Best Billing and Inventory Software with Barcode in India

billing software with barcode in india


Billing and invoices are one of the most important yet the most complicated tasks of owning a small business. A billing and invoice software is a miracle tool, one that automates the whole invoice generation process for goods bought and services rendered. The best gain that comes out of e-invoicing and billing software is the efficiency and the cost-cut.

5 Best Barcode Billing Software for Supermarket & Retail Businesses in India

Barcode billing software has become an essential software solution for Indian retailers and businesses. It is a must for firms that believe in efficiency and require packaging their products. Invoice generation and printed receipts, etc., are also few features that come in the package and are essential.

The article is a list of the 5 best barcode billing software for business owners in India:

1. VyaparDownload Vyapar

With more than 30 lakh satisfied customers, one of the top recommendations includes Vyapar. It is a highly rated barcode billing software, used inventory management, billing, and accounting.


  • GST Bills- Professional invoices send a powerful message of the functioning of a firm. Vyapar’s billing software creates GST Bills that are in compliance with the GST tax laws of India. It is now easier to keep track of all bills and accounts. The software permits you to send GST invoices to other businesses and customers within seconds with 10+ GST invoice format options.
  • Instant check on the inventory- The inventory management system of Vyapar helps you keep track of even the smallest item. The complete tracking system is available based on parameters such as batch number, manufacturing date, expiry date, etc.; as per requirements, it makes sure of the availability of all items.
  • Payment recovery- Maintenance of cash flows and payments via this software is convenient. Setting up payment reminders for customers that will go on specific dates and times before the due date. These reminders can be created and sent over messaging apps such as WhatsApp, SMS, email, etc., for convenience.
  • GST filing- Vyapar software makes GST filing easier and more convenient. Quick generation of GST reports will help to avoid penalties. No requirement for hiring extra employees as the software does all the work.


Only DesktopDesktop + MobileOnly DesktopDesktop + Mobile
Rs. 2159/yearRs. 2519/yearRs. 4124/3 yearsRs. 4724/3 years
Dedicated SupportDedicated SupportDedicated SupportDedicated Support
Free UpdatesFree UpdatesFree UpdatesFree Updates
7 days Money Back Guarantee7 days Money Back Guarantee7 days Money Back Guarantee7 days Money Back Guarantee

The price of Vyapar Billing Software starts from Rs. 167 per month and Rs. 1999 per year for basic desktop. There are other plans available as per requirements.

2. MyBillBookDownload MyBillBook

With 30,00,000 clients trust and a 4.6 rating on Google, MyBillBook is another one of the top recommendations.


  • Inventory Management- Inventory tracking with features such as item categories, stock adjustment, and low stock reminders.
  • Accounting- Keep track of all business accounts and transactions such as purchases, quotations, sales, and returns
  • Online orders- keep track of online orders and delivery, increase or decrease in sales.
  • Business reports- analyze the 10+reports available such as GST report, Stock reports, etc., to ensure smooth transactions.


Diamond PlanPlatinum Plan
Unlimited Mobile & Web LoginUnlimited Desktop & Mobile Login
1 Business2 Businesses
1 User3 Users

MyBillBook is free for Desktop and Mobile. Its paid plans start from Rs. 217 per month and differ for Diamond and Platinum plans.

3.    BillBooks

Billbooks is a software that combines usability, speed, and various features that ease the process of sending estimates and invoices.


  • Invoices- The availability of features such as auto-invoice numbering, Auto reminders, invoice opening alerts, recurring invoices, etc. Tracking invoices and payment history, discounts and shipping as well as taxes and its terms and conditions can also be set up conveniently.
  • Managing item list- Management of items and inventory becomes more simplified with features of creation of list in seconds, importing and exporting data, pre-defined taxes, track inventory, etc.
  • Online Payment integrations- Easy for the customers to pay through debit or credit, or online payment channels such as PayPal, etc. Availability of the Pay Now button within the invoice email ensures fast payments.


Four different plans are available, starting with $0 per month for 30 days free trial period. The other three plans are Basic for $7.95 per month, Standard for $ 14.95 per month, and Professional for $ 29 per month.

4.    BharatBills

A billing software, but more importantly, a GST billing software for small and medium businesses. An easy, simple yet efficient user interface and features make billing and inventory management simpler.


  • GST Billing Software- the creation of GST Bills in compliance with GST law in India with extremely professional design and convenient interface.
  • Auto Backup- fully-encrypted database and cloud-based data collection and storage, auto-backup is available and conducted regularly,
  • Easy GST Solution- Availability of GST Software Solution aids all major trades of small and medium businesses as well as all manufacturing of the same.
  • Easy Data Export- You can easily export your data from our BharatBills GST Billing Software like products, customers, and invoices to an excel sheet with one click
  • Additional features of proforma invoices, GST composition scheme, inventory report, payment reminder, financial reports, GST reports, delivery challan, purchase management.


Monthly payment plans are available at Rs. 1180 per month and yearly plan are available at Rs. 11,800 per year.

5.    Saral Billing Software

This software is complete with GST-enabled accounting, is an Accounting and Billing software by Relyon Softech Ltd. it is GST compliant and user-friendly software.


  • Complete accounting- Complete, GST Enabled Accounting Software with Voucher Entry, Account Books, and Financial Statements
  • Inventory management- transactions of sales and expenditure, with purchase orders, proforma invoice, rejection, returns with 100+ invoice formats.
  • Service invoicing- Creation of service invoicing and bulk service invoice creation with sub-services and manage multi-services invoicing
  • Warranty- Detailed reports for warranty/AMC with auto SMS notification and customer service management
  • Additional features such as the creation of e-way bills during invoice generation, data syncing and migration, auditor login, GST Return, mobile app integration, TDS management, dashboard, etc.
  • Additional Benefits such as expert team to provide services, ease of use, reliable software, etc., are some of the reasons that it is one of the sought out software for billing and invoice.


There are three plans of Saral available: Bronze starts from Rs. 7,500 for single and Rs. 15,000 for multiple users, Silver Plan for Rs. 15,000 single and Rs. 25,000 for multiple users, and Gold for Rs. 12,000 for single and Rs. 25,000 for multiple users. There is also one diamond plan available at Rs 25,000 for single and Rs. 35,000 for multiple users.


Both Vyapar and MyBillBooks are two of the top recommendations out of the above 5 for their additional features are worth it. There are many Billing and Inventory management software available for Indian businesses. But choosing the best fit for your business is important.

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