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According to Recent statistics, 15 percent of small company owners believe that handling finances are the most challenging aspect of running a business since it is time-consuming and scary. Accountants may take a back seat when they are handling day-to-day activities.

With the implementation of the GST in 2017, things have grown even more challenging for firms. Millions of Small and medium enterprises in India are enrolled under GST, but when it refers to financial, the bulk of them should afford the currency’s top and sophisticated accounting information system.

Gimbooks – Easy to use GST Billing, Invoicing & Accounting App for Small Businesses

Gimbooks is an internet application-based easy invoice manager that allows users to make professional-looking invoices, authorizations, and proposals, as well as manage their stocks, costs, and ledgers. The technology helps Micro-enterprises to manage their businesses more effectively.

Users may utilize Gimbooks(easy invoice manager) to send friendly notifications to their clients as the invoice’s due date approaches. It also has a monitoring feature that allows customers to keep records of different financial statements in real-time.

Having healthy books, on the other hand, might save your company if things go wrong. iBooks, an internet finance and accounting tool play a role here.

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How to use an Easy invoice Manager, Gimbooks?

  1. After signing up with the company details, your phone number details, and password, verification will take place and you are all in.
  2. After logging in, you can see many options where you can create invoices, receipts, credit notes, delivery challans, and many more.
  3. For creating invoices, you just need to fill out the prices and other details. After that, just upload your signature and your invoice will be presented ready before you.
  4. The same goes for all the other options.
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Features in brief:

  1. Distribute GST payments and E-waybills to consumers.
  2. Control and inspect your inventory in real-time.
  3. Manage and keep track of your purchases, spending, and accounting books.
  4. Clients should be reminded of their payments in a gentle manner.
  5. Keep track of numerous industry reports in real-time.
  6. Make Vat filing easier and faster.
  7. Accounts
  8. Payable Bank
  9. Reconciliation Billing
  10. Invoicing Expense
  11. Tracking General
  12. Ledger Purchasing

There is a demand for customization in every sector. If you come from a pharma background, your demands and specifications for creating an invoice will be different, such as the creation date, expiration date, production date, and product’s name.

If someone comes from a digital background, they will want a Device id, which will necessitate the use of a barcode encoder.

As a result, Gimbooks has tailored for all of these subdomains at every step of the bookkeeping process, and the function is one of Gimbooks’ distinctive selling advantages.

Economy Simplification for Small Enterprises

GimBooks helps small – and – medium companies in India produce and manage paperwork like Indirect taxes invoices, shipping, quotes, merchant accounts, delivery tendency, stock levels, and costs, keep track of different business data in real-time, and send late payments to clients.

Gimbooks as a Boon for People

GimBooks (an easy invoice manager) is a smartphone-based, India-focused platform for small and medium company owners who may not comprehend accounting’s account balances.

GimBooks aim to make jobs easier for millions of people by delivering a simple and inexpensive solution.

GimBooks’ Android app Simple Invoice Manager and associated website assist users to ease their routine administration. Their membership approach allows consumers to get a 15-day free trial period before renewing at an inexpensive fee of Rs 50 per month to maintain utilizing the program.

These statements are created in real-time and may be synchronized in the cloud from both a desktop and a mobile device.

The easy invoice manager also offers the option of creating these in different regional languages, recognizing that SMEs are more prevalent in smaller communities.

Create Industry Specific Invoices with Gimbooks

Choose beautiful and skilled invoices tailored to your business or trade. There is no longer a requirement to create one-size-fits-all generic invoices.

Other crucial documents that you may produce and maintain using GimBooks(an easy invoice manager) include bids, customer orders, delivery contraction, overdraft notes, and general ledger.

Creating invoices for clients and adhering to GST requirements was time-consuming, and then there was a lot of commotion about invoices and administration in the early phase of launch.

The transition from GST Invoice Maker to GimBooks, an easy invoice manager has aided them in developing a customer-focused company. Even now, they design their goods in response to user input.

A Self Based Business Platform

They provide a system that may be utilized by a layperson or someone with no prior accounting understanding.

Unlike other software that provides only one approach to budgeting, GimBooks, an easy invoice manager, provides copyright bookkeeping, which is tailored to the user’s industry.

The software also immediately backs up all online purchases, so users don’t have to panic if they lose their cellphone – they can even work from their PCs via the associated website.

The benefit is that because it is a do-it-yourself program, it does not require a sales crew to offer consumers demos daily. At this point, it is an investment. 


GimBooks is a Real worth SaaS startup and an easy invoice manager and one of the best GST Billing software for small to medium scales businesses, that has been accelerated by Upekkha and is also co-cultured at Raipur’s government-recognized incubation center, 36 INC. The firm is now in negotiations with donors to obtain their first year of funding, which will be utilized to scale up their stuff and sell on a national scale.


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