Offshore hosting – What it is and its benefits?


Offshore Hosting is a kind of niche hosting. Offshore Hosting works just like traditional hosting. But it comes with a twist. Lets just directly know the twist before going for the complete Offshore Hosting guide. 

The twist is that in Offshore Hosting, your website is located in a datacentre far off from your location.  The reasons why one would choose Offshore Hosting are numerous. Having copyrighted content, DMCA content, adult websites, hacking websites and are a few important reasons. This option is preferred by those who do not want to get their website shut done legally and are harder to trace or contact.

What are the key points of Offshore Hosting?

The server must be located in a far-off location 

This is the main requirement that defines Offshore Hosting. Technically, every time a website that is hosted with a foreign web hosting provider, it is Offshore Hosting, but the purpose is different. Not all hosting providers let you host such websites. Very often these hosting providers comply with the international laws. 

No compliance with DMCA 

DMCA is a United States Copyright law. DMCA stands for Digital Millennium Copyright Act. Even though this is an American law, most of the foreign web hosting providers comply with this law. Therefore, just because you are hosting your website with a foreign web hosting provider, it does not mean that you can host the content that is against the law. Because, if a web hosting provider complies with DMCA, any legal action can be taken against you. Therefore, make sure you choose a web hosting provider that does not comply with the DMCA norms if you want to host any copyrighted content or any other content that is against the law.

Not everything is allowed in Offshore Hosting 

Just because Offshore Hosting can be used to tackle the DCMA and other laws, it does not mean you can do anything you want. DDoS scripts, Brute Force activities that let one access someone else system and perform malicious activities. 

Which type of Offshore Hosting to choose? 

Choosing the type of Offshore Hosting is just like choosing normal web hosting types.  Therefore, the type of web hosting depends on the website or web application you wish to run and the specific requirements. Just like traditional web hosting, choosing offshore hosting also depends on multiple factors like storage space that you need, bandwidth, traffic on your website, etc. If you are just getting started, you will need Offshore Shared Hosting. As your requirements increase, you can choose advanced options like Offshore VPS or Offshore Dedicated Hosting.

Best Offshore Web Hosts

Now that you know what Offshore hosting is and its advantages over normal web hosting. The next step that follows is choosing a good web host that offers Offshore hosting services and plans.

When it comes to running a website that is serving confidential content, the hosting requirements are a little different compared to normal hosting. 

Offshore web hosts must allow you to host the prohibited content. Say, you are living in India and you want to have a website with a Poker game. Since Poker and casino are banned in India and other Asian countries, there is no way to host your website in an Asian server. This is where Offshore Hosting is very useful.

Offshore web hosts come with a sense of anonymity. Because most Offshore Hosting providers usually offer many types of payment options. And you can choose the payment option that can reduce the chances of your identity being exposed.

As your website is hosted on a foreign server, the chances of global exposure surely will see a rise. And this is the best option if you are living in a country where you are charged a lot for web hosting. You can switch to any foreign web hosting provider that provides web hosting at a very cheap price.

In addition, Other important aspects to consider when choosing a good Offshore host include:

  • Good Uptime And Performance

Make sure that if the web host is cable in providing Good uptime and Performance so that you always wanted to run your website fast and won???t lose traffic due to downtime or poor performance.

  • Reliable Technical Support

The good Offshore web hosts offer a wide range of support methods, such as live chat, phone, and email. Make sure to checkout for web hosts known to offer fast response times.

  • Secure Servers

Lastly, it makes highly crucial to hosting your websites on secured servers. Make sure to check for hosts that offer firewall protection, anti-virus software, site backups, and other security features that give protection against hackers, systems crash, malware, and accidental data loss.

Let’s see some of the best web hosts that offer Offshore hosting services. Below are the top most popular and reliable offshore web hosts while keeping in mind the factors mentioned above.

1. Hostinger

Hostinger offers a variety of hosting plans that also support offshore hosting. Since they have servers in multiple data centers worldwide, it is possible to transfer your account to some other data centers when required.

So, if you want to choose any offshore hosting plan, shared hosting, VPS or Cloud, Hostinger offers that! and we guarantee that you’ll be in good hands with Hostinger.


2. Flaunt7

Flaunt7 the best DMCA Ignored Hosting and Offshore hosting provider and it is in our top 2nd recommendation list under the Best Offshore hosting providers. Flaunt7 is an Indian hosting service provider company that offers various web hosting plans to host your WordPress blogs, Image Galleries, and even e-commerce websites. The company offers one of the best & affordable DMCA-ignored web hostings in the world and also specializes in providing Freedom of speech/press.

Flaunt7 offers 5 comprehensive packages that suites the hosting requirements of almost any kind of online business. Offshore Shared Hosting starts from $0.99 per month and goes up to $137/per month which includes supreme resources and top-class performance. 


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