Best Freelancing Websites to Hire Freelancers Online in India

Freelancing has become one of the used terms in the past few years in the corporate sector. Many small and medium-sized companies hire freelancers for their important but irregular tasks for many reasons.

A freelancer is a person who works on a project for you and charges you for that work only. Unlike full-time employees, you are not bound to give them monthly salaries, and on the other hand, they can work with different clients while working with you.

Hiring a freelancer is very profitable for any company in many ways. The freelancing market in India is also rapidly growing. According to some stats, 15 million freelancers are working with small and medium-sized businesses in India alone to help them grow their business economically.

Here are some of the Many Reasons to Hire Freelancers

  • Cost-effective – Freelancers are cost-effective compared to hiring a company to do the job or hiring a full-time employee for that. A company will charge you for their work, but it will always be more than a freelancer charges. A full-time employee will be paid for the whole month, even if they don’t work for the entire month. In both ways, a freelancer will be cost-effective and economical for the projects done in a limited time period.
  • Does not ask for benefits – A full-time employee does get additional benefits according to the companies policies. But if you hire freelancers for your short-term or even long-term projects, they do not ask for any additional benefits other than their usual charges if they save a lot of funds for the companies.
  • No bond, so hire a new candidate anytime – If you end up not liking a freelancers work, you can always look for another for the next project. You do not have to go through all firing and hiring processes again. Its easy to hire freelancers, and there is no need to fire them if they work inefficiently.
  • Distribute workload among many – If your company need a few projects on an urgent basis, you can hire multiple freelancers and distribute the workload. It saves a lot of time and makes sure you get the work done within the deadline.

Fiverr: Compare Freelancers and choose one that suits you

Fiverr is different from many freelancing websites. Unlike them, here freelancers gig about their services and charges and the people who want to hire the freelancers can hire them. In this way, it becomes very easy to get a freelancer that suits you best for you. You can see them, their charges, their samples and only then do you need to contact them.

When you log in to your Fiverr account as a hiring person, You will get a dashboard where there will be top gigs in top industries. You can look into them and if you need something else, you can just search it in the search box available on the top-left side of the dashboard.

fiverr hire freelancers india

After hitting the entre button, you will get multiple gigs from the people who offer the same service. You can also filter out the gigs by choosing your requirement in drop-down menus in the search results.

When you go to a particular gig, it leads you to a different tab, where you can see the full information of the freelancer, their location, their charges, their packages. You can compare differently.

hire expert freelancers

Fiverr is also the only website that allows freelancers to create packages for long term projects that can be beneficial and cost-effective for the buyers.

Fiverr charges you 5% of the amount you pay to the freelancers for a project. So, while budgeting a freelancer, consider it and hire the budget accordingly.

Freelancer – The trendsetter of the Freelancing Market

The trendsetter in the freelancing world – was the first website launched in India for freelancers that made freelancing popular. Before, many didn’t even know the meaning of being a freelancer. is a very easy to use the website and since it is the first website, you may find the most experienced freelancers here.

When you visit, it first asks you the purpose of visiting. Here you can choose Hire a Freelancer.

It will then redirect you to the page where you can post your requirements. It asks you to choose the name of the project and a little description of it. You can also upload an image or document if needed to describe your work.

best freelancers to hire online

After describing your project, press the NEXT button that will open the page further asking about the skills required. After that, it will ask you if you want to post it as a project or start it as a contest.

If you choose to post as a project. It will ask you the budget and how do you want to pay (fixed price or pay per hour). Here you can also select the budget. After which you can go for a standard post or can choose to go premium where they will assign you a recruiter that will find the best candidate for you. Hiring a recruiter will charge you some amount.

If you choose the contest, you can choose a budget for your work. It works in a way that the highest matching capabilities will win the contest and win the project. You can select for how long the contest will run. Here you can choose from different types of plans that assure your different results. You can get featured, highlight or seal, or make your contest private by paying some amount.

After choosing the correct details, It shows you the details of your requirement to cross-check after which you can post the project.

It will then lead you to the login or sign-up page. You can create an account if you don’t have one already and post the bid.

You are then asked to select a transaction detail. You are free to choose from debit/credit card, PayPal, bank deposit, etc. This will be the final step after which your requirement will be posted and the freelancers will be notified. The interested freelancers can bid for your project and you can choose the best fit for your work. charges you a small amount for every project you award. It charges you 3%of the amount or 250 INR (whichever is greater) for hiring a freelancer.

Upwork – Get reviews before hiring

Upwork is a freelancing marketplace where you can hire quality freelancers. Upwork has recently made its place in the Indian market. It was founded in California in 2015 by the name Elance-oDesk merger and then rebranded as Upwork.

The best feature of Upwork that attracted most of its audience is the client and freelancers reviews for each other. After completing a job, the freelancer can review their client and the clients can review the freelancers. It makes it easy for everyone to et legitimate and quality freelancers and clients that are trustworthy and easy to work with.

To hire a freelancer at Upwork, first, You will need to create an account using your Google account, Facebook account or any other mail ID. 

After logging in, you can simply go to the hire a freelancer tab, add the title and the details about the work, fix your budget or make it feasible and post the job. The freelancers that fall in the category of work will get your job description and can submit a bid if they want to. They can also attach samples or provide you with links to their previous works. Upwork asks for 20% of the earning from the freelancers so that is a bit drawback as freelancers end up bidding more amount to balance that out.

Guru – Hire in a few simple steps

Guru is another freelancing website that is relatively new in the Indian market but is gaining popularity. The headquarters of Guru was founded in 1998 by the name eMoonlighter in Pittsburgh. The hiring process of the website is quite simple. Since it is a new website, the new freelancers are there so you get the trendiest knowledge in the market.

To hire a freelancer in Guru, you first need to create an account. While signing up, you will have to specify if you want to work or hire a freelancer. It will lead you to the respective page for signup.

There is no lengthy procedure for signing up and you only need your email ID for that. It does ask for verification, but you can skip it for some time and do it later.

On the dashboard of the website, you will see the option for hiring or rehiring. At guru, you can easily rehire the freelancers you have already hired.

hire expert freelancers online in india

To hire a new freelancer, simply go to post a job, then write the title and description of the job. You can select a category in which your job falls, select a budget and the time period of the job opening and then submit the job.

post job to hire freelancers

The responses you will get can be seen in the managed in the My Manager tab and payments can be done through the Payment tab where you can also generate invoices.

Guru also charges you a fee of 2.9% of your payable to freelancers.

Hiring freelancers can be a great step towards your business growth. It will save you money for small tasks and will give you a chance to explore new talents every time you want to get work done.

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