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best tools for twitter management


One of the most prominent social media platforms, named Twitter has now been very popularly used for official orders, statement releases, and especially for digital marketing. Twitter is among the best top 5 Social media network and mainly used for Social Media Marketing Strategies to build your brand and drive sales for it. Check for Best Social Media Marketing Companies in India

Not only because of the convenience it offers, but because of its rising popularity, Twitter has become one of the most popular social media in time today.

However, for business professionals and individual entities, it is quite problematic to find a genuine Twitter management tool. Because of the cutthroat competition and humongous claims, it has been quite difficult to pick up the most genuine services.

In today’s article, we’ll discuss the top 5 Twitter management tools and break down everything for you.

Top 5 Twitter Management tools for Improved Engagement.

Here are the five most recommended Twitter management tools for you.

1. Hootsuite:

Time management is a necessary skill that is required in this business. Hootsuite is an exclusive Twitter management tool that provides exceptional benefits.

  • Efficient Time management:

This tool helps you to manage your Twitter account along with time management. A lot of things can be performed within a limited time function.

  • Appropriate Scheduling:

The striking advantage is that scheduling becomes too easy by using this app. To do a lot of things using social media, it is necessary to schedule and track time for our convenience. Hootsuite helps you with all of this.

  • Analytics Dashboard for its Users:

It also adds an analytics dashboard to your background so that you could know what is happening at your side. It also helps you to collaborate to amplify the total coverage.

Besides all the advantages, certain things are off the board.

  • Overwhelming for newbies:

It could be overwhelming for you if you are new to this arena of managing things.

  • Poor aesthetic sense:

Users addicted to exceptional aesthetics may face a lot of problems, because of a lack of aesthetic vibe while working.

Pricing Details:

Hootsuite comes with four distinctive pricing offers for its users. The price of all of these plans is quite high than most of the management tools because of the extra benefits it offers.

The first package is the “professional” which costs around 50 USD. This will provide you with at least 10 social media profiles with a user. The best part is that it has real-time analytics and incoming messages tracked by a monitor.

The second package is the “team plan” which costs around 129 USD. This will provide you with 20 social media users with 3 exclusive users for your support. Team assignments, access, and permissions are some striking features.

The third package is the “business plan” which costs around 600 USD. The reason is that there are 35 exclusive social accounts with 5 basic users and unlimited add ons. Campaign planning and reporting are also some of the perks provided.

The final package is called the “enterprise” package, which has no specific prices because it depends on demands and requirements. These are not for individual entities, rather for large organizations that have sophisticated requirements.

2. SocialOomph:

This can be one of those Twitter management tools that are specially designed for maintaining social media productivity.

There are certain merits of using SocialOomph. They are:

  • Effective scheduling and organizing:

Like every other best social media management tool, SocialOomph can be used to schedule, organize and analyze specific tweets according to one’s needs.

  • Great automation:

There are other powerful twitter functions that this platform is equipped with. Apart from scheduling and organizing, this tool automates the control throughout various distinctive types of social media.

  • Improves the quality of your audience:

This tool will also enable you to improve your followers’ list of the Twitter account, which in long run helps in creating a quality audience.

  • “Mention and Retweets” are the primary jam:

There are other cardinal functions like discovering the “mention and retweets” and making the inbox ready for the user.

With all the merits, it has certain disadvantages. They are:

  • Not a good option to look for, if you are a newbie:

If you are new to this field, you would not be able to maintain the pace of the activities.

  • A bit outdated:

Unlike other modern applications and tools, this tool seems to be boring and text-based. This makes the whole mechanism complex and heavy.

Pricing Details:

There are four delicate options, from which three are to be paid and one is free for personal use.

The first one is known as the “business suit”. It would cost you around 55 USD, which will give you twenty social profiles with striking benefits like webhook, queues, unlimited scheduling, approval system, etc.

The second one is called the “professional suite”. It will cost you around 25 USD. It is less than the business suite and has a little fewer provisions than it. The number of profiles is reduced to ten and all other perks subsequently.

The third one is the “advanced suite”. It would only cost you around 15 USD. Apart from unlimited scheduling, there are provisions like post sourcing, free support, associates, and a social profile.

The final one is “personal suite.” As said earlier, it is free of cost, and you don’t have to pay for a single penny. You will get an account, access to your zone, unlimited scheduling, and free support system throughout.


If there could be one social media management tool that would be used for reviewing all the conversations at one place, then is the one.

There are many perks for using this Twitter management tool.

  • High insights and engagements:

It provides a high level of insights and helps in finding out the engaged audiences for your profile.

  • Master in analysis: helps in the analysis of business competitors, helping you compare and find out your shortcomings.

  • Genuine followers are easily found:

Another huge advantage of this tool is that you can easily find followers who do not spend a lot of time in your account. There can be people who only follow your profile and stakes for the sake of following, which affects your insights, this tool can prevent such activity.

So, you can easily detect those ghost followers in your account and find ways to engage them.

Besides all the advantages, there are some limitations as well.

  • Becomes slow and complex at times:

While managing multiple accounts from a single source, it becomes difficult to manage all the affairs in one system. Also, the user interface is not that strong and subtle, which also affects the overall gradation of the tool.

  • Problem solvability is an issue:

The support staff is not equipped with the range of solving all your problems. Some of the problems would surpass the team at instances, which is a big turnoff.

  • Could be difficult to understand for a novice:

If you’re quite new to this field of work, you know that managing everything on one plate is a tough task. It is quite complex to get everything in a thud.

Pricing details:

There are again four exclusive pricing plans for, available at cheap rates, according to the convenience of the user.

The first one is known as the “pro” package. It would cost you around 10 USD approximately. It gives you 20 weekly engagements for your profile and would also give you a Twitter profile with advertisements.

The second one is known as the “business” package. It will cost you around 30 USD. It will give you five profiles and as it is paid, there would be no advertisements. The engagements are unlimited and you will also get a team for your support.

The third package is known as the “business+” package. It will cost you around 40 USD per month. It will give you eight Twitter profiles with no advertisements in them. The reports would be unlimited, there will be unlimited engagements and there would be pre-designed customer groups.

The last package is called “corporate.” It would cost you around 139 USD. With all the above-mentioned perks, it will give you a total of 18+ profiles with 0 advertisements.

       4. Sprout Social:

A social media management platform that organizes all your accounts, information, data, annexures, etc. is none other than Sprout Social.

  • Central inbox mechanism:

The provision known as “all-in-one” social inbox allows you to manage all your texts and references in one place.

  • High organization:

For a collective experience of all your accounts, detailed information, and maps, this tool would help you arrange everything in order.

  • Technically easy to use:

Another fundamental advantage of this tool is that it is very simple and user-friendly. Users who face problems at understanding the mechanism of various social media management tools can easily understand everything about it.

  • Great for marketing and advertisement:

The component for media marketing and social media advertising is also quite attractive in Sprout Social. The user interface is something, you would never frown upon and it is very easy and effective.

  • Effective responding rate:

The level of responding to every individual is quite nicely organized in sprout social. You will not face any problem while responding or reacting to any individual, rather the tool ensures that everyone responds before time with diligence.

However, there are minimal limitations. They are:

  • Could be too strict at times:

Sometimes, it becomes too strict for some users, and this is always not a good way to get into management.

  • Low on aesthetics:

For people who want to increase the aesthetic sense of the setting Or the background, Sprout Social is not the one for you.

Pricing plans:

So, Sprout Social comes with three exclusive pricing plans, that are categorized according to users’ needs.

The first one is an “advanced” package. It would cost around 250 USD approximately. The user would get quick message alerts, content library, assets, analytics, chatbots customed replies, and everything would be professional.

The second one is the “professional” package. It would cost around 150 USD approximately. The user would get competitive reports, analytics, track of activities, workflows, approvals, scheduling, and everything would be in standard.

The third one is the “standard” package. It would cost you around 89 USD. It will help you to schedule your posts effectively, publish them according to your requirements, and queue posts that you like.

       5. Social Pilot:

Amongst the best social media management tools, SocialPilot is one tool that allows you to schedule all your posts, provides you with the best and relevant content available on the web.

There are some highlighting perks of Social Pilot.

  • The feature of Multitasking:

It lets you connect to numerous physical account holders to increase your reach.

  • A great time saver:

The amount of time one invests in managing everything, especially in connecting to fifty accounts, you can do it all in a few minutes. It saves a lot of time and ensures that you have quality insights.

  • A track to all your activities:

Furthermore, SocialPilot allows you to view the individual audience count, the increase in audience count and this helps you to attract your audience by knowing their requirements and demands.

  • A great tool for scheduling and upholstering:

Companies that have quite high scheduling rates and that intend to increase the total reach should keep their eyes on SocialPilot. Moreover, it also helps you to access all the information according to your needs.

  • No requisites in the first place:

There are no requisites, this means that you don’t need to specialize in certain topics to figure out or understand how this tool functions.

Besides, all of this, there are a few demerits, which would also be mentioned. They are:

  • There isn’t a specific plan:

There is not a specific plan when it comes to mapping your overall activities, performance, and followers count.

  • Unavailability of Instagram analytics:

This could also be a turn-off about the social pilot. The analytics part is not properly brushed up, which is why it causes inconvenience for the user.

Pricing plans:

Well, this management tool comes with four popular pricing plans, 25 USD, 41.66 ISD, 83.33 USD, and a yearly package.

The first package, which is the professional package, would cost you around 25 USD. It provides you access to 25 accounts at one time, 3 crew members, and 2 Facebook accounts that promote ads.

The other plans come with white labels and other inbox management schemes, known as the small team that costs around 41.66 USD.

The third plan called Agency has its different perks apart from all these basic perks. The yearly billing scheme would cost you according to your usage, known as the enterprise.

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In conclusion, it could be said that all these Twitter management tools are quite convenient, diligent, and help in managing effectively, despite some limitations here and there.

The quality of service would be amazing but make sure to analyze properly before purchasing any of these, according to your requirements.


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