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MochaHost Review - The Summary

MochaHost is a low-cost web hosting provider that is mostly known for providing top-notch service with best-in-class features and great customer service within a quite reasonable price bracket.
Being located in the heart of Silicon Valley (San Jose, California), MochaHost uses some of the most advanced data centres in the USA - in Chicago, Illinois. But with the partnership with Cloudflare, they have achieved global reach, thus being able to reach a wide variety of customers, all around the globe.
And one noteworthy aspect of MochaHost is that it also provides online marketing and SEO tools. These tools comprise apps and social media bundles and more. Even though MochaHost has positioned itself as a low-cost hosting provider and despite their pricing being on the lower side, MochaHost comes with lots of best-in-class features that can topple many top established players in the web hosting industry.
Mocha Host is the segment leader when it comes to providing top-notch service that is both reliable and affordable. And it is not only web hosting or domain name that you can choose Mocha Host for. You can get a wide range of services from Mocha Host like SEO tools, Online marketing tools, Social media bundles, etc. There are very few web hosting providers that will provide you service of high quality along with industry-leading features like 180 days money-back guarantee, 100% uptime guarantee, lifetime discount guarantee, and more. And Mocha Host is the torchbearer for such hosts and you can give it a go without thinking much, as they have plans for even a very basic website taking baby steps to a website that is already well established.

MochaHost Key Features: What makes MochaHost Best?

Free Domain

Adding more value to the service offered by Mocha host is the free domain. Mocha Host offers a free Top Level domain name such as com, org, net, info with their web hosting plans. This can surely save you some bucks as Top Level domain names are not at all cheap. Condition:
Business Plan 1 and 2 year but 3 year plan Free Doman not available
Mocha Plan only  1 and 2 year billing cycle but 3 year plan Free Doman not available
All Reseller Plans 1 and 2 year billing cycle comes with Free domain

Unlimited Free SSL Certificates for Life!

Free SSL certificate is another freebie that you get with Mocha Host plans. SSL certificate is of high importance for any website and if you are planning to get hosting for an eCommerce website, an SSL certificate is a must, to carry out online transactions. You are guaranteed of increased Search Engine visibility by enabling the free SSL provided by Mocha.

Same Renewal Pricing

We have seen some hosting providers that provide a price freeze guarantee but with the exclusion of discounts that are offered when you buy hosting from them. But only a few of the hosting providers including HostSoch, Mocha Host also claims to offer you the same price renewal guarantee along with the discounts, as long as you choose to be using Mocha Host services. This indeed is great as you will be spending the least amount possible when you renew your services if you have got maximum discounts while buying Mocha hosting for the first time.

180 Days Moneyback Guarantee

Just when you think things cannot get any better, Mocha Host again proves you wrong. Mocha Host comes with an astonishing 180 days money-back guarantee. In terms of months, you get a whopping 6 months to make sure you have chosen the right web host for your web hosting needs. 180 days money-back guarantee is applicable for even the most basic plan. You get a money-back guarantee on all shared, reseller and VPS plans.

Free Website Builder

24/7 Servers Monitoring

Free Migration Assistance

Free Malware and Spam Protection

Malware and Spam protection is provided by Mocha to ensure trouble-free service. Mocha’s web hosting plans come with protection against Malware and Spam free of cost. Due to continuous monitoring, you will be notified whenever any suspicious activity takes place in your account.      

Explore MochaHost Services & Plans

MochaHost offers the following Services and Plans:
Shared Hosting : $3.18/month - $6.68 /month
VPS Hosting : $19.50/month - $59.50 /month
Dedicated Server : $17.50/month - $57.50 /month
Resellers : $6.00/month - $20.00 /month
WordPress Hosting : $3.18/month - $12.45 /month
Domain Pricing : .us for $12.00/yr
Java Hosting : $6.35/month - $23.90 /month

Shared Hosting

Unlimited Cloud Hosting

Mocha Host provides ultrafast shared cloud hosting at a very affordable price range with prices starting at $1.56mo. The least priced package is named ‘Soho’, and the ‘Business’ package is the best seller suitable for a business or an eCommerce website. The best performing package is just named ‘Mocha’. Soho is the most basic package among the three and not the most recommended when it comes to performance. The business package is the most value-for-money package, considering its price and the specs. You get support for unlimited monthly traffic, and bandwidth. Opting for Business or the Mocha packages will also enable you to host multiple websites.

Windows / ASP.NET Hosting

Mocha Host has been offering reliable windows hosting for more than 17 years now. Mocha host has been able to deliver windows hosting with great specifications and amazing quality for 17 years and their packages are also priced very reasonably. The cheapest windows hosting plan name Soho costs $2.38/mo. and goes all the way up to $4.71/mo. The nomenclature of the packages has been borrowed from Cloud Hosting and you get a SolidCP control panel to manage your hosting account.

Mocha Host windows hosting comes with the latest ASP.NET core support, like .NET Core 2.2.1, .NET Core 3.upto Net core 6 In the basic plan Soho, the database size is unlimited, you get unlimited database size allowed with the Business and Mocha packages.

Application Hosting

If you are hosting your website using either Joomla, Drupal Magento, or any other applications, you can choose from Mocha’s Application Hosting packages namely, Business and Mocha. You can choose from more than 180 applications and unlike WordPress hosting, application hosting is classified into only two categories instead of three. Both the Business and Mocha packages get some much-required features.

You get a cPanel control panel with both the plans and also Free SEO tools are provided to add more boost to your website. You will be getting 1 Domain free for a lifetime, as long as you buy Mocha hosting. Even though both the packages come with automatic backups, the Mocha package gets tad premium backups.

Shared Hosting Plans

Plan Name OS Space Bandwidth Panel No. of SitesPrice
SohoLinux30 GBUnlimitedCPANEL1$3.18/month
BusinessLinux50 GBUnlimitedCPANELUnlimited $4.18/month
MochaLinux100 GBUnlimitedCPANELUnlimited $6.68/month
Soho ASP.NETWindows30 GBUnlimitedPlesk1$3.48/month
Business ASP.NETWindows50 GBUnlimitedPleskUnlimited$4.98/month
Mocha ASP.NETWindows100 GBUnlimitedPleskUnlimited $7.25/month
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VPS Hosting

The long list of Mocha’s offerings does not just end here. They also provide VPS services. You can choose from Linux or Windows VPS servers. These servers are powered by blazing fast SSD storage. In Linux VPS itself, there are 8 different configurations you can choose from. The very basic plan is priced at Rs 614/mo. and the 8th package costs a whopping Rs 3846/mo. Except for the cheapest package, all other packages are feature-rich and are perfect to cater to the needs of your power-hungry website.

The VPS servers powered by Windows are available in 7 different specifications and you can get yourself a one at as low as Rs 898/mo. with the prices shooting up to Rs 3461/mo. You get free CDN right from the basic package and all the packages come with support for VPN.

VPS Hosting Plans

Plan Name OS Space CPU RAM Price
Lungo Linux ILinux80 GB2 CPU4 GB$19.50/month
Lungo Linux IILinux160 GB4 CPU8 GB$34.50/month
Lungo Linux IIILinux320 GB8 CPU16 GB$59.50/month
Lungo Windows IWindows80 GB2 CPU4 GB$24.50/month
Lungo Windows IIWindows160 GB4 CPU8 GB$44.50/month
Lungo Windows IIIWindows320 GB8 CPU16 GB$79.50/month
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Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated Cloud Servers

Mocha Host is also a renowned face when it comes to providing cloud-based dedicated servers. Mocha again gives you the option to choose from either Linux-based dedicated cloud servers or windows based dedicated cloud servers. The Linux-based servers are bit cheaper and the windows based servers are a tad costlier when compared to the former. There are a whopping 18 different classifications in total, offering you a wide variety of specifications to choose from. These servers come with Never Reboot protection and VPN support. Prices of Linux-based dedicated servers start at Rs. 1462/mo., for the basic package, and the most advanced package is priced at Rs. 12621/mo. You can choose these servers from three different specifications. Just like Linux dedicated servers, even the Windows dedicated server is classified into 9 different classifications, with the cheapest package starting at Rs 1847/mo., going all the way up to Rs 13006/mo.

Dedicated Hosting Plans

Plan Name OS Space RAM CorePrice
Frappe Linux ILinux80 GB4 GB2 Core$17.50/month
Frappe Linux IILinux160 GB8 GB4 Core$32.50/month
Frappe Linux IIILinux320 GB16 GB8 Core$57.50/month
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Reseller Hosting

Plan Name OS Space Bandwidth Panel No. of SitesPrice
Affogato Reseller ILinux25 GBUnlimited CPANEL15 cPanel $6.00/month
Affogato Reseller IILinux50 GBUnlimitedCPANEL30 cPanel$10.00/month
Affogato Reseller IIILinux200 GBUnlimitedCPANEL100 cPanels$20.00/month
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WordPress Hosting

Among many other applications, WordPress is the most popular and most widely used. Therefore, Mocha Hosting has opted to provide dedicated WordPress Hosting for anyone who is looking for reliable and affordable web hosting for their WordPress website. For a change, Mocha has opted for a different nomenclature for WordPress Packages with the plans named WP Starter, WP Premium and WP Advanced. Priced between Rs 206/mo. and Rs 514/mo., all three packages are based on cloud technology and you get lighting fast website. Therefore. You can be free from the worries of a slow-loading website. All three packages are provided automated backups, with WP Premium and WP Advanced getting more advanced backup. You are recommended to choose either of these two packages as you also get a Free Domain and Free CDN along with lots of other goodies.

WordPress Hosting Plans

Plan Name OS Space Bandwidth Panel No. of SitesPrice
WP StarterLinux30 GBUnlimited CPANELUnlimited $3.18/month
WP PremiumLinux50 GBUnlimited CPANELUnlimited $4.68/month
WP ProfessionalLinuxUnlimitedUnlimited CPANELUnlimited$12.45/month
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Domain Name Pricing

Domain Registration

  • .us $12.00/yr
  • .name $14.95/yr
  • .ca $16.95/yr
  • cc $27.95/yr

Domain Renewal

  • .us $12.00/yr
  • .name $14.95/yr
  • .ca $16.95/yr
  • cc $27.95/yr

Java Hosting

Soho JavaBusiness JavaMocha JavaUltimate Java

1 JSP Website
30GB NVMe SSD Storage
Tomcat 10, 9, 8.0.x, 7.0.x, 6.0.x
MariaDB, PostgreSQL

Unlimited JSP Website
50GB NVMe SSD Storage
64/128/256MB Private Heap Size
Free Domain Name

Unlimited JSP Website
100GB NVMe SSD Storage
JDK 1.11, 1.10
2 vCPU Cores

Unlimited JSP Website
Unlimited NVMe SSD
3 vCPU Cores
Free Premium Daily Backups

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