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Best Bitcoin Web Hosting in India

If you want to host a website without anyone having to know your identity, then you should opt for bitcoin hosting. This is the best way possible for anonymous hosting and anonymous hosting is possible because of bitcoin payment. Getting started is the same as other types of hosting, but in this case, you don’t have to give your personal information. You have to contact a web hosting provider who supports bitcoin payment. And if privacy is your concern, make sure to contact them using an email id that doesn’t reveal your name. Once the payment is done, you can set up your website by following the normal steps that are usually required to set up a website.

In other words, Bitcoin hosting is a term given to the hosting which is bought by making the payment using bitcoin. The word bitcoin has been trending for quite some time lately.  Bitcoin hosting is for those who seek total privacy of their identity. While there is a difference between getting hosting with bitcoin and having bitcoin as the payment option on your website. To know in detail, continue reading. 

As it is mentioned earlier, your website having a bitcoin payment option doesn’t qualify as bitcoin hosting. Bitcoin hosting is a specialized option where you pay the hosting provider to buy a hosting server. Check below our recommendation for best Bitcoin hosting services:

Starts from

$1.99 per month

  • Supports Bitcoin payment method
  • Unlimited Space & 100 GB Bandwidth
  • Free Domain & SSL Certificate
  • Free Website Builder

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$1.88 per month

  • Accepts Bitcoin payment
  • 20 GB SSD-Accelerated Disk Space
  • Unmetered bandwidth
  • Host 3 Websites

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$3.95 per month

  • Bitcoin/ Cryptocurrency Payment options
  • Full anonimity & privacy
  • 100GB Space & Unmetered Bandwidth
  • No DDoS Protection

Starts from

3.40 per month

  • Accepts Bitcoin Payments
  • 1GB Space & 100GB Traffic/month
  • Advanced DDoS Protection
  • Free 1 Click Installer & Sitebuilder

Starts from

$3.96 per month

  • Best Bitcoin web Hosting plans provider
  • Cheap Dedicated Server
  • Free Migrations and Fully Managed WordPress
  • 30 day money back guarantee

Starts from

5.99 per month

  • Best Bitcoin web Hosting plans provider
  • All Hosting plan and VPS are DDoS Protection
  • Truly Offshore webhosting

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$2.95 per month

  • Best Bitcoin /Altcoins web Hosting plans provider in USA
  • Environment Friendly web hosting
  • Scalable Resources for Linux and Windows VPS
  • 1 Free Dedicated IP for VPS Server

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$1.99 price/mo

  • XtraOrbit-Host Any No. of Websites, Domains & Emails
  • Unlimited Space, Bandwidth & Email Accounts
  • Easy Upgrade to VPS or Dedicated
  • Free Domain For Lifetime & Free SSL Certificate

Let’s get to know more about Bitcoin:

Bitcoin is a form of cryptocurrency. It was developed in the year 2009 by an anonymous developer or a group of anonymous. All the bitcoin transactions are saved in a public ledger and this ledger is called blockchain. Even though the transactions are listed publicly, the name of the sender and the receiver will not be known. Bitcoin is, therefore, the most private payment option out there but it cannot be considered as fully anonymous. Blockchain, the ledger can be used for different applications too.


How to buy, sell or exchange Bitcoins?


An easy way to buy bitcoins is to sign-up to a bitcoin provider or bitcoin bank and then transfer money from your bank account using your debit or credit card and get bitcoins worth the amount that you have transferred.

There is an option the same as you have in traditional banking. The concept of the account number is borrowed here, and this string of numbers lets you receive bitcoins and carry on other transactions.

The concept of exchange is also quite popular and the age-old bureau de change is followed where you can go to some sites and exchange your cash for bitcoins.
And if you are worried about where to spend the bitcoins, just know that even the tech giants like Microsoft and Dell support bitcoins. This indeed is proof that bitcoin is the future of payment system.


What’s special about Bitcoin?


A higher level of trust:

With bitcoin, there is no worry of getting charged extra in the name of transaction fees etc. And the protocols cannot be manipulated by any individual or any authority or any government.

Payment Freedom:

Bitcoin transactions can be made anytime to any part of the world without restrictions as opposed to the traditional transactions that will have certain limitations bound to time and region.


This can be considered as one of the top perks of having a bitcoin payment option. For the transactions made using bitcoins, only your public address is required. No other private information is required. Due to this, the risks of privacy theft are very low.

Decentralized control:

Your money is in your control. There is no authority or government that controls bitcoin. So there is no fear of having to face any unexpected or sudden change in the system.

Secure network:

It is not possible to cheat or con bitcoin system. This is a huge boost for some merchants who are insecure about getting cheated during transferring the money.

Bitcoin has plenty of advantages as opposed to the traditional currency system and it has few downsides too. As it is still developing, it is not perfect and adapting to the change of system may become an issue for some. Many people are not aware of what is bitcoin and it is mainly used by technically oriented people and requires some getting used to. Therefore there is a great need of educating people about bitcoin and if it is accepted as a universal method of making payments or doing transactions, it can be a great change and very useful.

Now that you know what bitcoin is and what are its advantages and disadvantages, you should be able to weigh the good and the bad and make a decision if you should move on to bitcoin. Only then you can consider going for bitcoin hosting.


How to choose the best bitcoin hosting provider?


Right now there are not many options that you can select from. Very few hosting providers provide bitcoin hosting. If you want to select a one out of these, make sure the hosting service that is provided is also of top notch. Just by prioritizing the bitcoin payment option, don’t fail to give attention to the quality of hosting service that is provided by the hosting provider. Because, at the end of the day, all you need is the satisfactory service for the bucks you had to shell out to buy the service.


Other Similar features- The Best Hosting Choices:

Best Bitcoin Hosting Providers - Recent User Reviews Hosting Review


10 Sep 2022

Very affordable

Bitcoin Hosting service provide best hosting, very fast and user friendly easy to handle, even a newbie can use this very well , up time is very fast, page load is fast i recommend this to everyone

QHoster Hosting Review

Danna B

09 Sep 2022

Thank you Qhoster!

So happy with them! :) QHoster support helped me move everything (in fact, they did all the job) and my site is back to normal now. Thank you! :)

BlueAngelHost Hosting Review


15 Aug 2022

So far Good hosting services.

I had to move from my old hosting provider since they had shutdown my websites due to some DMCA complains.By this time, BlueAngelHost helped me with complete website migration and provided a good support to bring my websites back again. So far everything is good and recommending them for best offshore hosting services.

VIRTONO Hosting Review

Hipolito Heidel

04 Aug 2022

Lots of features, very knowledgeable fast support

I have been using for 4 months now and Virtono is the best database web hosting company that I have found. You guys have a good understanding of your servers and the services they run and I always get a quick turnaround on tech support calls. Server uptime is very good and the price is right, too. Thanks

AbeloHost Hosting Review


28 Apr 2022

They are patient and helpful

I am hosting my Wordpress website with Abelohost and which requires a lot of tech support. Happy to say that, they have helped me in everything to resolve my issue. Tech agent Jovan was very helpful in this case. I strongly recommend this host for Offshore or dmca ignored hosting services.

Shinjiru Hosting Review

Pukhraj Singh Thakur

09 Mar 2022

Liked the Hosting

My experience with this hosting was superb. My questions were quickly answered, and my problems were well taken care of. Customer service is available 24/7. I chat at night on the weekend and received a prompt, helpful and kind response. I would readily recommend them to anyone.

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