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Windows Hosting in India

If you are using websites that are developed with any Microsoft-specific technology, Windows hosting is the way to go. ASP.NET, SQL Server, and Active Directory are such Windows-exclusive applications. In addition, developing .NET websites on Windows os is very easy due to the free version of Visual Studio. 

If your website is developed with the PHP programming language, or any CMS(content management system) then Linux Hosting is recommended.  Check below recommended 10 web hosts that offer the best-windows hosting services around:

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Top 5 Best Windows Hosting Companies in India


  1. HostSoch
  3. A2Hosting
  4. HostGator
  5. BigRock


HostSoch – Best value windows hosting


HostSoch is a brand that is known for offering top-quality web hosting services at incredibly low prices. Windows hosting is a part of HostSoch’s product line-up and it is one of the brands that offer Windows Hosting at cheap prices in India. It is reputed as one of the most trusted brands in the web hosting industry.

Low and fair pricing coupled with a long list of features, is the highlight of HostSoch. It offers Windows hosting starting at just INR 120/mo., which is the cheapest of the lot. And the best part is its same renewal prices. Adding more value to it are the freebies like the free domain name for a lifetime, free domain privacy, and free SSL. Known for offering the best hosting for small-scale websites, HostSoch comes with exceptional 24/7 customer support and offers a 99.9% uptime guarantee.


HostSoch Windows Hosting Plans


STARTER Windows 1GB 5 GB CPANEL 100 Rs.129.00/mo More Details
ADVANCED Windows Unlimited Unlimited CPANEL 1 Rs.179.00/mo More Details
BUSINESS Windows Unlimited Unlimited CPANEL 3 Rs.259.00/mo More Details
PRO Windows Unlimited Unlimited CPANEL Unlimited Rs.359.00/mo More Details

Things we like about HostSoch:


  • Lifetime free domain name:

If you buy hosting from HostSoch, you will not have to spend extra bucks on a domain name as HostSoch offers Free Domain Name with its every Windows Hosting plan barring the most basic plan. And what’s better is you get it free for a lifetime.

  • Same Renewal Prices:

Usually, when you renew your web hosting plans,  web hosts charge you twice or thrice more than the amount you were charged the first time. there will be a considerable increment in the amount you will have to pay when you renew the services, in comparison with what you pay initially. But if you choose HostSoch, what you pay in the beginning will be the amount you will have to pay every time you renew the hosting plans. 

  • Lifetime Free Domain Privacy:

Domain privacy is an essential feature that every website must-have. But unfortunately, many hosting companies offer domain privacy as an add-on feature that comes with a price tag. But HostSoch offers domain privacy as a freebie and it is free for lifetime.

  • 30-days moneyback guarantee:

HostSoch offers Windows hosting with a 30-days moneyback guarantee. This means that you get a month to decide if you want to continue using the HostSoch service. If you are not completely satisfied with its service, you claim a refund within 30 days of buying hosting.

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SmarterASP.NET – Outstanding free-trial period for 60 days


SmarterASP.NET is a brand known for offering superior quality Windows hosting and has served over 5 lac customers all over the world. Despite offering Windows hosting at cheap prices, no compromises are made in terms of features. And rightfully so, it is one of the highest-rated web hosts in the world.

SmarterASP.NET comes with the support for ASP.NET technology like ASP.NET, Model View Control Architecture(MVC), Silverlight, and more. It comes pre-loaded with a built-in CDN network with the help of Cloudflare, making your website extremely fast and also protecting it from DDoS attacks. Windows Hosting packages from SmarterASP.NET are known to be very reliable and fast. 


SmarterASP.NET Windows Hosting Plans


Plan Name

OS Space Bandwidth Panel Number of Sites Price  
ASP.NET BASIC Windows Unlimited Unlimited CPANEL 1 $2.95 More Details
ADVANCE Windows Unlimited Unlimited CPANEL 6 $4.95 More Details
ASP.NET PREMIUM Windows Unlimited Unlimited CPANEL Unlimited $7.95 More Details
AMAZING AFFILIATE PLAN Linux Unlimited Unlimited CPANEL Unlimited FREE More Details


Things we love about SmarterASP.NET:


  • 60-days trial period:

The 60-days trial period has to be the biggest USP of SmarterASP.NET. No other mainstream hosting company offers such a long trial period as SmarterASP.NET does. You can try their service for 60 days, free of cost, and see for yourself if SmarterASP.NET is the perfect hosting provider for your hosting needs. And it is worth mentioning that you do not need to provide any card details to try this trial.

  • 60-days moneyback guarantee:

In addition to a 60-days free trial, SmarterASP.NET also offers a 60-days moneyback guarantee. Which means you get almost four months to try out their service before finally continuing with it. This is really great considering the fact that most of the companies that offer moneyback guarantee limit it to just 30 days, whereas SmarterASP.NET goes bonkers with their moneyback guarantee.

  • Free SSL certificate:

Adding more value to SmarterASP.NET service is the Free SSL that it offers with its advanced plan. With this free SSL certificate, you can ensure highest security of your website without spending extra bucks and also make the visitors feel secure about visiting your website.

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A2 Hosting: Fast and powerful Windows hosting


A2 Hosting is a powerful hosting provider that has performance as its core strength. In fact, it claims its servers to be 20X faster.  It is one of those brands that is best known for speed and security, which can help you achieve the fastest page load speeds. A2 Hosting is one of the best hosting choices for power-hungry websites based on Windows technology.

It offers Windows hosting plans that are developer-friendly and customer support is very efficient. There is a free website migration support on all their plans and the customer support team personally does it for you. You can also opt for a website builder if you are yet to create a website. But keep in mind that the A2 SiteBuilder comes with different plans and is offered as an independent product. 


A2 Hosting Windows Hosting Plans


LITE Windows Unlimited Unlimited CPANEL   Rs.337.60/mo More Details
SWIFT Windows Unlimited Unlimited CPANEL Unlimited Rs.405.19/mo More Details
TURBO Windows Unlimited Unlimited CPANEL Unlimited Rs.743.14/mo More Details

Things we love about A2 Hosting:


  • Superior performance powered by SSD:

For shared windows hosting, A2 Hosting is the fastest out there in the market and you will experience the performance boost right from the word go. This is possible with the use of advanced SSD servers. And for a website running on Windows-specific technologies, enhanced performance is a must.

  • Anytime moneyback guarantee:

Anytime moneyback guarantee is something very huge from a mainstream hosting company. Some hosts offer a 30-days moneyback guarantee while a handful of hosts offer a 45 or 60-days moneyback guarantee. But A2 Hosting breaks all the shackles and offers anytime moneyback guarantee. This says a lot about the type of service it offers and the confidence of customer satisfaction A2 Hosting has.

  • 99.9% Uptime:

While 99.9% uptime is not the industry best, it is still the standard uptime of most of the leading hosting providers. But you should never worry about the uptime guarantee, as A2 Hosting comes with anytime moneyback guarantee. If you do not find A2 Hosting staying true to their promise of 99.9% uptime, you can claim your refund anytime you want.

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HostGator – Reliable windows hosting at pocket-friendly prices


Low cost and reliability are two things that usually don’t go hand in hand. But HostGator’s hosting is highly reliable despite being priced relatively low. It is one of the most popular hosting providers with its customer base spread across the world. It offers Windows Hosting at very cheap prices and comes with state-of-the-art software stack.

You get the latest Plesk Onyx 17.5 with all the Windows Hosting plans using which you can easily manage your hosting account and website. With the support for Cloudflare, every Windows-based website hosted on its servers are tend to be extra fast and safe from DDoS attacks. You do get unlimited bandwidth right from the most basic plan that is priced at INR 149/mo.


HostGator Windows Hosting Plans


Personal Plan Windows Unmetered Unmetered Plesk 1 $4.76/m More Details
Enterprise Plan Windows Unmetered Unmetered CPANEL 5 $14.36/m More Details

   Things we like about HostGator:


  • 45-days moneyback guarantee:

With HostGator, you get 45-days of moneyback guarantee, which means you get 45-days to try out its service and see for yourself, as opposed to 30-days other hosts offer. The extra 15-days you get can be crucial as just a month can be insufficient to judge the service of a hosting provider.

  • Free SSL certificate:

Right from the most basic plan, you get free SSL. For a more advanced and secure SSL certificate, you need to go for advanced plans. But for those who do want to spend an extra amount on SSL certificate, this freebie is a lifesaver.

  • Free domain name:

If you buy Windows hosting from HostGator, you can avail a free .NET domain name for absolutely free. This means you do not have to spend extra bucks on a domain name if you are just getting started and do not have an existing domain name.

  • 99.9% Uptime guarantee:

While an uptime guarantee of 99.9% is not the best out there in the industry, HostGator paves a way for you to monitor if it really delivers on their claim of a 99.9% guarantee. You can easily analyze the uptime of your website and see if Hostgator has stayed true to its promise.

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BigRock: Rocksolid windows hosting at an affordable price tag


BigRock is a popular web hosting provider specialized in providing both Linux and Windows Hosting. Mostly famous for its rocksteady shared hosting, we highly recommend BigRock to anyone looking for Windows shared hosting. You can also get domain names, Cloud hosting, VPS servers and they even offer a website builder.

For your site built with ASP, .NET, or MS-SQL, you can get Windows hosting from BigRock. You get unlimited resources in all the plans, barring the most basic plan, which BigRock one of the most ideal options for the websites that are resource hungry. Given the price, the SSD servers that are offered add more value to the package. 

BigRock Windows Hosting Plans


Essential Windows 20 GB 100 GB CPANEL   Rs.59/mo More Details
Premium Windows Unmetered Unmetered CPANEL HOST A SINGLE Rs.299/mo More Details
Business Windows Unmetered Unmetered CPANEL HOST FIVE Rs.449/mo More Details
Pro Windows Unmetered Unmetered CPANEL HOST TEN Rs.599/mo More Details

Things we love about BigRock:


  • High-performance SSD servers

Despite being a low-cost hosting provider, BigRock has chosen SSD servers over outdated HDD-powered servers. The use of SSDs surely can give your website a boost in performance, improving their page load by big margins.

  • Cheaper pricing with longer commitment:

Windows plans are usually priced higher than Linux plans. But starting at just INR 59/mo., BigRock Windows plans are cheapest among the popular brands. But you have to choose the 10-year plan to get windows hosting at such throw-away prices. The pricing of one-year plans starts at INR 149/mo. 

  • 99.9% Uptime Guarantee:

BigRock claims an uptime guarantee of 99.9%, which is the industry standard for low-cost hosting providers. This translates to 44 minutes of your website being down per month, which is not an issue for a small-scale website.

  • 30-days moneyback guarantee:

If you want to use BIgRock as your host for a longer period and not sure if it is worth taking into consideration, the 30-days moneyback guarantee has got your back. Within 30 days of buying BigRock hosting, you can claim a refund, if you are not completely satisfied with its service.

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What is a Windows Server?

If you are using ASP and .NET scripts or Microsoft Exchange, a Windows-driven hosting solution can come with a fair share of benefits. Windows Server is essentially a group of operating systems that support enterprise-level management, communications, data storage and other applications. You as a user will be able to benefit from its stability, security and networking capabilities along with the enhancements it brings about to the traditional file system. 

Pros and Cons of Windows Web Hosting 

  • While most web hosts enable you to get a simple website live online, but if your requirements are mo extensive than that, Windows Hosting in India can prove to be a handy option. 
  • Windows Server is extremely easy to use
  • Requires minimum interaction with the command line
  • Much easier to manage and update as compared to Linux especially if you are new in the game.
  • Supports specialized script languages
  • Is extremely stable if managed appropriately by the host 
  • Windows Server is extremely useful when you are working with ColdFusion, C# or Visual Basics. 
On the downside, many users that have used this hosting option find Windows to be slightly less flexible than other hosting solutions and also more expensive. However, it is also important to understand that Windows Server is built for the delivery of various productivity tools and other tech-enabled applications. If you are willing to a slightly more, Windows-based hosting offers a highly stable platform for building web-based applications and sites.  

When should you not choose Windows Hosting?

  • You should avoid using Windows Hosting if the script you need is written using PHP. PHP is often simpler on Linux Servers.
  • Windows Server may not be right for you if you don’t know your way around WordPress. WordPress on Windows is not extremely easy to come by and requires customized configuration.
  • Considering how feature rich it is, chances are that you may find Windows Server to be more expensive than the other alternatives you may be assessing. Weigh the benefits against the cost before making a decision.
  • If you insist on staying loyal to a specific hosting company, not all hosts provide Windows hosting. 
  • You want to stay loyal to a particular hosting company. Not all hosts provide Windows hosting services.
  • You want the flexibility to customize your server or need Apache or a specific Apache module for your development needs.


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29 Sep 2020

Decent host

I have had a better experience with other services.. hostgator’s uptime is good but frankly they are quite expensive with plans. You can get so much with others hosts

BigRock Hosting Review

Amrut Joshi

22 Sep 2021

Domain transfer and hosting good, but support is time staking.

Next time, please ensure that the support is there to receive the calls. Though your hosting and domain transfer service is great, it becomes difficult to get in touch. Please work on this.

Znetlive Hosting Review


14 Apr 2021

Highly Recommended

I find the best support ever from Znetlive, is very good, and the price is very low and uptime 99.99% Good Customer Support...Highly Recommended .

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14 Dec 2021

5 stars. Well deserved.

Their prices are low and the performance is great. Technical support responds fast and actually cares. 5 stars. Well deserved.

MochaHost Hosting Review


20 Oct 2021

service was prompt

The service was prompt and responsive and managed to solve the issues immediately.

MilesWeb Hosting Review

Phani Bhushan Nagula

07 Oct 2021

Mileweb Server and Technical Support Issues

Milesweb servers are very slow. My static website loading is taking too long (>50 sec). Technical support never tries to understand the issues to find solution and they are very slow in response too.

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