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themesle reviews

Choosing the right theme for your WordPress website can get a whole lot tedious. One of the reasons for this may be not being to find themes of different types under a single roof and hence having to search for them everywhere. But that won’t be the case if ThemeIsle is the next theme store you visit. Because ThemeIsle has themes classified into different categories and that are designed to suit different types of websites. ThemeIsle is the home for many of the most popular, best-selling, chart-topping themes. ThemeIsle has provided Free and Premium themes for more than 471,040 users. ThemeIsle is the name that strikes most of the WordPress users when they are in need of a theme. ThemeIsle helps you in giving your website a complete makeover without you giving you any burden of coding.

What makes ThemeIsle special?

Wide variety of themes

Different websites are built for different purposes, so are they look and feel different. Based on the type and purpose of a website theme has to be selected. And your website may be a portfolio website, magazine, or an e-commerce website. You will need a different kind of themes for the different website type. ThemeIsle has themes that can fit into any kind of website, giving it a neat makeover.  You can select from a wide variety of themes and more the variety, higher the chances of you picking up the best theme for your website.

Full Demo Versions

Let’s admit it. No one is ready to invest their hard-earned money on something, without actually knowing it or using it well. To get you out of this dilemma is the theme you buy is worth the money you spend, you can get a full demo, with which you can not only see how the website looks and feels but also get to see the back-end to see how it works. You can see how a particular theme performs in different platforms, different viewing sizes and more. 

Option to upgrade from Free to Premium

Most of the themes, if not every premium theme from ThemeIsle comes with a free or lite version. Before making the purchase of any theme, you can give the Free version a try and see if it is THE theme you are looking for. If you are pleased by the way the theme performs, you can upgrade to the premium version to unlock all the advanced features and to use any theme at its best.

Own range of Plugins

Just in case if you think ThemeIsle is all about themes, you are wrong! Don’t be fooled by the name ThemeIsle. ThemeIsle is also the home for some of the finest plugins that complement the ThemeIsle themes in the perfect way. 

User-friendly Customization Options

ThemeIsle themes come with handy customization options. Especially the premium themes offer users the options to make use of the themes to their full potential. And you can view your edits in real-time with the WordPress Customizer. You just have to head over to any section if you want to customize that particular section.  Since you have a hell lot of customization options given to you, the need to install many plugins is also eliminated in this process. Unlike most Free themes by other providers, ThemeIsle free themes are rich in customization options. 

Frequent Updates

Everything over internet changes day by day and everything needs to adapt to these changes. WordPress too is updated constantly. To match up with WordPress updates, the best option is to go with a theme provider who provides frequent updates to their themes. ThemeIsle is such a theme provider who provides frequent updates to their products. This not only helps in making a theme most compatible with WordPress, but also makes the themes more secure and can reduce the chances of hackers hacking your websites.

Mobile Responsive Themes

ThemeIsle has given high importance to Mobile Responsiveness of their themes. This is clearly reflected in the themes that they have in their line-up. They have been able to deliver themes that set the benchmark when it comes to mobile responsiveness. Hence, you will not have to worry about choosing a theme and it not being mobile responsive. If you choose ThemeIsle, you can leave behind that particular worry too along with many other worries that come in combination when choosing the perfect theme for your website.


You can get instant access to high-quality premium themes by paying just $105. And further, if you pay $152, along with 30+ ThemeIsle themes, you can get your hands on 3 Pro plugins. And $235, you can get everything that ThemeIsle has in its fleet, both the premium themes and premium plugins. 

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