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Best Linux Hosting in India 

We have already discussed the different web hosting services available which are shared web hosting, VPS, Cloud, Dedicated, and Reseller hosting. Now, what is Linux web hosting? Linux is the most popular and commonly used operating system by these web hosting services or web hosting servers. Same like Windows is another operating system used on various web hosting services. 

Linux hosting is most commonly used for the majority of websites since it has more features web designers expect. Therefore Linux web hosting should be your first choice to host a website unless it needs a specific Windows application. The web says over 71% of all websites on the internet run on a Linux system and Windows is only used by 28% of the websites. 

Below, we recommend the top-class Linux hosting providers who provide the best Linux hosting for a cheaper price in the market. No matter whether you're just starting to build your first website or already have multiple websites, we have you with the best recommendation to choose and compare various Linux hosting plans:

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Best 10 Linux Hosting Providers in India

Starts from

$3.49 per month

  • Unlimited Disk Space & Bandwidth
  • SSD Server Hosting
  • Fee Domain Name
  • 90 days Money Back Guarantee

Starts from

199.00 per month

  • 100 GB Web Space & Unlimited Transfer
  • Host 1 Website
  • Free Domain Name
  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee

Starts from

149.00 price/mo

  • 20 GB Space space & 100 GB Transfer
  • Host Single Domains
  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
  • Supports CMS: WordPress

Starts from

250.65 per month

  • Unlimited Space & Bandwidth
  • Free SSL & SSD
  • Anytime Money Back Guarantee
  • 99.9% Uptime Commitment

Starts from

$4.80 price/mo

  • Unlimited Web Space & Transfer
  • Host Unlimited Websites
  • Free Domain Name
  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee

Why Linux Web Hosting is Cheap?

Shared Linux hosting is the most popularly known best web hosting and cheapest web hosting service in the industry. Because of its versatility and powerful nature, it is considered to be the most popular alternative to Microsoft Windows hosting and is available in a variety of free, free-medium as well as commercial versions.
A growing number of shared hosting companies today choose to default to Linux for their hosting packages. In fact, it is also the OS that Google relies on to run its extensive banks of over 15000 servers.
It is not uncommon for business and/or website owners to purchase a web hosting plan in India without really venturing into technical details. If you are currently on a cheaper shared hosting place, chances are that it is provisioned via servers that run using Linux. This is often recommended because –
  •   Linux offers a highly secure environment by ridding website owners of the worry of attacks and hacks
  • It is easy to use industry-standard web hosting software such as the CPanel so moving hosts isn’t very disruptive.
  • Opting for Linux helps keep the costs down for the hosts, who in turn pass on their savings to the customers
  • On Linux platforms, the way things work tends to be rather standard from one host to another.
  • Finally, Linux is typically configured according to the LAMP standards. That is (L)inux OS, (A)pache Web Server Applications, (M)ySQL and (P)HP programming language. This standard gives you all you need to run and manage an acceptable and modernized online portal. 

Linux Hosting v/s Windows Hosting

Linux hosting essentially makes use of open-source software. 
In addition to this, it also gives users a variety of options for various hosting requirements.
Linux hosting is easily compatible with PHP which is one of the most preferred programming languages available today.
If you are a programmer who likes to keep testing new things, Linux is an excellent platform to consider. 
Linux is also cheaper and more affordable. Overhead expenses in Linux are significantly reduced especially when proprietary software isn’t installed. 
You need a Linux web hosting service to host popular CMS websites like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal & more. And, Linux hosting is also the best choice for websites based on PHP, Perl, Python, or Mysql. However, you need Windows hosting services in order to host a website based on MSSQL or ASP.NET and other Windows-specific applications. These websites need windows specific operating systems to run smoothly. Therefore, make sure to choose the web hosting service depending on your website platform. 
If you need to work with or Windows applications and coding conversion, Linux may not be the best platform for you to consider. The problem is the same if your website is designed for Windows-based applications. This is the only major disadvantage that a user may experience.  

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Best Linux Server Providers - Recent User Reviews

Bluehost India Hosting Review


27 Apr 2023

You can't really compare any other host to BlueHost. One of the first things which I was really pleased with was the amount of disk space you are given in my case (600GB) and the bandwidth is unbeatable (6,000GB). Their customer support is very reliable and always there for you at any time even when you live on the other side of the world (+9 hour difference). The only thing which I am not to keen on is the fact that you only get 50 MySQL databases with the account, I think that they should up these too 100, or even make them unlimited! If you are going to want a good, reliable and cheap host, BlueHost is the way to go!

BigRock Hosting Review


27 Apr 2023

Best hosting provider

I have used many hosting services but Bigrock is best since some of my websites transferred to it good speed and up-time ! Yet no problem with them. I am planning to transfer all of my domains in future for best service. thanks

HostSoch Hosting Review

Rehana Haja

08 Sep 2022

Good Customer Support

I have never had an issue take more than 30 minutes to resolve with In Hostsoch. Support team are knowledgeable, experienced, and very polite. 5 stars all the way.

ResellerClub Hosting Review


03 Sep 2022

Excellent Service

In our business, uptime, bandwidth and reliability is necessary as we cater to global user of large MNCs. ResellerClub has been an excellent platform by providing world class Reseller Web Hosting that we truly rely on to support our customers.

AltusHost Hosting Review


22 Jul 2022

Friendly support team and best service

I am new to to Altushost and received best support so far the tech team. I was recommended from my collegue and happy with Altushost services.

Exabytes Hosting Review


15 Jul 2022

Reasonable pricing and Great support

“I found Exabytes through a friend’s recommendation. The pricing is excellent. The support, in the rare cases that I’ve needed it, has been incredibly responsive. High recommended.”

Linux Server- Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Which is the Cheapest Linux hosting with cPanel, MySQL & PHP?

Whether your website is build with WordPress, MySQL, Php, or any CMS like Drupal, Magento etc, here is our #1 top Linux hosting plans recommendation you can choose to bring your website live on the web. Look no further - your best Linux hosting option along with cPanel, is here to build and grow your website with unlimited resources, and incredible features at the lowest price in the market. Try our free Linux hosting recommendation, if you are looking for a free hosting option.

Who provides Free Domain, Free SSL, Free Website builder in Linux hosting service?

The top Linux hosting providers such as HostSoch, Hostinger comes with Free domain, SSL certificates, and Free website builders to make use of the freebies and save a lot on web hosting purchase, therefore no look further, this is a great chance to get started and experience the quality services offered. You own complete control on the free domain name as it does it with Paid and No quality compromise policy.

Which is best Linux hosting or Windows Hosting?

If you are confused between Linux and Windows hosting, you should note that not all popular scripts and languages require Linux. For instance, WordPress can be easily installed on a Windows Server. Also, PHP and Perl through Strawberry Perl can be supported o Windows. However many users believe that they aren’t so well supported and may not be extremely stable to work with. That said Linux servers do not support IIS, .NET, and ASP. So if you intend to work with these tools, you may have to go with Windows. Windows is often considered to be a well-rounded platform where most applications work relatively well. However, Linux wins the pricing game. Learn more on Linux vs. Windows Hosting.

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