of time and productivity for the owner. It is also an economical option for small businesses for sending physical bills. The Snail Mail is Zoho Corporations one of the most popular services used by small businesses.

The plans of Zoho Invoice starts at $10 per month and goes upto $200 per month.

Tally – The Traditional Way Of Modern Accounting

Tally is one of the oldest accounting software that has over 2 billion users. It can be safely said that Tally has taught Indian businessmen what digital accounting and billing is. It gained popularity for making accounting seamless and effortless for small and medium-sized businesses.

Pricing –

  1. Silver Rental – Costs Rs.600 per month. It is best for single users.
  2. Silver – Costs for Rs.18,000. It is a one-time payment for the Silver Rental Plan, after which you can have the licence of a lifetime.
  3. Gold Rental – Costs for Rs.1,800 per month, It is suitable for unlimited multiple users.
  4. Gold – Costs for Rs.54,000 for a lifetime. It gives a permanent licence for Gold Plan.

Increase Productivity

This accounting software is capable of doing every task required to increase the productivity of a small business. Tally saves a lot of time for the users by performing repetitive duties. The tasks can be automated and done without much effort.

Get GST Ready

It creates invoices, manages accounts and does billing with GST. Tally was initially used to create invoices and manage inventory, but it continuously updated itself and introduced every feature of modern accounting. You can also print the invoices.

Accounting Made Easy

Accountants and other business owners use Tally as the oldest accounting software. The environment looks familiar and easy to navigate. It was made keeping in mind the businessman who is not expert in operating a computer system and hence is very easy to understand and use.

Bank Operations

With Tally, you can also perform banking operations. It allows you to customise invoices, track sales, track orders and expenses. You can also manage inventory. Creating ledgers is very easy in this software, and you can customise all the fields of a product according to you.

HR Resource Management

The unique feature of Tally is the HR resource modules that help the user manage employee details, payments, leaves, and advance payouts. An HR is responsible for many small and big tasks of managing the resources of an organisation.

Tally accounting software also offers a free trial for seven days, after which you need to pay Rs.600 per month to access its features.

Quickbooks Online- A Cloud-Based Accounting System

Unlike all the other software, QuickBooks is online web software that does not require any download and installation but can be run on any browser. It does need an account to set up on their website, and then you are good to use the feature of Quickbooks.

Pricing –

  • Simple Start Plan- Costs $30 per month. The feature provided in this plan are-
    • Unlimited invoices
    • Unlimited estimates
    • Expense tracking
    • Live bank feeds
    • Reports
    • Mileage tracking
    • Integrations with 650+ apps
    • 1099 tax support
    • One user
  • Essential Plan- Costs at $50 per month, the features added in the Simple plan are are-
    • Accounts payable
    • Time tracking
    • Three users
  • The Plus Plan- costs $85 per month. The features added in the Essential plans are-
    • Inventory
    • Project management
    • Class tracking
    • Five users
  • The Advance Plan- Costs at $200 per month, the feature added in the Plus plan are-
    • A Fathom subscription for advanced reporting and analytics
    • Custom user permissions
    • Automated workflows
    • A dedicated customer success manager
    • Priority Care
    • On-demand online QuickBooks training
    • Exclusive premium apps
    • 25 users

Feature of Desktop Application with Flexibility of Cloud

In terms of features, it provides all the facilities for practical accounting and business management. It handles bookkeeping, payrolls, invoices, financial reporting, tax management, and bank reconciliation like any other downloadable software.

Customise Invoices According to Your Business Essence

You can also customise invoices to give your business invoices a personal touch. It provides themes to choose from. You can add your brand name, logo and other details for a unique essence.

Other than billing, it helps in bookkeeping and inventory management. It can create automated sales receipts and spilt transactions. It also schedules invoices fr a consistent procedure.

Bookkeeping With Quickbooks

Outsource Accounting Details To Your Trusted Accountant

With a few add-ons offered by the Quickbook company, you can also outsource the accounting details to a professional for double-checking the accounts accuracy.

Like any other accounting software, it offers several reports to study and observe the business flow, inventory management and increase profits by observing the profitable activities of your business.

Although Quickbook has a downloadable version, it lacks a few features that are not an absolute necessity for any small business but can add a great value to the productivity of the resources. Quickbook online targets business requirements of users who feel a lack of features in  the classic Quickbook desktop version. Any business should always opt for the updated version of any resource to be up to date with industry trends.

Quickbook offers four plans to choose from to suit everyones budget and needs. Here are the four plans offered by Quickbooks-

The users find it challenging to use Quickbook starting, as the navigation becomes a little different from all the other accounting software. Still, it starts feeling smooth after a while and does not require much time to navigate and use all the features.

The best part is the add-ons provided by QuickBooks for different features. These add-ons are charged at low prices and add significant value to the process of accounting and bookkeeping of any small and medium-sized business.

Giddh- Be GST Ready With Giddh

Giddh is another cloud-based accounting software just like Quickbooks. It helps every small business for handling the most common tasks of a business. It helps small businesses to manage bookkeeping, accounting, invoices supporting GST billing, stock and inventory management etc.

Pricing –

  •  Birch- ₹800 per year
  • Oak- ₹4000 per year
  • Vine- ₹10000 per year
  • Sequoia -₹15000 per year

GST Billing With Giddh

Giddh supports GSTR1, GSTR2, and GST3B for its invoices and accounting. The software that supports GST billing makes it very easy and seamless for users to understand and manage their accounts. It further helps to understand the operational flow of business and stock-flow of inventory.

Graphical Reports Generation and Deep Insights

Like every other accounting software mentioned above, Giddh creates various reports generated automatically through the software to help users understand and grow their business. The reports can be seen in graphical form or exported in excel format to understand data better.

Accept Payments Through The Application

The user can also add their bank account and manage it with the help of software. The payments are accepted directly in the bank account. By adding accounts to your application, many banking operations becomes easy and quick.

Share Invoices And Other Details

It also allows you to share invoices and accounting details through the app hassle-free. You can mail the invoices created by the Giddh accounting app to the clients with a few easy steps.

Multi-User Access

Giddh allows you multi-user access. It will enable multiple users to work on the same account and data. It is helpful when the report or ledgers are handled or used by more than one person. The admin can restrict access to specific data based on the users job description for data security. This feature ensures the safety of data with seamless operations of accounting, bookkeeping and billing.

Send Bulk SMS

Another great feature of Gidhha is that it lets you send bulk emails or messages directly from the app without any additional costs. You can send promotional messages, greetings and sale notifications to your customers.

There is also a free trial available for Giddh Online and has free versions with limited features.


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