Best 10 Cheap Web Hosting Companies in India (2023)


When it comes to ‘Cheap’, we all love Cheap prices or Cheap rates, but sure not ‘Cheap Service or Cheap quality. And same goes for Web hosting. We all want the best web hosting service at cheap rates or cheap budget or lower budget possible.

With this in mind, we decided to conduct our own research to identify the best cheap Web hosting providers in India currently on the market. Fortunately, we’ve found that the below-recommended list combines the above-mentioned services into a high-value, low-cost bundle. They are the best in affordable hosting because they offer the most value to the customers:

Hostsoch plans are covered with the lowest budget and quality services. In the Indian market, it is a top recommendation for reliable and cheap web hosting services. They offer Shared web hosting, Domains, Dedicated hosting, managed services, and security services.

The unlimited shared hosting plans come with unlimited resources (storage, bandwidth, emails, databases, etc) and freebies Free domain, Lifetime free SSL certificates, Daily automated backups, 30 days money-back guarantee, and same renewal make HostSoch a leader in the Indian market.

Why a Cheap Host? How Much Does It Cost to Host A Website?

If you want to start a blog, have a static website to set up, have a relatively low-traffic business blog, need a portfolio website to set up, or plan for a personal website or blog, cheap hosting plans are the right option. And these cheap plans, which usually come with a shared hosting platform, can cost you as Rs, 2000- Rs,5000 per year (or sometimes, even less). to set up your website live and maintain it.

Other Potential Costs:

  • Domain Name Registration would cost you around Rs.600 to Rs, 1000 per year or even less for various TLDs.
  • Design (Themes, Website Builder, Professional Web Designer)
  • Managed Services, Security, eCommerce Tools. (depends)

What is Shared Hosting?

With a shared hosting server, many other customers’ accounts are hosted on a single server sharing the same IP. Many other user accounts will use the same shared server, this is why shared hosting is a cheaper and the best hosting platform if you’re looking for the cheapest web hosting plan.

However, if you’re serious about your businesses, or generally, if you depend on your website for the success of your business, or Launching a large e-commerce site or website with a large database then, you need to look for higher hosting plans like VPS, Cloud server, Dedicated server.

This means you need to choose a hosting service based on your own website requirements, learn here the difference between Shared VPS and Dedicated Web Hosting

The following table summarizes how Shared, VPS, and Dedicated hosting service is different from the other:

Is a Shared Host Plan or Cheap Plan Right For You?

The majority of Shared hosting plans in India come with WordPress and other popular Custom Management System(CMS) tools PHP-based website software.

For personal projects, Blogs, Church websites, Company profiles, Portfolio websites, and small organizations, the resources of a shared hosting plan will often be enough. With a well-coded site, major shared hosting plans can easily handle a few hundred visits a day.

Good For Low Traffic

If you expect the traffic of your website to be less than 1000 visitors per day, then a shared hosting plan would be well enough. For a website or blog that is in the range of more than 1000 visitors per day on the low end, you might want to look at other options.

Hosting for Bloggers and Small Businesses

Shared hosting plans are the right option for Bloggers and small businesses, as obviously the traffic to those sites most likely won’t affect other sites on the server.

Do you get complete Control?

You get a cPanel to manage your website and hosting account if you buy a shared hosting plan from a reputed hosting provider like HostSoch, iPage, or Hostgator.

You can typically buy a domain name, then work with the customer support team to transfer to your existing website or create a new one.

Other Hosting Tools

Furthermore, companies like HostSoch, Hostinger, and iPage are considered cheap WordPress hosts, offering you Once click software installations like WordPress, and Joomla to launch WordPress within minutes without paying a huge amount for the hosting plan.


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