4 Best Linkedin Tools to Boost Your Sales

best linkedin tools for marketing


Linkedin is a popular social networking site that was founded in 2002. It is one of the fastest growing sites and more than 660 million people are engaged with it. LinkedIn is a top priority for professionals.

It helps you to connect with business owners, entrepreneurs, workers of different industries and job seekers around the globe. Users here share about their services, business ideas or about themselves just like Facebook. But Unlike Facebook, it is basically a professional networking site.

Top 3 Benefits of Using LinkedIn

You can connect to Many People Globally

LinkedIn gives you the opportunity to connect with people at a global level. As a jobseeker you can engage with many national and international business owners of various industries. You can connect with recruiters, show your skill to them and get hired. It also works like a job board. You can look for a job by using the keywords and job location in the search bar. You will get a lot of options to choose from.

Create your Personal Brand

You might have heard about company’s building their brand, and must be aware about the response they get after being popular. Likewise, you can also build your personal brand. LinkedIn is an easy way to get your name out there in the professional world.

You have to upload a professional profile photo and write a compelling statement that highlights your skills and personality. After reviewing your account, recruiters and other decision makers should have a decent idea of what you’re doing and what are your skills. Need help in Linkedin Advertising? Check for Top Recommended Social Media Marketing Agencies

Best for Job Openings

LinkedIn offers lots of job openings related to various industries. Many business owners and recruiters are engaged in Linkedin. So if you build a strong optimized LinkedIn profile where you have beautifully showcased your skills, then chances of getting noticed by various recruiters is more. Moreover, you can directly apply for the jobs that are listed. If your resume and skill matches their requirements, they will hire you for sure.

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4 Best LinkedIn tools to Improve your Business Sales Conversions


duxsoup best linkedin automation tool

Dux-soup is a LinkedIn marketing tool that helps you to reach your target audiences. It has helped in endorsement and even in sending personalised greetings.  The auto-visiting of LinkedIn profiles based on your searches is one of Dux-most Soup’s notable feature.Moreover,It is a CRM tool that works amazingly for lead generation.

Some basic features of Dux-Soup are-

  • Drip Marketing
  • Capture of Leads
  • Segmentation of Leads
  • Metrics of Performance
  • Customization
  • Management of the Pipeline

Pricing details:

Dux-Soup has three different pricing tiers, each with different features-

  • Individual
  • Team
  • Agency

Among the three, Individual tier has the most cheaper packages. In Individual tier, there are three packages-

  1. Starter Dux : It is free and comes with limited features.
  2. Pro Dux: It costs $11.95 per month. You get more automated features along with download benefits and performance dashboard.
  3. Turbo Dux: It costs $41.25 per month. It offers lots of profitable features.

For team tier, there are two options:

  1. Pro Dux, that costs $135 per year.
  2. Turbo Dux. It costs $495 per year.

Both the packages offer almost similar features. So you have to choose as per your convenience.

Again, for Agency, you have only one package, which is

  1. Turbo dux

The monthly cost of the Turbo Dux package is $412.50. This subscription is only available if you have a minimum of 10 client seats to use the application.


Nimble is an affordable CRM system that comes with some amazing features. It makes your game easier by collecting data so that you can send personalized connections requests. Also the most highlighting point of Nimble is that it can keep track of the contacts. Nimble plays a great role in organizing and managing LinkedIn lead generation.

Major features of Nimble LinkedIn marketing are-

  • Contact Management Across Multiple Channels
  • Contact Importing Contacts Automatically Contact
  • Recording Social Listening & Engagement
  • Tags and Searches are quite useful.
  • Collaboration in a Group
  • Streams of Social Media “Last Contacted” Feature in Search Schedule Event Page
  • Deals That Are Simple to Manage
  • Daily “Today” Automated Integration Page\sSignals
  • Set Up a Contacts Record Reminder
  • Actionable Insights from a Single Inbox Sales Pipeline Tracking Report
  • Assignments of Work

Pricing details:

Nimble’s price structure is straightforward and there is only one plan which is the ‘Business’ plan. If you pay monthly, it costs $25 per month, or $19 per month if you pay for a year in advance.


leadfuze best linkedin lead generation tool

Leadfuze plays a significant role in lead generation. It just requires a simple search,through which you can quickly construct a list of leads and target profiles. Leadfuze also gives you access to your lead’s contact details including email, phone number, etc. Besides, it has a feature by which automated personalized connections requests are sent along with follow ups.

Features of Leadfuze are:

  • Selling with Accounts
  • Artificial Intelligence Sales Associate
  • Creating a List
  • Validation of Email
  • Ignore Existing Contacts
  • Integration services

Pricing details:

The pricing of Leadfuze composes of three packages:

  1. Starter: Starter package price begins at $132.30 per month. It is for Individual sales agents, hiring managers, and entrepreneurs that want to start exploring for new clients or hiring new employees. It claims 500 lead generation per month.
  2. Scaling: The Scaling package starts from $447. 30 per month. This package will help Individuals or groups looking to increase their organic traffic and recruiting operations, as well as create unique client lists for targeted advertisements. It claims 2500 lead generation per month.
  3. Custom Package: Here you can set your own price, your plan for lead generation. You can mention What you need or what you are mainly looking for. Basically you can customize everything.

Moreover, Starter or Scaling package offers more or less the same features except lead generations.


Socialpilot is a popular marketing tool that helps you generate leads. You can expect more traffic and engagement by using this tool. You can also check the analytics available on the tool. The highlighting features of the tool is that it makes your work easy by scheduling posts on time that helps to engage with audiences more.

Major features of Socialpilot-

  • 50+ Accounts Can Be Connected & Posts Can Be Scheduled
  • Evaluate, track, and report on your social media activity.
  • With Social Inbox, you can stay on top of all conversations.
  • Manage the work of your social media team.
  • Curation, discovery, and custom feeds are some of the services that they offer.
  • On the Social Media Calendar, you can visualise your strategy.
  • With Bulk Scheduling, you can upload up to 500 posts at once.
  • Boost Your Facebook Posts To Reach A Larger Audience
  • Client Management
  • Content Curation
  • Browsers Extension
  • Native Mobile Apps
  • URL shortenning
  • Visual Support

Pricing details-

There are 3 tiers in Socialpilot pricing-

Professional Plan-It costs $25.5 per month. It offers the following facilities-

  • 10 Accounts on Social Media
  • For 1 user

Small Team: For small businesses, the price is $42.5 per month. It has features like-

  • 25 Accounts on Social Media
  • For 3 users
  • Will get Unlimited Clients

Studio: The cost of the package cost $80 per month. Within this package, you will get following features-

  • 50 social media accounts
  • Allow 5 users
  • Will get unlimited clients

Agency: The cost for the Agency package is $127.5 per month. It provides the following services to small and medium marketing agencies:

  • 75 Social Media Profiles
  • 10 users
  • Will get Unlimited clients
  • White label
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LinkedIn Marketing is one of the best Digital Marketing Strategies for Online Businesses to double the Sales, make the best use of above marketing tools and succeed in the Business. Check for these SEO tools to help you with the better SERP’s in Search Engines.


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