10 Best Email Marketing Services for Real Estate Agents


Every realtor understands that finding new customers and maintaining contact with old ones are two of the profession’s most fundamental yet time-consuming duties. Marketing strategies like social media, ad networks, and the like may still be used, but what about email marketing? Sending emails more quickly and easily helps you reach a significantly broader audience. 

Your real estate marketing campaign’s success will be made or broken by your choice of email marketing tools. We’ll take a look at the top 10 email marketing platforms for realtors in this blog article, so you can decide which one is ideal for your requirements.

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In terms of features, Pabbly Email Marketing was the clear winner. Automating your marketing processes won’t take long. This will allow you to keep track of your visitors’ behavior and increase the number of emails you send while also improving the quality of those you send.

1. Pabbly

For big and small real estate organizations, Pabbly Email Marketing is a great fit. It has two standout qualities, most crucially. The SMTP routing functionality is the first. You may connect to numerous SMTP servers simultaneously using this functionality. Pabbly has a built-in SMTP server, but you may also connect to other SMTPs. Then there’s the marketing automation, which is second to none. Up to 90 per cent of your email marketing duties may be automated using marketing automation. In addition to that, Pabbly Email Marketing is the most excellent bulk email marketing solution out there.

  • With the help of MX Cleaner

Top Features of Pabbly 

In our mailing list, we have a lot of wrong and incorrect email addresses. Emails that bounce or go to spam hurt the delivery of other emails. Pabbly Email marketing has developed an MX cleaner to deal with and eliminate problematic email addresses before email transmission.

  • Open Rate Increased by a Factor of Two

Like MX Cleaner, it features a variety of mechanisms to help you increase the open rate of your email by eliminating all of the spam.

  • Create Emails with a Simple Drag-and-Drop Interface

The UI of any service must be simple and easy to use to be successful. Many service providers fall short of this standard. Pabbly, on the other hand, has it thanks to its simple drag-and-drop email builder. Text formatting tools are also provided to customize the appearance of the text to your liking.

  • Pricing

All of Pabbly Email Marketing’s premium features are included in each of the company’s four price plans for limitless emailing.

  • Forever Free ? With this plan, you may send up to 12K emails each month to a list of 100 people.
  • Rookie ? You may send an infinite amount of messages to a group of about 5K subscribers. There is a monthly fee of $24 for this service.


Zoho Campaigns is tightly integrated with the company’s other products, particularly Zoho CRM. Still, it also stands on its own as an email marketing tool for building newsletters and different types of email campaigns. There are plenty of pre-made templates in Campaigns that can get even the most inexperienced users up and running in no time. Since we last evaluated it, Zoho has given real estate Campaigns a complete makeover and introduced a slew of new capabilities. 

Zoho Email Marketing Features 

  • Control Panel

You can manage your organization’s mailboxes, create spam rules, set limitations, and adjust user information from the Control Panel.

Two-factor authentication provides an additional degree of protection for your accounts. The combination of your password and an OTP provided by Zoho maintains the security of your funds. Your users will be able to log in to mail.yourdomain.com and edit your business logo on the login screen and the Control Panel if you change your login URL to include your domain’s name. Importing a.csv file from your former email provider to Zoho Mail is as easy as a few simple steps, or you may do it manually. You’ll never have to worry about losing your password again. You may be confident that your password can be changed by one of your Administrators or Super Administrators if you so choose.


  • Standard

30 GB Mail storage per user and 10 GB WorkDrive storage per user (Shared)100GB team storage allocated for 3-10 users, with additional shared storage of 10 GB/new user after this limit.

  • Professional

100 GB WorkDrive storage per user is allocated for 3-10 users, with additional shared storage of 100 GB/new users after this limit.


One of the most widely used real estate email marketing tools is GetResponse. Lead generation, lead nurturing, and sales are all possible outcomes of using it as a marketing platform. Automated emails, landing pages, and forms may all be created using GetResponse. These are all things that GetResponse is well-suited to.

GetResponse Email Marketing Features

  • Funnel of Conversions

Ready-to-use and automated sales funnel builder. You need to create landing pages, automate your emails, offer your items, recover abandoned orders, and convert your clients. Autofunnel was the previous name for this software.

  • Sending Emails for Free

Email marketing software that includes professional email templates, simple design tools, and proven deliverability is available.

Use powerful segmentation techniques to increase the effectiveness of your email campaigns in only a few minutes.


  • Basic

Compared to the free plan, the Basic strategy is a significant upgrade. Zapier has more than 100 responsive email templates and more than 2,000 app connectors, making it ideal for optimizing your marketing tools.

You can also construct an e-commerce shop and use Facebook Ads to bring in new consumers and an infinite number of lead generating landing pages with the Basic package. As a result, the Basic plan is an excellent choice for entrepreneurs and small enterprises alike.

  • Plus

The Plus plan includes all of the features of the Basic plan, as well as a few additional ones. In addition, you may hold up to 100 live events with GetResponse webinars. You may set up a series of automated emails or social media advertising for those who want to keep in touch with their audience after a webinar.

Even while you can’t develop automation with the Basic plan, the Plus plan’s automation builder is significantly more versatile. You may also use sales funnels in the mid-tier program of GetReponse. The Plus plan’s extensive sales capabilities make it the ideal option for small and midsize enterprises that are serious about automating their sales process.


In addition, AWeber offers a free version that is entirely functional. As long as your email list has less than 500 members, you may utilize most of AWeber’s real estate services without having to upgrade to a paying plan. If you pay for your AWeber account on a quarterly or monthly basis, you’ll save around $3 each month. Students and not-for-profit organizations may also earn discounts. 

AWeber Email Markeitng Service Features

  • Messages

AWeber provides you with a wide range of choices for creating emails so that you can tailor it to your skill level and time constraints. A standout feature is Smart Designer, an artificial intelligence-powered email creator.

It just takes a few seconds to input the URL of your website, and it will generate a variety of themes. You may save as many templates as you want first to begin altering.

In the email creation dashboard, there is an automatic split between draught emails that haven’t been sent, emails that are being sent to everyone (broadcasts), and emails that are part of a campaign. With several campaigns under your belt, you’ll appreciate this feature’s ability to help you quickly sort through your emails.

A slower and more difficult-to-use editor than those found in other email marketing solutions. It required a lot of testing and tinkering to develop an appropriate email message.

  • Forms for registering

It’s easy to gather information from prospective consumers and grow your email lists using AWeber’s registration form creator (seen below). The UI is clumsy, but it makes up for it in functionality.

For example, you may choose whether or not the popup appears when you depart the page or whether it appears at the bottom of the page. If you prefer, you may specify the frequency of the message to be shown at various times, such as daily, weekly, or monthly.

There is no need to bother or hamper your customers to customize each form to suit specific needs.


  • Aweber Professional

Unlimited email lists, advanced email automation, removal of the AWeber logo, and detailed insights and statistics are all included in the Free plan.


Moosend is a European-based real estate E-mail Marketing Service Provider. Operating out of the United Kingdom and Greece, with agents in Romania, Poland, and other critical European nations, the company has a global reach. Whether you’re a little business or a large corporation, email newsletters are a great way to stay in touch with your customers and readers.

Automated list administration is provided by Moosend, which automatically deletes unsubscribe requests and manages bounces. Your communications will be delivered quickly and accurately thanks to Moosend. By using Moosend’s reporting and data, the firm can identify its most profitable members to get personalized communications tailored to their requirements and interests, increasing engagement and income. 

Moosend Features Email Marketing Features

  • Drag and Drop Dead Gorgeous Builder

Creating emails using this service is a cinch because of the drag-and-drop element choices.

  • Workflow Automation

Moosend has a wide range of automation features at its disposal. Setting up user onboarding is possible. Abandoned carts may be automatically tracked. They were scoring in the lead, for example.

  • Advanced Personalization

More information may be included about the recipients of your emails than just their first names, which is still a common practice.


Between $10 and $3.65k are charged by Moosend depending on the number of users (between 1001 and 1000K).


Intuitive and affordable, SendX is the best real estate email marketing software for marketers and small company owners. SendX is known for having one of the most user-friendly interfaces in the business. Every SendX subscription comes with an unlimited number of email sends advanced automation tools, live customer service that is available around the clock, and the best possible email delivery. More than 3,000 firms use SendX across the globe for email marketing. No credit card is necessary for a 14-day free trial. 

Additionally, SendX’s premium plans start at only $7.49 a month, making it one of the most economical email providers on the market. The 14-day free trial offered by SendX allows you to test the waters before making a final choice.

Features of Email Marketing

SendX’s 1-Click Resend to Un-openers tool can increase email opens by up to 50% and revenues by 23%. With the help of Geo Send and Smart Send (email send optimization based on geolocation), you can increase your open rates. Use these to increase your sales. The simple text editor in SendX is devoid of any extraneous features. However, you can design stunning newsletters with our drag-and-drop editor. Using a new email subject line to repeat your email broadcasts to non-openers may increase open rates by up to 50%. 

Send geo-targeted emails. Stop messing with the campaign timezone anymore. Using SendX, you can ensure that your email campaigns will be sent at the optimal Moment.


You can choose a business plan and an enterprise plan.  


Everything you need for sales and marketing with FormGet’s integrated real estate email marketing platform and subscription billing is at your fingertips. For free, you may use this online form-building program to create whatever kind of form you need. All you have to do is click on the fields to add them to your documents. You may accept one-time or recurring payments using a FormGet form by integrating it with the Stripe or PayPal payment gateways. 

Features of FormGet Email Marketing Serivce

  • Assistive Drag and Drop

Drag-and-drop functionality is provided for editing the content of your email. Text, graphics, and a call-to-action may all be used to alter the look and feel of any email.

  • Templates

FormGet offers a variety of pre-made email templates that you can use right away or change to meet your specific requirements.


FormGet is a free email marketing solution that requires you to signup and log in to get started.


Today, every inbox is overflowing with messages. We get so many emails that we can’t keep up with them. All of the emails you get are desperate for your attention. Send Moment Optimization by Noncore guarantees that your emails get at recipients’ inboxes at the optimal time. When people pay close attention to their emails, you have a better chance of engaging them and capturing their attention. Ensure a seamless onboarding experience with white-glove services. It doesn’t matter how big or tiny your project may be; we’re here for you every step of the way. G2’s “Best Support” award lets you know that you’re in excellent hands with this company. 

Feature of Netcore Email Marketing

  • SMTP

The acronym SMTP stands for “Simple Mail Transfer Protocol.” All that is required to send emails to an email server is a set of rules and guidelines to follow.

Isn’t that plain and simple? The reason why is simple: It is indeed the case. Because most frameworks already handle SMTP, installing extra libraries isn’t necessary.


Email costs may be a pain, so they’ve worked hard to keep them as low as we can.


You can concentrate on the what and how of increasing sales by using Keap, a web-based platform that automates your sales process. You can be confident that Keap will offer consistent brand messages across all your marketing initiatives and measure critical data such as open rates, click-through rates, and segmentation analyses by automating your sales and marketing operations. Your real estate email marketing service may be more professional and efficient with the use of the platform.

To increase team productivity, Keap removing duplicate processes in the selling process. A wide range of devices (including smartphones and tablets) may be used to access the data.

Features of Keap

  • CRM

Sales and marketing automation driven by Keap’s CRM can help you improve customer experiences and stop the chaos of operating your organization. Custom lead forms, landing sites, and social media may automatically collect and manage contacts.


Lite: Additional users cost $30 a piece after the first.


For every expanding organization, MailerLite is a real estate email service provider that simplifies the planning of email marketing campaigns. Among the many things, it may assist you with are expanding your mailing list and automating the delivery of emails to potential customers.

Features of MailerLite email marketing

MailerLite provides all the latest email marketing features to help you grow your subscriber base and strengthen your relationships. Sign up for a free account to use our drag-and-drop editor and automation tools.


Our firm belief is that pricing should be simple to understand, equitable, and within reach of all companies.


Real estate may be a grueling undertaking. You know you have to stand out in a crowded field if you want to succeed. Is there any other way? The obvious solutions are effectiveness, industry know-how, and an aggressive marketing campaign. Engaging your online audience is essential to distinguishing yourself and attracting new customers. When it’s time for them (or someone they know) to purchase or sell a home, they’ll be more likely to remember you because of your email marketing campaign.

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