WooCommerce Hosting – What you need to understand?

Woocommerce hosting

You might have seen many web hosting companies offering WooCommerce specialized web hosting. In this guide, you will know everything you need to know about WooCommerce Hosting, plus some key points that will help you choose a WooCommerce specialized plan. Before we get deep into WooCommerce Hosting, it is important to know what WooCommerce is. 

What is WooCommerce?


WooCommerce transforms your WordPress website into a fully loaded online store within a matter of few clicks. And this is the go-to choice of almost all eCommerce website owners, be it a start-up with very few products or a retail website with more products. And what makes this plugin even more popular is that this is a plugin from Automattic, the parent company of WordPress.  
WooCommerce a popular open-source e-commerce plugin for WordPress powers more than 40% of the online stores and has paved the way for retail start-ups and entrepreneurs to get their business online, without having to burn a deep hole in their pocket. And it is not a surprise that WooCommerce is recognized as the best free plugin for WordPress.

In addition to selling physical goods, you can also sell digital products like eBooks, streaming media, license keys, etc. And there is no limit on the number of products that you can add to your website. But there are chances that the web hosting provider you choose may restrict the number of products you add. Let’s talk more on that later.

How to turn a WordPress website in WooCommerce website?

All that you have to do is download and install the WooCommerce plugin on your WordPress website. And within a matter of few clicks, your WordPress website will be transformed into a fully-featured eCommerce website or online store.
WooCommerce also comes with best in class inventory management options.  Different payment gateways are also offered to carry out the payments in a secure manner. With WooCommerce, you get full control over your data.

And there are several extensions available for WooCommerce, which you can use to add more functions to your online store. These extensions can be downloaded and installed from WordPress.Org library or the WooCommerce developer site.
You can customize your WooCommerce website to the smallest element in your website as WooCommerce finely integrates with all the features that already exist on a WordPress website. And your WordPress website will be fully scalable with the WooCommerce plugin. Therefore, you need not think twice about switching your WordPress website into a WooCommerce website.
You can create coupons and discounts for the products of your choice and you also get a great shipment management system. You can easily get the feedback from the customers. And another great and impactful feature that comes with WooCommerce is its built-in analytics and SEO tools. You no longer will have to rely only on other SEO tools to rank higher and improve the visibility of your website and its products.

Why is WooCommerce hosting required?

WooCommerce runs on WordPress and you will have to find hosting from a web hosting provider to host your eCommerce website. Yes, there is an option of buying hosting from WordPress. But you will not get specialized WooCommerce Hosting from WordPress. 
Along with web hosting, you will also need a domain name. And an SSL Certificate is a must if you want to have the option of online payments in your website and to make your website more secure. There are different web hosting options that you can choose from if you want to host a normal website. And many web hosting providers offer specialized WordPress hosting to host WordPress websites.

But to take full advantage of the features and capabilities of WooCommerce, you are highly recommended to go for WooCommerce Hosting. This type of hosting can handle a WooCommerce website out of the box and you will be guided by WooCommerce experts if you are given WooCommerce specialized customer support.  But, It’s always better to be assisted by individuals with in-depth knowledge about WooCommerce and with the expertise to solve the problems related to WooCommerce websites.
And when it comes to security, WooCommerce is not the best in the market. And an eCommerce website must be highly bankable when it comes to security. Because it is where user information and important data like credit card details and more are stored. And you would not want to mess up the transactions happening over your website. A solution for this drawback of WooCommerce would be buying WooCommerce Hosting from a secure web hosting provider.

Enable SSL certificate to add extra security to your eCommerce website to carry out transactions. Hence, buy this additional SSL feature along with your hosting plan.  You will not want your visitors, who might also be your potential customers, ending up visiting a website that is not available. Therefore compare different web hosting providers and make sure you choose the one with the highest uptime delivered.

When you buy shared hosting instead of buying WooCommerce Hosting, you get a limited amount of storage space and bandwidth. And I hope you still remember what I said earlier that WooCommerce lets you add an unlimited number of products to your website. And chances are very less that you will be given enough resources to complement the ‘unlimited’ option offered with WooCommerce if you buy traditional shared hosting. Buying WooCommerce hosting will get you unmetered bandwidth, huge disk space, email accounts, and more apart from usual hosting features.
WooCommerce website means an eCommerce website. And when we talk about eCommerce website, all we can think about is plenty of products, product images, other details and a whole lot more. And in an eCommerce website, switching between pages occurs more frequently than that of traditional blogging websites. Therefore, the speed and performance of your website is the factor that you should never fail to give attention to. And as you already know the effects of a slow loading website, make sure you choose a fast web hosting provider.

Who is the best WooCommerce hosting provider?

After knowing all these key points about WooCommerce Hosting, one question that might be in your head is should I switch to WooCommerce Hosting? Let me make things clear to you.
There are eCommerce websites which are used to sell only very few products. For example, an author has his website to sell the two books he has written. In such cases, WooCommerce Hosting will not be a necessity. Such a website can work fine with a shared WordPress hosting plan. But if the purpose of your website is to sell more products and if security and performance are your top priorities, then you must go for WooCommerce Hosting.
Things can get a bit tricky when you have plenty of options to choose from and you are not quite sure which one is the best WooCommerce Hosting provider for your WooCommerce website. And now that you know everything about WooCommerce hosting, it is now time, to choose WooCommerce ready web hosting.

Therefore we have listed top 5 web hosting providers that provide WooCommerce hosting that can handle a WooCommerce website out of the box.   


Bluehost best Woocommerce hosting

Bluehost is one of the market leaders and is ranked #1 for small business’ web hosting needs. And a noticeable feather in the cap of Bluehost is that is officially recommended by WordPress and WooCommerce.  They also are of the most reliable web hosting providers when it comes to customer support as they provide 24/7 expert support.

Bluehost WooCommerce Hosting starts at $6.95/month going all the way up to $12.95/month. You will be provided with a secure payment gateway to carry out all the online transactions on your website. Bluehost WooCommerce Hosting comes with a 30 days money-back guarantee. You also get free, fully customizable themes. You also get assistance from a WooCommerce expert over the phone, which lets you set up your WooCommerce store within two hours.  


Hostsoch Cheap Woocommerce hosting

HostSoch is one of the most trending web hosting companies in India. HostSoch is known for reliability and top-notch web hosting at very affordable prices. This also is one of the top-rated web hosting companies when it comes to hosting speed, uptime, and support. HostSoch WooCommerce Hosting plans start at just rupees 99/mo. The prices go all the way up-to rupees 329/mo. You can choose from any of the four packages, namely Starter, Advanced, Business, and Pro. You get 99.9% uptime guarantee, Free Cloudflare protection, and high-performance servers.

You can get your hands on Free Domain name if you buy web hosting from HostSoch. You also get a Free SSL certificate to make your websites more secure. The 24/7 dedicated support is always at your service, which will surely enhance your hosting experience.


Hostinger's Woocommerce hosting plans

Hostinger provides top-notch WooCommerce hosting for the superior performance of your WooCommerce website. Hostinger web hosting plans come with 30 days money-back guarantee. Hostinger has been leading the web hosting industry all over the globe and is known as the best when it comes to the quality of hosting service. They have an expert team that is dedicated to serving you 24/7. The prices of WooCommerce Hosting start at as low as rupees 45/mo., going all the way up to rupees 189/mo. You also get Free Domain Name with The Hostinger premium and business web hosting plans.


Hostpapa Woocommerce hosting provider

HostPapa is one of the leading web hosting providers when it comes to enhanced speed and performance. This also is one of the top-ranked web hosting providers. They have enabled many small scale businesses to leave a mark on the internet, with their value-for-money service. They have a reasonable price range for their WooCommerce web hosting plans, which start from rupees 199/mo. going all the way up to rupees 699/mo. The price range is an indication of the flexibility in the pricing and features of their plans. To make your WooCommerce web hosting experience safe and secure, they have built-in security and monitoring features. You will also be provided live expert support whenever you need it, around the clock.


A2hosting Woocommerce host

Sheer speed is what A2 Hosting is famous for. They also offer up to 20X faster server.  Therefore, one can undoubtedly expect top-notch performance from A2 Hosting servers. You also get the advantage of unmatched support 24/7/365 from the ‘Guru Crew’, which is a team of friendly and experts. A2 Hosting also comes with anytime moneyback guarantee. A2 Hosting WooCommerce plans start at rupees 269.28/mo., going all the way up to rupees 824.36/month. The highest-priced plan will buy you fully optimized and managed web hosting which is ideal for large scale WooCommerce websites.


Even though WooCommerce hosting might cost you marginally more than the regular web hosting, the benefits, and features offered by WooCommerce justify the premium price tag. Therefore, WooCommerce Hosting is indeed worth giving a try. If you want to get started without any hassles and start selling your products right away, WooCommerce Hosting is what you should choose without a doubt. Many web hosting providers provide WooCommerce Hosting ranging from a basic shared plan to more advance fully managed dedicated hosting. You have to choose yours as per the requirements of your website.

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