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SmarterASP.NET Review - The Summary

SmarterASP.Net is an affordable web hosting company that gives services on ASP.NET web hosting and mainly focuses on Windows operating systems. The company started in 1999 and is located in California's Monterey Park.  

The company affords an excellent deal for people who want a prominent web hosting offer for their customers. They offer you features that allow you to launch a rightly functioning website. All this is attainable with one-click installation and cPanel, which the company gives its clients. 

SmarterASP.Net can take care of your requirements. This is the right option for the business or individual who searches for Windows-based hosting. is a web hosting company providing plans sharpened on Windows hosting based on ASP.NET. Its hosting services cover shared hosting, VPS, and semi-dedicated hosting. They implement plans for businesses, developers, and individuals and support many Visual Studio versions of ASP for its non-developer clients.  Besides this, the company provides a free trial of 60 days for experiencing their services. Before going for a long-term commitment, the customer can check out the service thoroughly with this facility.

They provide a free temporary URL for your hosting even with the free trial and install the latest ASP.NET applications with just a single click!

And no credit card requires until you decide to buy their service. They have data centers in both the United States and Europe.  They do not provide features like disk space, bandwidth, emails, number of domains, and unlimited web space in the basic or introductory plan. As I mentioned above, SmarterASP.Net provides mainly three types of hosting, shared VPS and semi-dedicated hosting.

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Explore SmarterASP.NET Services & Plans

SmarterASP.NET offers the following Services and Plans:
Shared Hosting : $2.95/month - FREE /month
VPS Hosting : $99.95 /month - $399.95 /month
Dedicated Server : $29.95/month - $129.95 /month
Cloud Hosting : $199.95/month - $399.95 /month
Resellers : $30.00/month - $60.00 /month

Shared Hosting Review

Shared ASP.Net Hosting:

Their shared ASP.NET hosting package is famous for its speed and reliability, and it fits individual and small to medium companies. They support the latest ASP.Net 4.8, 4.7, 4.6 hosting and MVC 6, and PHP 8.x hosting. You can sign up for a 60 Day Free Trial and see for yourself!

All the plans support Visual Studio, multiple scripting languages, i.e., Silverlight, ASP, and one-click installers like Joomla and WordPress.

SmarterASP.Net offers three hosting plans; ASP.Net Basic, Advance, and Premium. Let's see the pricing of each plan.


You will get the Basic plan for $ 2.95 / month.

Main features:

  • · Host one Website
  • · Unlimited Domain Pointers
  • · Unlimited Space/Transfers
  • · SQL Server 2019/MySQL
  • · ASP.NET Core 5.x/Node.js
  • · ASP.NET 4.8/ASP/PHP 8.x
  • · US/Europe Datacenter
  • · FREE Activation


You will get the Advance plan for $ 4.95 / month.

Main features:

  • · Host 6 Websites
  • · Unlimited Domain Pointers
  • · Unlimited Space/Transfers
  • · SQL Server 2019/MySQL
  • · ASP.NET Core 5.x/Node.js
  • · ASP.NET 4.8/ASP/PHP 8.x
  • · Free 256 bit SSL
  • · US/Europe Datacenter
  • · FREE Activation


You will get the Advance plan for $ 7.95 / month.

Main features:

  • · Unlimited Websites
  • · Unlimited Domain Pointers
  • · Unlimited Space/Transfers
  • · SQL Server 2019/MySQL
  • · ASP.NET Core 5.x/Node.js
  • · ASP.NET 4.8/ASP/PHP 8.x
  • · Free 256 bit SSL
  • · US/Europe Datacenter
  • · FREE Activation

Shared Hosting Plans

Plan Name OS Space Bandwidth Panel No. of SitesPrice
ASP.NET BASICWindowsUnlimitedUnlimitedPlesk1$2.95/month
ADVANCEWindowsUnlimited Unlimited CPANEL6$4.95 /month
ASP.NET PREMIUMWindowsUnlimitedUnlimitedPleskUnlimited$7.95 /month
60 DAYS TrialWindows5 GB10 GBPlesk1FREE/month
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VPS Hosting Review

Virtual Private Server (VPS) Asp.Net Hosting:

Their VPS Servers, Cloud Servers, and Dedicated Servers empower the latest Intel hardware, including speedy SSD Drives with Enterprise Raid guarded storage for high performance. VPS plans also support a single IP address and operating systems such as Windows and CentOS and the same databases. And the plans also vary by the RAM, CPU speeds, bandwidth, and disk space. 

VPS Hosting Plans

Plan Name OS Space CPU RAM CorePrice
VPS SSD 1Windows50 GB4 Cores8 GB4 Cores$99.95/month
VPS SSD 2Windows100 GB 4 Cores8 GB4 Cores$139.95/month
VPS SSD 3Windows200 GB6 Cores16 GB6 Cores$199.95/month
VPS SSD 4Windows800 GB10 Cores60 GB10 Cores$399.95/month
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Dedicated Hosting Review

Semi-Dedicated Asp.Net Hosting:

Semi-Dedicated is for very busy ASP.NET websites. Each Semi-Dedicated server has only 5 to 10 customers, unlike regular shared hosting. They have to keep all the resources for their site to run without any performance issues.  A semi-dedicated plan also appears with Semi SQL Server to meet its performance requirements. Semi-Dedicated plans provide you the performance of a dedicated server at a division of the cost. Semi-dedicated plans are hosts on Windows-based servers that provide emails, FTP accounts, and unlimited bandwidth for their customers.

Besides this, they offer the same features as Semi-dedicated and VPS plans in their Reseller plans. All these plans will differ in disk space and bandwidth.

Dedicated Hosting Plans

Plan Name OS Space Price
SEMI BASICWindowsUnlimited$29.95/month
SEMI ADVANCEWindowsUnlimited$49.95/month
SEMI PREMIUMWindowsUnlimited$79.95/month
SEMI ULTIMATEWindowsUnlimited$129.95/month
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Cloud Hosting Review

Cloud Hosting Plans

Plan Name OS Space CPU RAM BandWidthPrice
Cloud SSD 1Windows200 GB6 Cores16 GBUnlimited $199.95/month
Cloud SSD 2Windows400 GB8 Cores30 GBUnlimited$299.95/month
Cloud SSD 3Windows800 GB10 Cores60 GBUnlimited$399.95/month
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Reseller Hosting Review

Resellers Hosting Plans

Plan Name OS Space Bandwidth Panel No. of SitesPrice
Reseller 100Windows50 GB500 GBPleskUnlimited$30.00/month
Reseller 200Windows80 GB800 GBPleskUnlimited$40.00/month
Reseller 300Windows120 GB1200 GBPleskUnlimited$50.00/month
Reseller 400Windows180 GB1800 GBPleskUnlimited$60.00/month
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SmarterASP.NET Key Features: What makes SmarterASP.NET Best?

Superior ASP.NET Hosting

If you want a shared hosting package from ASP.NET at a reasonable price, this is an excellent advantage for you. The company supports, along with MVC 5 and 4.0 hosting, the new version of ASP.NET, including 4.6 and 4.5. All these come at an affordable price. The basic plan comes at a $2.95 monthly cost. A free trial of 60 days is also offered along with it. Seriously, this is a perfect deal to refuse.

60 Days Free Trials

Companies give different offers to attract customers, including free trials and money-back policies. Usually, they provide a free trial for s less than 30 days or a money-back policy within 30 days. But in the second one, you have to pay initially, which is quite hard to rely on. But here, SmarterASP.Net stands out from others with an excellent offer, a free trial of 60 days! The company also gives a money-back guarantee of 60 days that they receive when they finish their trial period. 

Cloudflare Integration

If your website's hosting location is single, but people worldwide access the website, people living remote from the data center will meet difficulties. But SmarterASP.NET offers its customers a Cloudflare CDN facility, i.e., content delivery network integration, to resolve this problem. With the support of CDN, the website can also be loaded at four times higher speed by your customers living away from your data center.  

No Credit Card Required

One-Click Application Installer

Install the latest ASP.Net and PHP applications in one click.

SAN Storage Technology

Your data stores in High-Performance Dell Equalogic Sans for the excellent performance and reliability you need.

Support and Customer Service

Customer service of 24*7 through the support ticket system and a chat system on its website. 

99.9% Uptime Guarantee

They assure an uptime guarantee of 99.9% to its customers.

Network Performance

Top quality bandwidth providers such as Level3, Global Crossing, AT&T, and UUNET

Free Programming Support Service

Services include basic debugging, simple code fix, and programming consulting.

About Affiliate Program

The main attractions of the affiliate plan are:

  • $5 for Free Trial Signup
  • 60% of What We Charge!
  • Withdraw Anytime
  • Marketing Banners
  • High Conversion Rates
  • Real-Time Affiliate Panel   

Conclusion: Do I recommend SmarterASP.Net as your web host?

Of course! If you need a reliable host service, you can go for the 60 day free trial without any second thought.

Before making the bond with the service, you can thoroughly examine each provider's features.

So, don't delay; let's start your business with SmarterASP.Net to grow swiftly.

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