How to Register a Trademark or Brand in India?

trademark registration process india

If you own any business in India that either provides services or products, then it is important for you to get a trademark registered for your business or products. Getting a trademark registered is quite a simple process and you can find some of the best trademark registration companies in India by a simple Google search. But first, you must know what a trademark is and what the process is for registering a trademark. Before we begin with the process, it is important that you know what a trademark is and how it benefits your business. So without any further ado, let’s get started.

What is a Trademark?

To put it simply, a trademark is a special symbol or a design that is used by companies to represent themselves in the market. One thing that makes a trademark so important is that it belongs to only one specific company. A trademark that is used by one company can never be used by another. If they do, it will lead to copyright infringement. And if someone infringes these copyright laws, then they will be receiving capital punishment. So getting a trademark registered will not only give you a new image, it will also make you appear different from your competitors.

What are Some Major Benefits of a Trademark?

When you register a trademark for your company or product, you sign up for a lot of benefits. Some of the are:

1. Encourages Customers to Believe in Your Brand

People relate to brands that have a certain trademark simply because they are attracted to the design and creativity of the trademark. The faith of your customers heavily depends on the extent of creativity that went into making the trademark of your company. If the trademark gives them good vibes, then they will feel compelled to believe in what you are offering.

2. Customers Feel Assured of Good Services and Products

According to a survey, 84.30 percent of consumers felt assured of good services and products from those companies that have a trademark. This is because of the fact that the trademark makes them believe that the company is genuine, and is offering them genuine products and services. Also, people tend to express mistrust in companies that do not have any trademarks.

3. Gives Credibility to Your Brand and Products

The two benefits mentioned above support this point extremely well. The consumer feels assured of good services and products from your company simply because they have faith in your brand, and this gives more credibility to your brand and products. You will be able to target a larger consumer base when you will be the most credible supplier in the market. And yes, a trademark does have the ability to make this happen.

4. Registered Trademark Helps Building Brand Value and Marketing

A trademark is used in many places and hence builds brand value. It adds credibility to your products, and people buy what they believe in. So the more credibility your trademark has, the better it will help build your brand. What is more amazing is that you can use your trademarks as an efficient way to market your products and services on a large level.

Now that you know what benefits a trademark can bring to your business, let’s see if you are eligible for registering a trademark in India.

Who is Eligible for Registering a Trademark in India?

Anyone who has the following merits to them can apply for registering a trademark in India.

1. You Solely Own a Service or Products Providing Agency

When you own a services or products agency, then you can register for a trademark. However, there are some criteria that must be fulfilled in order to be eligible for the trademark registration process. For example, the services and products must be original and not copy similar services and products.

2. You Share the Ownership of a Service or Products Providing Agency With Partners

When you share the ownership of a products or services agency with multiple partners, then also you are eligible for registering for a trademark.

3. You Offer Intellectual Services to Others as a Business

If you work alone and offer intellectual services to others such as paintings, writings, photographs, etc. Then also you are eligible for registering a trademark for your business.

Lastly, a lot of freelancing individuals who have expertise in skills such as singing, writing, cooking, acting can also file for a trademark.

Easy Steps to Get Your Trademark Registered in India

You need to follow the following steps to register a trademark in India for your business:

1. Search for an Appropriate Trademark

It should be noted that extra care is to be taken when you are looking for a trademark. There are a lot of them in the world and if in any case you happen to pick one which is already used then you will be doomed by copyright infringement. So choose your trademark wisely. It could be a letter, a symbol, a number or any object’s drawing as well.

2. Fill the Trademark Application Form

There are two ways to fill out the trademark application form. You can either do it online by using Form TM-A on the official website of IP India, or you can just go to the Trade Marks Offices building in your nearby city and get the form filled out physically.

Check here for:

3. Examination of Trademark is Conducted

The examination of the trademark filed by you is conducted and the report of the same is shared with you within 12 to 18 months. If you have any objections to the report, then you also get a window to raise them. Otherwise, your application will be at risk.

4. Publication of the Trademark Before Registration

The trademark is then published for the people to see if it is original or is a copy of some other issue. If there is nothing heard against the trademark for 3 to 4 months, the trademark is approved for registration.

5. Obtaining the Registration Certificate

After the approval for registration, all that is left to do is obtain the registration certificate which is duly signed by the Trademark Office.

6. Keep Renewing Your Trademark

You can renew your trademark once every ten years for as long as you want. If you miss out on renewing your trademark, there is a high chance that someone else might register for it. And hence extreme carefulness in this matter is required.

Upon following the steps mentioned above, you will get a trademark registered for your company. But keep in mind that you need to renew it every now and then to keep its rights to yourself.

Why Should You File for Trademark Registration?

Of all the reasons, you should file for trademark registration because it brings credibility to your brand. When people can associate a certain symbol or object with your business, it makes it easier for them to have faith in what you are offering. The benefits of a trademark are truly amazing, and you should never underestimate the value of having a trademark under your name.

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