5 Best LMS Plugins for WordPress to Create & Sell Courses Online


Online learning or learning is now the future of Education. Many students, as well as professionals, are choosing online courses to increase their knowledge or pursue their hobbies.

So if you are a specialist in a specific domain or you have a skill or knowledge to share with others then you can earn by selling online courses.

Now, are you wondering how to make online courses and sell them? Here comes the Learning Management System or LMS. LMS is a system that allows you to manage your online course business easily. With LMS plugins for WordPress, you can have your own virtual classrooms and e-learning platforms to manage and sell your courses with a WordPress website.

There are lots of LMS plugins available in the market and its quite confusing how to choose one among all these. Here we are going to assist you to choose the best one by discussing details about LMS and the 5 Best LMS plugins.

What is LMS?

A learning Management System shortly known as LMS is a software application or web-based technology that provides the framework to handle all aspects of the learning process such as creation, administration, documentation delivery, automation, and tracking of your course materials or training content. LMS also helps teachers or trainers to monitor and track the progress of their students.

Persons, as well as businesses who are in education businesses, use LMS to run their online education business easily.

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What is the LMS plugin for WordPress?

LMS plugins is a software program that helps you to self-host your own e-learning platform in WordPress. So you dont need to buy a membership of other well-established Learning Management systems at a higher price.

Why do you need an LMS plugin?

You can get the following benefits by using LMS plugins-

  1. Ease of Use- it makes your life easy. As soon as you install the LMS plugin into your WordPress site. Your educational platform is ready for business. You can easily handle it.
  2. Cost Efficiency- it will be much economic than being part of a well-established LMS like Udemy or Skillshare.
  3.  User Interface- it allows you to get a clean and simple user interface so your users will not get confused.
  4. Scalability- You can scale your business as per its growth and need. You can start small and with time make it as big as you want.
  5. Analytics- LMS plugins give you detailed reports and analytics so you can improve your strategy and techniques.
  6. Grading system- it allows you to grade your students as per their performance.
  7. Certification- It allows you to generate certificates after your students complete their course or training.
  8. Customizable content layout- you can decide what your content layout or course material will be. As its your own self-hosted platform so you can design your course as per your wish.
  9. Use of Multimedia-  you can add whatever multimedia you want such as images, video, etc in your teaching process.

What should you look for while choosing an LMS plugin?

Before you start installing an LMS plugin on your website we want to discuss with you some important factors. Before choosing and finalizing an LMS plugin you should look for some important features in it.

  • Course building- Make sure the plugin comes with a tool that will help you to upload various types of course elements such as PDF, image, video, etc. And also it gives you access to a solid page builder so that you can easily create dynamic and exciting courses for your students.
  • Course progress information- This feature will let your students track their progress and performance.
  • Student enrollment and management- this feature will allow you to track the enrolment of students and manage students data.
  • Content dripping- this is a feature that will let you release the course materials in a slow and progressive way with time. So that your students get access to the materials as they progress.
  • Quizzes and tests- Make sure that your LMS plugins allow you to evaluate your students by using them, It will let you track the progress of your students and will add fun factors for students.
  • Forum Integration- make sure your LMS plugin is compatible with forum plugins like bbPress or BuddyPress. So that you can integrate forums and make learning interesting for students.
  • Financial marketing tools- this feature allows you to integrate affiliate programs, commission systems, and coupons. With this feature, you can promote your course through influencers as well as earn money by influencing students to buy from your affiliate link.
  • Automated emails- Your LMS should allow you to send automated emails to your students regarding courses, upcoming courses, etc.
  • Excellent payment gateway support-please check if your LMS plugin is supporting payment gateways or not. You need payment gateways integration for earning and managing finance.
  • Incentive and Certificates- this feature allows you to give incentives in form of badges or points to your students after they show good progress. This feature also allows you to generate certificates after students finish their course or training.
  • Homework options- This feature allows you to assign and grade the homework of your students.

5 Best LMS plugins for WordPress

We have given you a fair idea of LMS, LMS plugins, and various information about LMS. But we know you are still confused about which LMS plugins to choose. So here we bring detailed information on the 5 best LMS plugins.

  1. LearnDash
  2. LifterLMS
  3. Teachable
  4. LearnPress
  5. WP Courseware


LearnDash is one of the most used LMS plugins for WordPress. Many individual teachers, Institutes, and universities prefer this plugin for its speed, features, and its impressive course design.


  • You can create multi-tier courses with it.
  • The content dripping and content scheduling facilities are available.
  • It comes with dynamic forums
  • It shows a grade book to students and allows them to track their progress.
  • It allows you to generate badges and certificates easily.
  • It provides you with various monetization tools like a shopping cart, memberships, subscriptions, course bundles, and course licenses.
  • It comes with automated email notifications and detailed reports.
  • It allows you to upload various kinds of media files like videos, audio, images, Adobe Captivate files, and Google Docs.
  • It comes with Drag and Drops course builder.
  • It is compatible with many other WordPress plugins
  • It allows you to create unlimited courses and lessons
  • It lets you include quizzes and assignments in your course
  • It provides various course templates as per courses of various disciplines.

Price –

  • It comes with 3 types of pricing plans.
  • Basic (1 site lisence) – $99.50/year
  • Pluss package( upto 10 site lisence) – $114.50/year
  • Pro package (upto 25 site lisence)-$184.50


LifterLMS is a well-known and one of the most used LMS plugins. In the field of e-learning, many organizations and people use this plugin.  It gives you easy access to tools that helps to build modules, lessons, multimedia sections, and design your course materials easily.


  • It comes with a direct WooCommerce integration which makes selling your courses easy as individuals or as bundles.
  • It comes with drag and drops course building tools which makes it beginners friendly.
  • It allows you to upload all kinds of media such as images, PDF, videos, Documents, etc.
  • It comes with content dripping and content scheduling
  • It allows you to launch quizzes and assessments to check the progress of your students.
  • It comes with a course import and export tool.
  • It allows you to integrate discussion forums and social profiles for your students to interact with each other.
  • You will get all kinds of payment gateway options.
  • You can add affiliate codes and coupons.
  • It will come with a tool called social learning
  • It will send you email notifications based on users.
  • It comes with a multi instructor platform that allows you to assign multiple instructors to a single course.
  • It comes with a lesson download feature.


It is a free plugin. But it has some premium add ons.

  • Individual Add-Ons- $120+/year
  • Universe Bundle- $360/year
  • Infinity Bundle- $1200/year

Teachable is one of the best and powerful LMS plugins for WordPress. Maximum educators and institutes like Teachable. It comes with all the tools you need to build highly interactive online courses.



  • It comes with one on one calls and interactions.
  • It comes with tools that allow you to publish case studies or students success stories.
  • It supports affiliate programs and coupons.
  • It supports all kinds of payment gateways.
  • It gives students the option to choose one-to-one courses as well as standard ones.
  • It gives you detailed reports and analytics.
  • It is easy to install.
  • It is user friendly and easy to use
  • It handles all tax details on behalf of you
  • Its editor allows you to upload documents, PDFs, images, videos and create an engaging course.
  • It supports maximum WordPress plugins.
  • You can track sales and student insights with its comprehensive dashboards.
  • You can create a sales page and have good marketing.
  • It comes with a content dripping feature.
  • You can collect students data through forms and surveys
  • You can add quizzes, tests, and assessments.
  • Excellent support system

Pricing of Teachable:

There are one free and three paid plans. Paid plans are:

  • Basic- $29/ month
  • Pro- $99/ month
  • Business- $249/ month


If you are searching for a budget-friendly yet simple and clean LMS plugin then your search ends here. LearnPress core plugin is free so it is the best option for beginners.


  • It comes with a landing page
  • It supports various payment gateways.
  • It allows multiple instructors for one course
  • With help of it, you can include quizzes, tests, and assessments in your course
  • You can generate badges and certificates.
  • It comes with content dripping and scheduling
  • Integration of forum is available
  • Students can create their wishlist


The core plugin is free but it has 2 paid add-on bundles.

  • LearnPress Theme Bundle- $49 to $69 each
  • LearnPress PRO Bundle- $249.99
  • WP Courseware-

This learning plugin from the house of Fly Plugins is famous for its quiz options.

Features :

  • It comes with Drip content features
  • You can upload quizzes and check the progress of your students
  • It come witch Grade books
  • You can generate badges and Course completion certificates
  • Prerequisite courses
  • It sends email notifications for specific events
  • It comes with Built-in Shopping Cart
  • It gives you the facility of Membership and eCommerce Integrations


It starts with $99/year.

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Hope after this long discussion we have helped you to finalize one LMS plugin for your e-learning website in WordPress. For such kind of information regarding WordPress plugins, Web Hosting, themes stay tuned with us.


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