Top WordPress Hosting Companies That Offer Free WordPress Website Migration Services

We all know that 28% of all the websites in the world are powered by WordPress, but the way we all use WordPress is different.

Here is some perspective, some might use only 10 plugins while some use more than 50 plugins on their WordPress sites. While a majority of us Use WordPress to run a blog, many others use it to run an e-commerce portal like an online store on so on, some use it to run a job portal, and some use it for personal purposes like portfolios and so many other things we do in WordPress.

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In our one decade of experience with numerous WordPress hosting companies comparison, this has given us a unique experience as now we can able to recommend you the best and trusted web hosting services for WordPress.

As we all know that every web hosting company claims that they are the best. However, this is the fact that the quality of hosting is usually known when we start using their services as our website usage and traffic grows over time. The hosting company which is able to sustain your website’s growth with right hosting package is the one that is best and powerful. While some hosting companies start giving errors like “500 internal server error” and “error connecting to database” are not reliable.

If your WordPress sites run smoothly with your existing hosting provider, then you don’t need to worry about anything. However, if your WordPress websites throw errors or facing slowness as the growth of your traffic or memory requirements increases, then it’s a wise decision to move your WordPress-powered site to a new host.

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But for non-techie, transferring a WordPress site from an old host to a new host becomes a real challenge. So, if you are non-techie and finding difficulty in transferring your WordPress site from the old host to the new one, you don’t have to worry. There are a few high-quality WordPress hosts that offer a free migration of your site. This service has been very helpful for many non-tech users to leave their crappy hosting behind and move to a better hosting environment.

Below are the Top hand-picked, WordPress-specialized companies that will move your site from your old host to them for free.

1. HostSoch

2. InMotion Hosting

3. A2Hosting

4. HostGator

The Top WordPress Hosting Companies That Offer Free Website Transfers From The Old Host

1. HostSoch

Hostsoch wordpress hosting

HostSoch is at # 1 on this list of hosting companies that will migrate your site for free.

Why? Because HostSoch is the great budget hosting company based out of India, They are a perfect host for those users who are looking to get started on a budget. In order to take help of this free site migration feature of Hostsoch, you need to log in to your client area (dashboard) and raise a support ticket requesting your WordPress website transfer help and their technical team will transfer your website within 2 days of time.

Some of the benefits that you get with HostSoch

  • Free https
  • Free Website Transfer
  • Free Cloudflare CDN
  • Latest PHP
  • Excellent customer support

Visit HostSoch here

2. InMotion Hosting

Inmotionhosting WordPress

InMotion Hosting is the most reputed and reliable hosting company based out of Los Angeles and they offer all the latest cutting-edge tech to their users. You need to request for this free site migration feature by logging in to your account management panel (dashboard) and click on Website Transfer Request to raise a ticket.

You can also able to check the status of the ticket through the dashboard. In case of an emergency like old hosting expires soon and you would need to transfer the website before the hosting expires, then you need to talk to sales agents through live chat/phone and they will make sure to get it done as per your request.

Visit InMotion Hosting

Other Hosting Companies That Offer Free Migrations

A2Hosting– A2Hosting is the popular web host known for their SSD drive servers and a free SSL using LetsEncrypt. Along with these exciting features they also offer free migration service.

HostGator: HostGator is a reputed hosting provider, they offer free migration of only one site. Hence, make sure your primary domain name is the site that you want to migrate. Here is their tutorial to learn how to request free website migration on HostGator.

So, why delay? If you are a WordPress user with a bad experience of downtime issues, errors etc with your current hosting provider but stuck because of the hassle, Then you should consider moving your website ASAP to any of the above hosting companies. These WordPress website hosting transfers are usually done with zero downtime and you just need to provide your current hosting information and the staff team will do the rest transfer process.

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Isn’t it easy and satisfying? Many thanks to these handpicked WordPress hosting companies that offer free website migration, so we can move to a success!

These handpicked top WordPress hosting companies are not only recommended for existing WordPress users but also recommended for New WordPress users who would like to go with fastest and secured services for hosting New WordPress websites without any worries.

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