How to Play PUBG With VPN After Ban In India in Mobile & Laptop


PubG came into existence in December 2017 and since then, has been one of the most played games in many countries around the world. In India as well, there are many gamers who loved and appreciated PubG. It surely created a trademark in the gaming world in India.

But, back in September 2020, the government of India banned PubG for many reasons. Many games are developed before and after the ban of PubG that resembles the playing method and overall idea of PubG but the true PubG fans still miss their favorite game.

The game is banned from India, which means any device that is used in India cannot download or access this game. The devices that are operated outside India and any other country can still install and enjoy the game.

VPNs are virtual private networks. By connecting to a VPN, all your internet activities are performed by this VPN and not through any public network. A VPN masks your location and connects your device to the server of any location.

By changing a device’s location, that device can be connected to all the apps and websites that are blocked from that particular location.

You need to purchase these VPNs and use them to access banned websites. These VPNs have servers globally and you can connect yourself to the server of any location to access the website that are not banned there.

There are many VPNs that allow you to change the device’s location to let you play your favorite game. Here is the list of the best VPNs for you.

ExpressVPN – The fastest and most reliable VPN

ExpressVPN has been the most reliable VPN for its customers. It is used worldwide by users to access the greatest security for their online works. It has many servers spread globally that help you find the best server for your need. It has almost 30,000 servers in 90 countries. It automatically connects you to the fastest server and you can also switch the server whenever you want to.

The smart location feature of the ExpressVPN allows you to connect with the best server with the fastest speed. It is convenient for those who do not want to spend their time finding a suitable server for themselves.

ExpressVPN only runs RAM-only servers. That means all the tasks performed by you are saved on RAM memory which is not permanent. It gives you additional security and your data does not get saved anywhere including their own server. This technology is called Trusted Server technology by them. This is probably the reason for their worldwide popularity. Another feature of this technology is that the software gets reinstalled every time the system is rebooted.

ExpressVPN also has a virtual location feature for extra security for being anonymous. It provides you system and IP address of a country but the server of any other nearby location other than that country.

Although ExpressVPN does not offer a dedicated server feature, Everyone is free to use any server. Dedicated servers are also not reliable if one wants to be anonymous.

ExpressVPN provides military-level security, your data is unbreakable with 256-bit AES encryption which is the same security used by the military, banks, and other government bodies for data protection.

Pricing – ExpressVPN categorized the plans by the duration you want. All the plans include all the features of this VPN. The monthly charges of this VPN are $12.95, for 6 months you will need to pay $9.99 and for 12 months the charges will be $6.67.

NordVPN – Trusted for your data encryption

NordVPN is trusted by 8 million people worldwide, for many of its features. NordVPN has more than 5200 servers spread over 60 countries.

The biggest plus point of NordVPN is that its headquarters is based out of Panama which is free from five eyes, Nine eyes, and 14 eyes jurisdiction. These jurisdictions entities can force a company to share its data with the government and the companies become bound to share their customer???s data with them. It is a big relief that NordVPN customers do not have to worry about that.

NordVPN also has kill switch system that disconnects all the apps and websites from the system if the server connection stops for a while. It secures the data and stops the internet service providers to fetch your online activities.

NordVPN also uses 256 bytes AES encryption to provide the utmost security for our data. It keeps unauthorized users away from snatching the data or using it. NordVPN also allows split-tunneling which provides more control over web surfing. Although full tunneling is the by-default mode of NordVPN which is more reliable, sometimes split tunneling is better in some tasks.

NordVPN also allows double-VPN for extra layers of security. This feature of NordVPN is not provided by most of the VPNs which makes it a plus point to choose NordVPN.

NordVPN also protects the system from DNS leaks. In DNS leaks, the sites visited by users can get leaked by name even when they are protected through an IP address. It can become a major threat to users??? privacy and thankfully NordVPN keeps you secure from the same. NordVPN is also secure for webRTC and does not leak IP addresses while using Netflix and similar sites.

Pricing –

Monthly Plan – NordVPN charges 11.95$ for a month.

1-year Plan – 1-year plan costs 59$ per year which drops down the charges from 11.95$ to 4.925$ a month.

2-year PLan – For two years, the prices further drop down to 4.13$ a month. The total cost for 2 years is 99$. Use our exclusive NordVPN coupon code and save upto 80%

IPvanish – A superfast VPN for all your needs

IPvanish is a VPN service that is super fast and reliable for your VPN requirements. It maintains the speed regardless of the distance between your chosen server and you which is a huge plus point for any VPN service. For gaming as well, short-distance servers proved to be reliable, although the long-distance servers showed some latency which is common in the VPN. You can use any nearby country server where PubG is not banned to start playing your game.

IPvanish is spread across 70 countries with over 2000 servers. It also has servers in Africa and South America where most of the VPNs do not provide servers. Having servers across the globe is necessary as it lets you choose servers from different locations to access different services that are banned or blocked in some locations. It also lets you choose servers from your nearby location to get maximum speed which is necessary especially for playing games.

IPvaish also has the same security features as NordVPN like 256-bit encryption, Kill Switch, Split tunneling, DNS leak protection, etc. Other than that, it also provides a scramble feature that creates the illusion that you are not using a VPN. It also uses the SHA512 algorithm for authentication and the DHE-RSA 2048 key exchange. These algorithms ensure data encryption even when someone has the access to the decryption key.

The kill Switch key is another very important factor in VPNs these days that cits off all the connections if the VPN starts malfunctioning in any way. This kill switch is available for macOS, windows, and android, but is not available for iOS which is a little disappointing. This feature is best for those who happen to use public Wifi networks as there is a high chance of data exposure over these networks.

The DNS and IP leak is also protected. When tested with servers of different localities, the protection was top-notch. It secures the DNS and the actual IP address of the system which protects your online activities and surfing history.

IPvanish also provides different protocols to choose from. You can manually choose any of the following protocols as per your need to get maximum security

  • OpenVPN – An open-source VPN that gives the fastest speed. It provides 2 protocols to choose from TCP and UDI. It is an open code and one can update the code according to the need.
  • IKEv2 – Best suitable for mobile devices as it is an auto-connect protocol suitable to switch between WiFI and mobile network. It is slower than OpenVPN.
  • WireGuard – The fastest protocol of all, also provides decent security. Best suitable for video streaming and browsing.
  • L2TP – Best for those mobile devices that do not support OpenVPN. It is an improved version of the PPTP protocol. It is the slowest protocol of all.
  • IPSec – This protocol is best for transferring data as it provides a framework for secure data transport by transferring data with encrypted IP Packets. It is the third-fastest protocol of all.

Other than these, IPVanish has many other features that make it a worth buying service. It lets you connect unlimited devices simultaneously without compromising on any features. The setup and installation are very easy and a beginner who has not used a VPN service before can also set it up by themself. It also provides great customer support to help you with your queries, purchase, and post-purchase doubts. They also have a translation tool by which they can handle the queries in any language. They also offer telephonic support in 8 countries.

              Pricing –

The monthly changes for using IPVanish are $10.99 but if you pay yearly, you can save 65% and only pay $3.75 for a month.

Private Internet Access – Get the unique features with trust and authenticity

Private Internet Access is owned by Kape, a company that owns many other great Cyber-brands like CyberGhost, ZenMate, and ExpressVPN. The VPN works for almost all the operating systems including Windows, iOS, Android, and Mac.

One thing that people use Private Internet Access is the unique features it provides. It can be connected with upto 10 devices simultaneously. The VPN gives you customizable security options to make sure you use the best out of the VPN without compromising on your security. It unblocks streaming platforms and other websites like no other VPN and that makes it unique of all.

The obfuscation features of the VPN allow you to surf the website in countries that give you no right to privacy without you getting blocked. For encryption it uses SHA-4096 is always used for authentication handshakes, OpenVPN CBC always uses SHA-256 for data authentication that is that connects and disconnects you automatically for some networks to keep your activities secure and encrypted.

It has 29,650 servers spread over 84 countries which is a huge plus point while choosing it.

Private Internet Access can also provide you with a dedicated IP address if you do not want to go by CAPTCHA checks constantly. It does cost a little extra to get the dedicated IP address, but for some of the users, it may be quite useful for hassle-free surfing. The auto-connect feature also works really well, as when tested, it connects you to the fastest server around. Sometimes the servers a little far from you work better than the closest server and it does connect you to the best server.

Pricing –

It is surprising to see that Private Internet Access is relatively cheap with respect to the features it offers.

For monthly billing, you need to pay Rs.900.79, but if billed annually, your monthly charges drop-down to Rs.250.83. They also give you a 3-years plan, where you will be charged Rs.150.08 for a month and will be given extra 3 months free.

VPN is becoming a necessity for gamers as well as non-gamers who like to access the remote website and do not like to keep their surfing limited to boundaries. It not only unblocks websites, streaming platforms, and games but also provide you with unparallel security. compare the above VPNs now, and start playing your favorite game PubG now using your favorite VPN provider


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