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Hostinger Review - The Summary

Hosinger is an European web hosting company that was founded in November 2004. Hostinger began out with a handful of people and presently has offices in over 39 countries globally.  And, it's Headquarters is in Kaunas, Lithuania. 

Currently serving over 29 million clients all over the world, as of January 2017. More than 15K new users sign up with Hostinger, every day! This is proof that Hostinger brings their A-game when it comes to providing web hosting services and is considered to be the no.1 fastest-growing web hosting provider in the world!

Hostinger is a reliable hosting provider that made waves in the hosting industry with its low price, fast loading time, and simple dashboard. They are best known for providing feature-rich, top-notch service at an affordable price range. This has made them one of the hot favorites among people who look for value for money. 

They focus on casual webmasters with limited budgets. What makes their service more desirable are the unbelievable offers that they offer to the clients. 

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Hostinger Pros & Cons


  • Managed WordPress
  • AI Tools
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Free Domain & Unlimited SSLs
  • Website Builder included
  • Global Data Centers


  • Daily back-ups in higher plans
  • No Phone Support

Hostinger Key Features: What makes Hostinger Best?

Extremely low offer prices

The prices at Hostinger are very low. And it's easy to think of poor quality when you see low prices. That's how it works in human psychology! But I was pleasantly amazed at Hostinger's performance and pace, which they could meet at this low rate. I will not say this is the fastest host that I ever test, but it performs more than enough for the price, making me happy.  

Whether Hostinger can maintain the same page load time on high traffic, you will be thinking now.

The answer is YES!

Hostinger achieves this by making use of
• NGINX caching
• PHP 7
• GZIP Compression
• HTTP/2

99.92% uptime guarantee

Getting cheap hosting doesn't mean that, particularly with Hostinger, you will have a slow-performing website.

Although Hostinger has the cheapest hosting plans out there, its output is still upper.  It assures 99.92% uptime, which is not bad at all. This makes your websites load very quickly and the performance is very high when compared to industry standards. This feature will definitely make your visitors happy as there is no or very less waiting period for your website to load.

This is a very good figure and there can be an improvement too sometimes with the uptime being 100%. Having your site up all the time is the first thing that you should be worried about if you don’t want to lose the visitors that visit your website.

Free Domain Name

Hostinger provides free domain name in premium and business hosting plans and Unlimited SSL certificates are also included to protect your website and data and help to gain customers' trust.

30 day money back guarantee

If you are unhappy about Hostinger’s service, you have 30 days to get your money back and choose another provider. And Hostinger provides many payment options to make it convenient for everyone to pay for their service.

24/7 Customer Support

One of the core features of a successful web host is customer service. You can contact the Hostinger support team through live chat 24/7.

When I got an issue with my website, the Hostinger support team responded in less than one minute. Their guidance was easy to follow, and the way they explained in simple terminology, I could follow quickly.

They have a very skilled support team with vast knowledge of web hosting. To get technical support, you have to log in to your client area. You can get the general sales-related support using the ‘Contact Us’ option in their website if you are not logged in.

It also has a huge knowledge base that contains all the information about everything you need to know right from building your website to maintaining SEO your website. It has answers to FAQ’s. 

Free Website Builder

All plans for Hostinger come with a free website builder - a simple and elegant website builder that can help you create your website in minutes. Anyone can take advantage of the easy-to-use drag-and-drop builder, Even without having any technical knowledge, creating your website is easier than ever.

If you're new to the web Industry, you can try this tool to build a new responsive website from scratch.  This website builder tool has a drag-and-drop style and you can choose any theme for your website from a wide range of templates.  

As a starting point, they have many lovely models for you to use as well. It's a good added advantage for those who are only looking for cheap web hosting providing an all-in-one solution. For hosting, domains, and site builders, Hostinger can be your one-stop-shop.

Easy-to-use Administrative Dashboard

It's super quick to use the Hostinger administrative dashboard.

It is relatively easy if you don't have much experience with web hosting or maintaining a website.

It has big icons divided into various categories, making it fast and straightforward to find what you need.

From here, you'll also have access to any installed software, including WordPress.

It's simple for you to adjust your use, update your schedule, change your Domain, and manage your email settings with Hostinger. 

Hostinger doesn’t come with the traditional cPanel. Instead, it offers a control panel that is neatly laid out. The options are very simple and this makes ity very easy to use all the basic and required features. This simplicity of the control panel benefits the beginners hugely, as finding required features or options in cPanel can often get messy.

Explore Hostinger Services & Plans

Hostinger offers the following Services and Plans:
Shared Hosting : $1.99/month - $8.99 /month
VPS Hosting : $5.99/month - $21.99 /month
Cloud Hosting : $8.99/month - $29.99 /month
WordPress Hosting : $2.99/month - $8.99 /month
Domain Pricing : .shop for $0.99/yr

Shared Hosting

Web hosting is a service that makes your website available on the internet. The hosting service provides a secure online space to store things that comprise your website: the code, images, text, and other content. Simply put, you need a hosting plan to make your site up and accessible for everyone.
Shared hosting. Multiple websites are hosted on a single server, and each user gets a certain amount of storage space and resources. Shared hosting is the most affordable option, making it an excellent choice for beginners and bloggers.

Shared Hosting Plans

Plan Name OS Space Bandwidth Panel No. of SitesPrice
PremiumLinux100 GBUnlimitedHPanel100$2.99/month
BusinessLinux200 GBUnlimitedHPanel100$3.99/month
Cloud StartupLinux200 GBUnlimitedHPanel300$8.99/month
Visit Hostinger Shared Hosting (Discount Link)

VPS Hosting

Virtual private servers are ideal for building complex projects like resource-intensive websites, web apps, online gaming servers, and WordPress multisite. Unlike web hosting, you don’t share CPU power, RAM, or disk space with other users.

You can install your own operating system and set up a perfect server environment tailored to your needs. Renting a Linux VPS grants you even more features and control since it’s an open-source operating system.

For these reasons, VPS hosting is an ideal choice for tech-savvy users.

VPS Hosting Plans

Plan Name OS Space CPU RAM CorePrice
KVM 1Linux50 GB1 vCPU Core4 GB1 Core$5.99/month
KVM 2Linux100 GB2 vCPU Cores8 GB2 Core$6.99/month
KVM 4Linux200 GB4 vCPU Cores16 GB4 Core$12.99/month
KVM 8Linux400 GB8 vCPU Cores32 GB8 Core$21.99/month
Visit Hostinger VPS Hosting (Discount Link)

Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting combines the power and reliability of a virtual private server (VPS) with the simplicity of a shared hosting service to create an optimized hosting environment. Unlike traditional hosting, cloud hosting uses a network of servers to ensure better performance and availability of websites and applications.

With cloud server hosting services, you get dedicated resources to grow your projects without limitations – we take care of all the technical stuff. It is the perfect solution for small and large businesses looking to improve the speed of their online projects and the end-user experience.

Cloud Hosting Plans

Plan Name OS Space CPU RAM BandWidthPrice
Cloud StartupLinux200 GB2 CPU3 GBUnlimited $8.99/month
Cloud ProfessionalLinux250 GB4 CPU6 GBUnlimited $14.99/month
Cloud EnterpriseLinux300 GB6 CPU12 GBUnlimited $29.99/month
Visit Hostinger Cloud Hosting (Discount Link)

WordPress Hosting

WordPress hosting is a type of web hosting that is optimized for WordPress sites. At its core, it works like any other hosting – providing server space for users to store and publish their site files.

You don’t have to host WordPress websites on WordPress hosting – regular hosting plans work, too. That said, WordPress hosting offers many WordPress-specific perks, like the one-click installer. This feature will automatically set up the CMS for you, so there’s no need to do it manually.

Other features include WordPress-optimized technology and automatic updates to keep the software secure with the latest bug fixes.

WordPress Hosting Plans

Plan Name OS Space Bandwidth Panel No. of SitesPrice
PremiumLinux100 GBUnlimited HPanel100 Websites$2.99/month
BusinessLinux200 GBUnlimitedHPanel100 Websites$3.99/month
Cloud StartupLinux200 GBUnlimited HPanel300 Websites$8.99/month
Visit Hostinger WordPress Hosting (Discount Link)

Domain Name Pricing

Hostinger provides a wide range of domains, with some domains starting at as low as $0.99/yr. You can get the .COM domain at $13.99/year. And in case you already have a domain name, you can transfer it to Hostinger with just a few clicks in the easiest way possible. If you buy Hostinger's Premium Plans, they will give you Free Domains in different hosting plans, but you have to pay for it to buy just one Domain.

Domain Registration

  • .shop $0.99/yr
  • .com $9.99/yr
  • .online $0.99/yr
  • .xyz $0.99/yr

Domain Renewal

  • .shop $0.99/yr
  • .com $9.99/yr
  • .online $0.99/yr
  • .xyz $0.99/yr

Conclusion - Is Hostinger the right choice for you?

Now you can answer the question with your eyes closed. Are you going to use Hostinger?

A big yes!

You'll be happy if you look at Hostinger for what it is, affordable web hosting.

It manages to bundle reliable efficiency into a price that is about as low as you can find in the web hosting industry, a comprehensive custom dashboard, and other helpful tools.

For casual webmasters or anyone else who wants to get something online without worrying about the cost, Hostinger is an incredible choice!

If that's you, then a better choice is Hostinger. 

Hostinger offers plans from very basic to high-end plans with best-in-class features. Overall, Hostinger is an all-rounder web hosting provider that can help people with a wide variety of web hosting needs. 

Try Hostinger India, if you're looking for an Indian server for your local hosting needs. Read our Hostinger India review to more about Hostinger India hosting service.

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