My Billbook V/S Vyapar – Which is Best App for GST Billing Invoicing? My Billbook or Vyapar?


Nowadays, everyone is so busy that they don’t have the time to keep their account and invoices maintained in their diaries. And maintaining diaries is a hectic thing as it is really time-consuming and is also inclined to flaws and errors.

And, if you want your company to make profits and prosper, you must properly invoice.

Hence, you need software that is easy to handle and can speed up administrative duties, such as account tracking and GST compliance, and can remove the headaches involved with manually writing invoices.

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And guess what, you get all of these functions in the app- My Billbook

So, first, let me make you aware of what basically my Billbook & Vyapar is

My Billbook

My Billbook is free Billing software that lets wholesalers, manufacturers, and suppliers monitor their regular activities, including GST billing and inventory management. My Billbook helps users to create and exchange bills, create quotes, send payment updates to clients, and more.

They have a flexible invoice format with regular and thermal printing choices. You can create digital catalogs and share them across the media to help the company prosper. My Billbook provides data protection, automated replication, and data transfer in a timely manner.


Vyapar is a high-quality invoicing and accounting platform for small companies that provide GST estimates and reports. It supports multi-user login, financial planning, service tax calculation, taxes management, and budgeting, among other things.

It can be downloaded and installed on your machine or tablet, as well as accessible through the internet. It assists in the production of ledgers, POS invoicing, CST & GST records, and invoices, among other items. With this Vyapar app, you can handle your sales, inventory, finances, and expenses. It can be customized to meet the precise accounting and invoicing requirements. Users can enjoy the trial option that it offers.

And is also India’s fastest-growing GST-compliant billing program app with more than a million customers.

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Vyapar Plans & Pricing

Plan NameLicenseFeaturesPrice
FreeMobile– All the App functionalities free to use
– Free Customer Support
Rs. 0More Details
Basic PlanMobile– All App Functionalities
– Remove Vyapar Logo from Invoices
– Synchronization b/w multiple devices
– Only for Mobile
Rs.599/yearMore Details
Mobile+Desktop PlanMobile + Desktop– All the Features included
– Use on Mobile as well Desktop
Rs.2399/yearMore Details
SaverOnly Mobile– All the App Features
– Only for Mobile use
Rs.1399 for 3 yearsMore Details
Only DesktopOnly Desktop– All the App Features
– Allowed only for Desktop Use
Rs. 1999/yearMore Details
Only DesktopOnly Desktop– All the App Features Allowed
– Only for Desktop Use
Rs.3999 for 3 yearsMore Details
Desktop + MobileDesktop & Mobile– All the App features
– Allowed for Desktop & Mobile 
Rs.4979 for 3 yearsMore Details

My BillBook Plans & Pricing

Plan NameLicenseFeaturesPrice
Free Plan1 Mobile + 1 Desktop Login– All the App functionalities free to use
– Free Customer Support
Rs. 0More Details
Silver Plan1 Mobile + 1 Desktop Login– Inventory Management with Stock Adjustments
– Advanced GST Reports, Profit & Loss Reports
– Take Thermal Printouts
– Generate Barcodes for items(only for mobile use)
– Create invoices by scanning Barcodes
– Remove My BillBook logo & Branding from invoices & greetings
– Bulk Items to edit via Desktop
– Priority Customer support
Rs. 799/yearMore Details
Gold PlanMulti Mobile & Desktop Logins– All Sliver Features
– Add Staff to My BillBook
– Multi Mobile & Desktop Logins
Rs.1799/yearMore Details

What makes My Billbook better than any other billing app?

Well, it is always crucial to figure out which apps would work for the company while still being inexpensive. And My Billbook understands business needs which is why it is Indias No 1 Billing Software.

Its user-friendly GUI makes it convenient and straightforward for any small businessperson. Apart from that, the My Billbook is unique in that it needs no preparation or accounting skills to use.

The attraction point for technical billings is the variety of 12+ categories of invoice themes. Since your data is completely safe and stable, the auto backup feature allows you to live fearlessly.

Since we’re talking about convenience, we can’t leave out a special synchronization option that enables you to view your data from everywhere on different devices. One of the safest and quickest ways to communicate with your customers is via automated purchase SMS. For all of your questions and concerns, high-quality customer service is open.

Now, Lets see how My Billbook is emerging as the most preferred end-to-end accounting app for businesses.

To start with, let???s look at the features of the My Billbook App and Vyapar.

  • Best For

My Billbook is basically for Freelancers, Mid Size Businesses, and Small Businesses such as wholesalers, manufacturers, and suppliers whereas, Vyapar mainly caters to the Indian small and medium business industry. Small business operators, such as department stores, supermarkets, telephone recharge shops, hotels, among others, are the target audience.

  • Technology

My Billbook is a cloud-based technology. Using your email and password, you can access your data and do accounting from any internet-enabled smartphone.

Whereas, on the other hand, Vyapar runs in the background and transfers backup data to Google Drive. Vyapar users can only view data from the computer on which the software was installed.

  • Balance Sheet

My Billbook is an accounting application that can produce financial information such as a balance sheet and table of accounts. Vyapar, on the other hand, is a billing app that does not do double-entry accounting and hence cannot provide balance sheets for businesses.

  • Multi-devices, real-time data, and role-based user authentication:

My Billbook is a cloud-based accounting program, the mobile app automatically syncs data from the Internet. It allows many users to log in and conduct transactions from various computers. These purchases are tracked and mirrored in real-time to other users. Business owners can grant salespeople, accountants, and others role-based access and control over what data they can read, add, or edit. Vyapar, on the other hand, is unable to offer these advanced features to company owners. It has a single offline connection option.

  • Real-time inventory management

My Billbook allows company owners to keep track of their inventory in real time. The mobile app allows users to search and install new stock entries. Any sale changes the stock balances, allowing the company owner to control stock in real time. It also keeps track of each item’s batch and warehouse details. Vyapar does not have these, requiring manual entry for both entry and exit.

  • Integration of E-mail

In the My Billbook mobile app, users can send e-mails with invoices, bills, predictions, and other coupons. In the app, contacts with email addresses are saved, and users can simply select “share” to send vouchers via email.

Vyapar, on the other hand, does not support email-based transfers. As a consequence, coupons cannot be exchanged online.

  • Billing TDS

Business owners can’t use Vyapar to build invoices that contain TDS. Whereas when planning invoices, My Billbook provides the TDS. In the app’s general settings, TDS must be turned on.

  • Support for in-app chat

My Billbook offers an app chat service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for any user questions. Vyapar also provides an app support system via Direct message/ Whatsapp message, Phone support, Tutorials, etc.. to help consumers with their problems.

  • Pricing

My Billbook offers all the features in the gold premium as per your requirements which costs only Rs. 1,799 a year. Hence, by spending less money you can enjoy so many benefits in My Bill book.

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Whereas the Vyapar app premium cost for a year is around Rs. 2,399.

Here is our Vyapar Special Exclusive offer: Flat 50% OFF + Extra 3-6 months Validity on all Licenses.

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So in last after going through all the features of the My Billbook I can suggest that the My Billbook is far better than Vyapar app in many ways.


Well, if you’re running a small business, getting paid on time is really crucial. There’s no reason to handle your invoices manually and stress over late payments when you can use My Billbook which can automate everything for you.

However, My BillBook is the best billing software and accounting app because it helps you to keep track of your business from everywhere and keep your cash flow in order. Furthermore, creating GST-compliant invoices is much simpler with an accounting app.

Through, My BillBook, you can easily become a competent businesswoman by creating bills, managing stock, tracking business partnerships, and receiving notifications on outstanding payments.

Now, tell me what you all think which is the best billing software and accounting app.

My Billbook! One- Click Solution for your Billing and Invoices.

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