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Best Cloud Hosting in India 

Cloud hosting is very flexible and reliable and thus making it a very popular choice in today’s web hosting world. Cloud hosting is made up of several servers that are working together to form a virtual network. This means that if one server has an issue, another will pick up the slack so the site doesn’t go offline.

Cloud hosting is a great option for any kind of small-large business because it allows you to add and remove resources as your business grows. Check below our recommendation for the best Cloud hosting services:

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Best 10 Cloud Hosting Services in India

Starts from

499.00 per month

  • India's fastest Cloud hosting Provider
  • 2 GB RAM & 2 CPU cores
  • 1GB Space & Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Free SSL Certificate

Starts from

$10.00 per month

  • Superior Cloud hosting provider
  • SSD-Based Servers
  • 24/7 Support On All Plans
  • 1-Click Free SSL Installation

Starts from

SGD11.00 per month

  • Best Shared Cloud hosting plan
  • 15 GB Disk Space & Unlimited bandwidth
  • One-Click Install Over 400+ Apps
  • Weekly Backup up to Last 2 Weeks

Why Use Cloud Computing Services?

The cost efficiency, stability, reliability, and other benefits offered through cloud hosting plans in India make it an increasingly popular hosting option for individuals, and businesses of all sizes, applications, and services. Taking into account that we use a variety of web products today such as iCloud, Dropbox, and Google Docs which are based on cloud computing, many tech experts believe that over a period of time, traditional hosting will fade out while cloud-based solutions will become the norm. 
With the world moving in a certain direction, it is only recommended that you get a head start when selecting an appropriate hosting plan for yourself.

Cloud Security – Public versus Private Hosting

As the cloud becomes a prevalent element in IT infrastructures, security concerns regarding opting for this hosting solution are being raised every day. If you are reading the news, you will notice that one of the most common concerns raised is with respect to encryption. 
If you are hosting your website or application in the cloud, you will be expected to follow a basic security practice such as creating a unique password and making sure that your scripts are up to date. Remember that just because your website is hosted on the cloud, your security best practices shouldn’t change. However, you must be warned that a majority of the sites today are being hosted on public clouds. Here, the host puts in place security measures that stop customers from intruding into other servers and sites. However, if you are looking for maximum security, choosing to use a private cloud is the ideal but more expensive option. Read How Cloud Hosting really works..

Similarities and Differences between VPS and Cloud Hosting

As a user you may notice that the basic principles behind both Cloud and VPS hosting are extremely similar, however, the practices are different. You will be able to enjoy scalability and flexibility with VPS as well as cloud-based hosting. This means that you will be able to account for traffic spikes and reductions by sharing larger resources with other users. 
That said, the key difference between a VPS and a cloud-based hosting solution is that the former needs to be physically set up and then split into smaller sections to be able to perform as a virtual server. Cloud, on the other hand, uses a number of different servers that are linked together to form a network. Another advantage of the Cloud over VPS is that if a physical server fails, the VPS accounts on the server will also fail. However, in the case of the cloud, it splits the space through numerous servers, thereby providing more reliability. Furthermore, Cloud hosting allows you to choose your own OS while VPS setups use only a single US. 

Pros and Cons of Cloud Hosting

Many users are still apprehensive about adopting the cloud for many reasons. For starters, shared hosting is still a lot cheaper than its cloud variant. Furthermore, there is no consistency in the type of cloud hosting each host offers. It thus becomes important to only deal with the best service provider. Furthermore, it is difficult to control from where in the world your site will be served from. Also, few users feel that they lose control that is otherwise enjoyed on a traditional hosting option. 
In favor of Cloud Hosting 
• If cost is a concern, you should know that in the case of Cloud, you essentially pay for only what you use. In the long run, this may prove to be a cheaper hosting proposition for your website. 
• It is also extremely convenient to clone, deploys, and remove servers on the cloud
• Finally, you no longer need to be restricted by the specifications and limitations of a physical machine.

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Best Cloud Server Providers - Recent User Reviews

PlanetHoster Hosting Review

Paul Jokelainen

23 Apr 2024

Excellent Tech Support ever

You people have helped me more than anyone with so many aspects of my website management. I provide to say I Choose the right team!

ResellerClub Hosting Review


15 Mar 2024

Excellent Service

In our business, uptime, bandwidth and reliability is necessary as we cater to global user of large MNCs. ResellerClub has been an excellent platform by providing world class Reseller Web Hosting that we truly rely on to support our customers.

BigRock Hosting Review


29 Jan 2024

Best hosting provider

I have used many hosting services but Bigrock is best since some of my websites transferred to it good speed and up-time ! Yet no problem with them. I am planning to transfer all of my domains in future for best service. thanks

Oryon Networks Hosting Review

Shakthi krishna

07 Dec 2023

Wonderful support

Very easy and friendly hosting provider in SG.whatsapp support is very gud. Live chat support also great. Thanks you very much for save my websites from hackers! Thank u!! i sure inform my frnds to switch her web mails undr ORYON's care. Recommended support. Once again thanks.

Vodien Hosting Review

Dexter Damien Chan

07 Sep 2023

With Affordable Price

I would like to thank the Sales Support Team for their prompt reply (within 10 mins)whenever I have issues with my Hosting Account. never fails to impress me every time. If you need a good hosting account with everything you need and at an affordable rate, will be your number #1 choice! No doubt about it!

Site Hosting Club Hosting Review

Divyansu Gadhwal

27 Aug 2023

Good and Cheap Web Hosting and

I Hosted my website and it works quite well with this host. Support is good. The only problem is with the Uptime that goes down sometimes for some minutes.

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