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WP Rocket Review- Why is it the best WordPress caching Plugin? If you own a WordPress powered website, it is important to make sure that it is quick, responsive and SEO optimized. Statistics say that a 1% delay in page response can result in 7% reduction in conversions. Moreover, if yours is an e-commerce site making around $100,000 per day, a 1 second page delay might cost you around $2.5 million in lost sales every year. Thus, it is important to enhance your sites’ performance with the help of WordPress caching plugins which not only increase your WordPress sites’ speed but also take care of SEO that lets you climb higher up in Search engine rankings. This article will introduce you to the most used and best rated caching plugins available- WP Rocket. About WP Rocket and how it Works? WP Rocket was co-Founded by Jonathan Buttigieg and Jean-Baptiste Marchand-Arvier in the year 2013, with a vision to create a WordPress plugin that can optimize web performances in simple steps which can be followed by even those with minimum technical know-how. Today the plugin is installed by over 180,000 users and has optimized over 1,474,000 websites. Just like any other WordPress caching plugin, WP Rocket improves the speed of website by retrieving caches and thus presenting the user with static contents of your site, rather than the dynamically generated content every time he/she logs in. This significantly reduces the site’s loading time and hence leads to better SEO scores. However WP Rocket differs from its competitors like W3 Total Cache or WP Super Cache by offering a more user- friendly interface loaded with many minute settings and features to optimize your site, that are absent in the other plugins. Setting up WP Rocket WP Rocket can be completely set up in less than 3 minutes and can start improving your sites performance by 80% instantly by following the below steps: 1.  Minimum Technical requirements (as of version 3.8) WordPress 5.2 PHP 7+ 2. Buy and Download WP Rocket (as zip file), unzip and install manually or automatically. 3. The default settings itself is enough to improve the site performance considerably. However, if you have advanced technical knowledge, you may consider optimizing further settings to get the nuances of site performance right. Features: Browser Caching WP Rocket stores the frequently accessed resources of the site, such as images, JS, CSS etc. in the user device’s local memory which can be later retrieved for quick loading of the site next time. File Optimization With WP Rocket you can combine and minify JS and CSS files of your page, thus reducing the page size making it faster and lighter. Various other features like eliminating Render-Blocking and removing query strings further increase page speed. LazyLoading This smart feature lets the user download media files only when they need them and keeping them off-screen until then, thus saving the user’s bandwidth as well us improving site’s loading speed. Cache Preloading WP Rocket creates cached versions of your site manually or automatically upon activation, to increase site’s speed. Database Optimization: WP Rocket lets you clean up database timely and organize comments, posts, transients, database tables etc. in just a few clicks. CDN Integrations Integrates you seamlessly to your existing CDN or use their custom CDN- RocketCDN, to deliver your content faster to the geographically distributed servers. Add-Ons WP Rocket provides numerous Add-Ons to enhance your site’s performance manifolds such as Google Tracking, FaceBook Pixels, Varnish cache, Cloudeflare integrations etc. Imagify It’s a complementary feature from WP Rocket that compresses image files of your website to three levels- Normal, Aggressive or Ultra, without compromising on the visual quality, thus making your site much lighter and faster.   Customer support WP Rocket supports users extensively through Help Documentations, Blogs as well as FAQs. Alternatively user can fill in the contact form for further queries or use email support.   Pricing You can choose from any of the following three plans:   SINGLE PLUS INFINITE PRICE $49 $99 $249 FEATURES 1 year support for 1 website 1 year support for 3 websites 1 year support for unlimited websites                                                                                                                                                                                     All the above plans come with a 100% money back guarantee within 14 days of purchase. Check out WP Rocket coupons for discounts. Pros: Easy-to use Compatible with 99% Hosting companies, Themes, plugins, e-commerce plugins and multilingual websites Responsive Support Default and automatic settings which start working without much configuration Cons: Not free, unlike most other caching plugins   Our Final Thoughts Regardless of the kind of website you own- Blogs, e-commerce or Freelance & agencies, WP Rocket will measurably increase your website performance and speed and level up your search engine rankings and that too without any technical skills. Even though it’s not free like other competitors, you will realize that the money is worth, once you start using WP Rocket. Check here for more tips/steps to improve WordPress Website Speed.   Read on: WP Rocket review- Is it the best WordPress Cache Plugin to Speed up your Site?  

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