WP Rocket Review- Is it the Best WordPress Cache Plugin to Speed up your Site?

wp rocket review & Coupons

Are you noticing that your website traffic is decreasing day by day? Is the SEO ranking of your WordPress site also affected? Or conversion is decreasing?

Then check your website speed. 

If you want great Speed, Search ranking, and sales then speed is the key. To boost the speed of your website you need a caching plugin.

Today we are going to discuss one of the most popular cache plugins WP Rocket.

What is cache?

Your WordPress website is a compilation of lots of components such as a logo, header, image, article, etc. Each time a visitor sends the request to visit your website all these data are communicated between the server and browser. This process slows down the loading process.

Cache creates a temporary static version of your webpage contents and when users visit it shows that static version instead of the dynamic one which loads much faster.

Why does website speed matter?

In today’s busy world people have become impatient. As a result, if any websites take more than 3 seconds to load then it will lose approximately 40% of users. That’s why your WordPress site needs to be optimized for speed.

A website with good speed gets more visitors, a good SEO rank, and more conversions. Check for some of the WordPress SEO plugins to install

How do you enable caching in WordPress?

You can enable caching in WordPress through two methods

  • By using a hosting that provides caching
  • By using Caching plugins

Why you should use the WordPress cache Plugin?

What is WP Rocket?

WP Rocket is one of the top-performing premium WordPress cache plugins which instantly boosts your website speed. It was launched in 2013. 

How to install and set up WP Rocket?

Installation and settings of WP Rocket are easy but still, for beginners, we are providing step by step guide

  1. After buying it from the official website you will get a .zip file download link.
  2. Go to WordPress plugins> add new> upload plugin
  3. Look for Choose file select the zip file from there and install it and finally activate it.
  4. Go to WordPress dashboard > settings > WP Rockets. Basic cache settings are by default set.
  5. You can go to file optimization and check to minify option.
  6. You can enable lazy loading for images, information, and videos from the media tab of settings.
  7. you can delete spam, trash comments, and other information from the database tab.


WP Rocket gives benefits of immediate benefits of its features as soon as the plugin is installed. Features are-

  • Page Caching- it cached your WordPress site immediately. Caching makes your site super fast which boosts your SEO and increases conversions.
  • Browser Caching- It stores the most accessed data of your site images, JS, CSS, etc. in the local memory of the device.
  • Cache Preloading- it automatically preloads the cache every time there is a change on your web pages.
  • GZIP Compression- it decreases the size of files by compressing.
  • eCommerce Optimization
  • Excellent Compatibility- it is compatible with the most popular hosting, themes, and plugins
  • Ultra-Fast Loading Time
  • Make Files Lighter to boost speed.
  • Lazy loading- OnDemand image and video loading it speeds up a website’s loading
  • A Tidy Database- you can optimize and clean the database easily
  • Reduce Latency and Improve Availability
  • Add on features ??? you can control Google Tracking, Facebook Pixel, Varnish Cache, Cloudflare integration, etc with simple clicks.
  • Developer friendly
  • Easy to use without knowing the code.
  • Multilanguage compatibility.

WP Rocket Pricing

WP Rocket is a premium WordPress cache plugin. It offers 3 plans based on a number of licenses.

 Name of planSpecificationPrice
1Single1 website support and update for 1 year$49
2Plus3 website support and updates for 1 year$99
3InfiniteUnlimited website support and updates for 1 year.$249

If you are looking for WP Rocket discounts check here

With each license they provide –

  1. Quick and easy setup
  2. Powerful caching
  3. Excellent support from the customer support team
  4. Large range of compatibility
  5. E-commerce support
  6. Multilingual compatibility and many more.

WP Rocket offers a 14-day money-back guarantee in case of a user is not satisfied and requests a full refund within 14 days.

WP Rocket Support

WP Rocket provides excellent support. They already provided clear and detailed documentation regarding common problems people face on their website. They also provided a series of video tutorials. There is also a Facebook community where people can ask their questions. They also provided valuable and informative articles in their blog.

Except all these, there are expert and knowledgeable rocketeers who provide quick and prompt service to their licensed customers.

Why do we like WP Rocket?

We tested WP Rocket on our website and trust us it showed a huge difference. We checked the website speed before and after WP Rocket. After installing it our website showed a 40% speed boost.

Besides speed boost, it also has lots of features and it provides all the features in all three-pricing plan.  

Does WP Rocket really speed up the WordPress site?

We have already told you that it worked for us. If you don???t believe us test it yourself.

Our recommendation

We strongly recommend WP Rocket for those who want a speed-optimized WordPress website.

WP Rocket Alternatives

If you are still thinking then you should read about W3 Total cache, Swift Performance, and Best WordPress Caching Plugins of 2021.

Also, read Which WordPress Security Plugin is Best?

We tried our best to help you with your caching problem. Tell us how you find the article. Tell us the name of the cache plugin you are using. Stay tuned for information regarding more WordPress plugins, themes and hustings.

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