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Best Cloud Hosting in India 

Cloud hosting is very flexible and reliable and thus making it a very popular choice in today’s web hosting world. Cloud hosting is made up of several servers that are working together to form a virtual network. This means that if one server has an issue, another will pick up the slack so the site doesn’t go offline.

Cloud hosting is a great option for any kind of small-large business because it allows you to add and remove resources as your business grows. Check below our recommendation for the best Cloud hosting services:

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Best 5 Cloud Hosting Servers in India


Hostinger India: Fastest Cloud Hosting in India

Hostinger is the perfect choice for anyone looking for cheap, yet reliable cloud hosting. If your website has outgrown shared hosting and you are looking for a better hosting solution, we highly recommend you to go for Hostinger’s cloud hosting. Hostinger as a brand has made a name for itself through its high value for money hosting packages and it is considered as one amongst the world’s best hosting companies.
With prices starting from INR 600/mo., it is not the cheapest out there but you can bet on the quality of Cloud Hosting offered by Hostinger, backed by impressive performance and powerful control panel. You get isolated resources that are dedicated just for you. You will never be bothered by the issues a shared IP would cause, as you get dedicated IP free every cloud hosting plan. You also get a free domain name and SSL certificate, adding more value to Hostinger’s service. Apart from offering secure servers, maximum security is ensured in the form of integrated Cloudflare that offers DDoS protection and Global CDN, along with other features.

Hostinger Cloud Hosting Plans

Plan Name OS Space CPU RAM Bandwidth Price  
Startup Linux 100 GB 2 CPU Cores 3 GB Unlimited Rs. 799.00/m More Details
Professional Linux 140 GB 4 CPU Cores 6 GB Unlimited Rs. 1499.00/m More Details
Cloud Global Linux 200 GB 8 CPU Cores 16 GB Unlimited Rs. 5099.00 /m More Details


Things We Love About Hostinger's Cloud Server Plans:

  • SSD Storage:

Cloud technology combined with SSD storage was regarded as the future of web hosting and the future has arrived. And it has taken the hosting industry by storm as it is one of the most popular hosting types.
And Hostinger’s cloud packages will give your website the essential performance hike with its best-in-class SSD based servers.
  • Free Domain Name:

Hostinger’s every hosting plan comes with a free domain name. You will no longer have to worry about having to burn a deep hole in your pockets, paying for both hosting and domain. Getting a free domain name with low priced cloud hosting plans is something you should not miss as you also get best-in-class features along with the free domain name.
  • Fully Managed:

For beginners, Cloud technology is something new and they are not quite familiar with it. But you do not have to worry about it as Hostinger offers fully managed cloud hosting, with which you can easily get started without getting overwhelmed by the technical stuff revolving around it. The 24/7 dedicated support team gets all that done for you while you can just focus on making the most out of your project.

ResellerClub: Fully managed cloud hosting at pocket-friendly pricing in India

ResellerClub is one of the highly recommended hosting providers for anyone with any type of hosting needs. Because there is hardly anything that ResellerClub does not deal with. Best known as one of the top reseller hosting providers, it offers class-leading cloud hosting at very attractive pricing, starting at just INR 455/mo.
The fully-managed cloud hosting offered by ResellerClub is claimed to be up to 10x faster and backing its claim is the use of powerful SSD disk drives, specialized in delivering unmatched performance. You can upgrade CPU or RAM with just one click, whenever you feel your website needs more power, with the 1-click upgrader. You get a free SSL security with all the cloud hosting packages ensuring high security without having to spend a single buck extra and barring the basic plan, you can host unlimited websites with a single cloud plan.

ResellerClub Cloud Hosting Plans

Plan Name OS Space CPU RAM Bandwidth Price  
PERSONAL Linux Unmetered 2 CPU 2 GB Unmetered Rs.445/m More Details
BUSINESS Linux Unmetered 4 CPU 4GB Unmetered Rs.575/m More Details
PRO Linux Unmetered 6 CPU 6GB Unmetered Rs.675/m More Details

Things we like about ResellerClub:

  • Fully managed Cloud Hosting:

After you buy hosting, you should focus more on your website rather than wasting your time in setting up the server and your hosting account. With its fully managed cloud hosting, ResellerClub has got you covered in fixing the hardware, OS upgrades, and security issues. And all you have to do is focus on turning your website into a successful business and assisting you in this is the Free cPanel, using which you can manage your hosting account very easily.
  • Free Website Migration:


If you already have a website and have hosted it on a third-party web host’s servers, you can get it migrated to ResellerClub’s servers very easily with the help of the expert customer support team. And if you transfer it to other hosts, they might cost you considerably. But if you migrate your website to ResellerClub, it is done completely free of cost.
  • 30-days money-back guarantee:

If you are in two minds about trusting ResellerClub with the responsibility of hosting your website, you can give their service a  try without hesitation as it offers Cloud Hosting with a 30-days money back guarantee. With this moneyback guarantee, you are assured to get the refund within 30 days of signing up to its packages, if you are not completely satisfied with its cloud hosting service.

HostGator: 10x faster performance at cheap pricing

Another renowned host in our list is HostGator, which is regarded as one of the best overall in the hosting industry. It has a wide range of products starting from shared hosting to dedicated servers, domains to email services. Adapting to the changing scenarios in the industry, HostGator has constantly strived to improve its cloud hosting services and has managed to woo the customers with stellar cloud hosting packages with ultimate performance and security of highest grade.
HostGator has priced its cloud hosting plans starting from INR 479/mo. and you even get an option to select an Indian server location for 10x faster performance. This will cost you a little over INR 60 premium over American server location, but in return, you get unmatched performance, best suited if your website gets most of its traffic from India. The Cloud servers are backed by SSD disk drives to deliver the guaranteed performance and caching comes pre-integrated, which further adds to the performance of your website. 

HostGator Cloud Hosting Plans

Plan Name OS Space CPU RAM Bandwidth Price  
Hatchling Plan Linux Unmetered 2 Core 2 GB Unmetered $4.95/m More Details
Baby Plan Linux Unmetered 4 Core 4 GB Unmetered $6.57/m More Details
Business Plan Linux Unmetered 6 Cores 6 GB Unmetered $9.95/m More Details

Things we love about HostGator:

  • Fully-managed services:

To help you tackle the complexity that is involved in the technical stuff related to a cloud server, HostGator has come with fully managed cloud hosting packages. With this, all the server configuration, patching is managed by HostGator and all you will have to do is manage your website from the free cPanel you get with the hosting packages and focus on the content of your website.
  • Powerful SSD storage:

Fully complementing the cloud servers in terms of performance is the advanced SSD disk drive-based storage, that comes as standard in all the cloud packages of HostGator. With this, you can establish your business online very easily as you are guaranteed to get excellent page load speeds.
  • Free SSL certificate:

When you are upgrading your website from a shared server to a cloud server, you will be charged considerably more than before. Having to pay for an SSL certificate, an essential feature that most of the hosts offer as an add-on can burn a deep hole in your pocket. But with HostGator’s every cloud package, it offers free SSL certificates, ensuring maximum security without having to spend anything extra.

ChemiCloud: Cheapest Cloud hosting with powerful features

ChemiCloud is a hosting company with more than 10 years of experience on its back. If there is something that has not changed about it in these years, it has to be the way it prices the hosting packages. It is one of the cheapest options you have when it comes to enjoying advanced hosting backed by cloud servers. There is nothing taking away from the fact that despite its ultra-cheap pricing, it is one of the best hosting providers out in the market when it comes to quality.
With the prices starting at just $2.76/mo., which roughly translates to a little over INR 200/mo. But the cheap pricing has not stopped ChemiCloud from going bonkers with its Free domain name and Free SSL certificate. This makes ChemiCloud an unbeatable value champion. Right from the most basic plan, you will be offered unlimited bandwidth, unlimited email accounts, and free daily backups. With their servers located all around the globe, your website is guaranteed to deliver maximum performance, no matter where it is accessed from.

ChemiCloud Cloud VPS Hosting Plans

Plan Name OS Space CPU RAM Core Price  
Iron Linux 80 GB SSD 2 CPU Cores 4 GB   $79.95/mo More Details
Bronze Linux 160 GB 4 CPU Cores 8 GB   $119.95/mo More Details
Silver Linux 320 GB 6 CPU Cores 16 GB   $199.95/mo More Details
Gold Linux 640 GB SSD 8 CPU Cores 32 GB   $359.95/mo More Details

Things we love about ChemiCloud:

  • Free Domain Name for Life:

More often than not, when we come across cheap web hosts, the feature set will be very limited and you cannot think of getting freebies with such cheap plans. But nothing stops ChemiCloud from offering a free domain, making this an unbeatable deal. And unlike other hosts, ChemiCloud is not offering you the free domain just for a year, but you get it free for a lifetime. 
  • Free SSL certificate:

If you think a free domain is the most you can get for free, wait till we tell you about the Free SSL certificate that ChemiCloud offers with its cheap cloud hosting packages. With this free SSL, the value you get for the price you pay goes to a different level altogether, we cannot see any other brand coming close to matching ChemiCloud in terms of this.
  • Free Migration:

If you have already hosted your website with a different hosting provider and that is the only thing stopping you from switching to ChemiCloud, you will be glad to know that you can migrate your website from third-party host to ChemiCloud for free. 
  • Free Website Builder:

If you are yet to get started with creating a website, you will not have to worry about it anymore with ChemiCloud as you get a free website builder. You can use this builder to create stunning websites with the utmost ease. What makes this impressive is the fact that it has a drag-and-drop interface, known for its efficiency and ease-of-use.

InMotion Hosting: High Performance with Best-in-class Features

InMotion Hosting is the home for thousands of websites and one thing that is common between all those websites is the performance. InMotion Hosting is a brand that focuses on performance the most and hence we find it an ideal solution for power-hungry web applications. InMotion Hosting offers class-leading cloud VPS that can power technically advanced websites, giving you full root access to the server.
You can get high-availability cloud VPS if you are a developer or if you have enough experience and firm grasp to configure servers by yourself. But if you are just getting started without any technical skills related to managing a server, this is not the most ideal option for you as InMotion Hosting offers self-managed Cloud VPS. But what makes these cloud VPS special is the performance that you get from it. The cloud platform is lightning-fast and comes with built-in redundancy, ensuring high availability and reliability. Performance is not the only talking point about Cloud VPS as you get enterprise-grade security in the form of
DDoS defense, SSH Keys, and firewalls. 

InMotionHosting VPS Hosting Plans

Plan Name OS Space CPU RAM Core Price  
Managed VPS-1000HA-S Linux 75GB   4GB†   $22.99/m More Details
Managed VPS-2000HA-S Linux 150GB   6GB†   $34.99/m More Details
Managed VPS-3000HA-S Linux 260GB   8GB†   $54.99/m More Details
CLOUD VPS-1000 Linux 75GB SSD   4GB†   $19.99/mo More Details
CLOUD VPS-2000 Linux 150GB SSD   6GB†   $39.99/mo More Details
CLOUD VPS-3000 Linux 260GB SSD   8GB†   $64.99/mo More Details

Things we like about InMotionHosting:

  • Full Server Control:

InMotion Hosting offers you full control over the server with SSH access. With this full access, you can easily install any dependencies or applications your website needs. This is a great step forward considering the fact that you must be content with only what is given to you in case of normal cloud hosting.
  • Server Snapshot:

Another great feature that we like is the full server snapshot. Most of the time we regret something after losing it and that same goes in terms of your website too. If you accidentally lose your website data, all your hard work can go in vain. Saving you from this is the full server image feature, which lets you roll back to the existing data at the time the snapshot was taken.
  • Advanced security:

InMotion Hosting has partnered with Corero to protect your website against DDoS attacks which can lead to unplanned and unexpected server outrages. Overall security is also given high priority in the form of different layers of protocols that act as a shield protecting your website from data theft and hacks.

Why Use Cloud Computing Services?

The cost efficiency, stability, reliability and other benefits offered through cloud hosting plans in India make it an increasingly popular hosting option for individuals, businesses of all sizes, applications, and services. Taking in account that we use a variety of web products today such as iCloud, Dropbox and Google Docs which are based on cloud computing, many tech experts believe that over a period of time traditional hosting will fade out while cloud-based solutions will become the norm. 
With the world moving in a certain direction, it is only recommended that you get a head-start when selecting an appropriate hosting plan for yourself.

Cloud Security – Public versus Private Hosting

As cloud becomes a prevalent element in IT infrastructures, security concerns regarding opting for this hosting solution are being raised every day. If you are reading the news, you will notice that one of the most common concerns raised is with respect to encryption. 
If you are hosting your website or application in the cloud, you will be expected to follow a basic security practice such as creating a unique password and making sure that your scripts are up to date. Remember that just because your website is hosted on the cloud, your security best practices shouldn’t change. However, you must be warned that a majority of the sites today are being hosted on public clouds. Here, the host puts in place security measures that stop customers from intruding into other servers and sites. However, if you are looking for maximum security, choosing to use a private cloud is the ideal but more expensive option. Read How Cloud Hosting really works..

Similarities and Differences between VPS and Cloud Hosting

As a user you may notice that the basic principles behind both Cloud and VPS hosting are extremely similar, however, the practices are different. You will be able to enjoy scalability and flexibility with VPS as well as cloud-based hosting. This means that you will be able to account for traffic spikes and reductions by sharing larger resources with other users. 
That said, the key difference between a VPS and a cloud-based hosting solution is that the former needs to be physically set up and then split into smaller sections to be able to perform as a virtual server. Cloud, on the other hand, uses a number of different servers that are linked together to form a network. Another advantage of Cloud over VPS is that if a physical server fails, the VPS accounts on the server will also fail. However, in the case of cloud, it splits the space through numerous servers, thereby providing more reliability. Furthermore, Cloud hosting allows you to choose your own OS while VPS setups use only a single US. 

Pros and Cons of Cloud Hosting

Many users are still apprehensive about adopting cloud for many reasons. For starters, shared hosting is still a lot cheaper than its cloud variant. Furthermore, there is no consistency in the type of cloud hosting each host offers. It thus becomes important to only deal with the best service provider. Furthermore, it is difficult to control from where in the world your site will be served from. Also, few users feel that they lose control that is otherwise enjoyed on a traditional hosting option. 
In favor of Cloud Hosting 
• If cost is a concern, you should know that in the case of Cloud you essentially pay for only what you use. In the long run, this may prove to be a cheaper hosting proposition for your website. 
• It is also extremely convenient to clone, deploy and remove servers on the cloud
• Finally, you no longer need to be restricted by the specifications and limitations of a physical machine.

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29 Sep 2020

Decent host

I have had a better experience with other services.. hostgator’s uptime is good but frankly they are quite expensive with plans. You can get so much with others hosts

Bluehost India Hosting Review

Ravi Jaishen

20 May 2022

Really happy I made this choice because

By far the best for WordPress hosting. I don't think there is any brand that touches this. For my e-commerce site, I specifically wanted BlueHost India for their brilliant servers and command over WordPress Hosting and woocommerce integration. Really happy I made this choice because I am not just saving, but earning through my own small business on the WordPress site.

BigRock Hosting Review

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22 Sep 2021

Domain transfer and hosting good, but support is time staking.

Next time, please ensure that the support is there to receive the calls. Though your hosting and domain transfer service is great, it becomes difficult to get in touch. Please work on this.

CloudOYE Hosting Review

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07 Jan 2019

best cloud host

If you are looking forward to find a best cloud host for your business, it is highly recommended to closely review the strengths and weaknesses of the top providers. Compare the host with each other in terms of pricing, features, resources, clients, network architecture, and professionals and thereafter only plunge to a decision.

Host1Plus Hosting Review

Patrik Skalicky

04 Dec 2018

One of the best VPS hostings

Fast, do not know if i ever had outage and if yes i did not even noticed, support was only via chat but perfectly executed, using for few years and two tickets created and both of them solved.

Eleven2 Hosting Review

Edison Graphics

10 Dec 2018

elevent2 rocks

eleven2 is extremely reliable and fully feature packed! they provide you with everything you need to start a web hosting company! thanks man, your the best, elevent2 rocks

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