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Company Overview

Hosting Mamu Partner Program is counted as the pioneer of global web hosting industry that is proudly playing the role of most dependable partner for a number of clients across different industries. Our web hosting package suites allow the aspiring entrepreneurs to resell our comprehensive products, tools, and technologies to match the needs of the industry.

Our extensive menu of web products is constantly updated and enriched with handpicked tools and technology that not only caters to the present market but also anticipates the upcoming needs of the emerging industries across the globe.

Our research-based market analysis helps us to create a number of products and strategies that would help our resellers to exercise their business acumen to the fullest.

Our phase specific nurturing allows our resellers to keep on achieving new milestones irrespective of their developmental stage.

We invite you to become our reseller because…..

Our new-age platform for reselling multiple packages offers an unmatched flexibility to the resellers. You can start your entrepreneurial journey with selling the basic products and scale up with higher grade products as gain the experience. What’s more, you can always rely on our support during any phase of your entrepreneurial growth: basic, intermediate or advanced!

Your new friend “Partner Hosting Mamu” offers you……..

Complete hosting solutions

Partner Hosting Mamu offers a complete package of web products to you along with an extensive reseller hosting allowing you to pull the cap off your limits. We know the importance of hosting capability and tools if you want to excel in the business. So, we offer you an extensive hosting capability that allows you to run your own business smoothly and also earn a huge profit by reselling it to a large number of clients. Apart from that we also offer you a complete suite of infrastructure elements so that you can offer the complete menu to your clients suiting their taste, requirements, and budget.

Our complete package, of web tools include

  • Essential products like unlimited hosted domains VPS, Dedicated server, multiple hosting plans and email hosting solutions to start your business
  • Advanced elements and services like SSL certificated integration, API, and SSL certificates
  • A comprehensive environment for effectively managing your business and clients like partner panel, reliable infrastructure for monitoring the different stages of your business and clients, automated billing system and feature-rich control panel that allows you to manage your potential and existing clients effectively. Use our multi-faceted platform and never lose the track of your clients, earnings and business growth

As your business friend we offer you a number of top notch to start your business

  • Professional designed website: One of the most important infrastructure requirement for starting your web business is to have a professionally designed website allowing the clients to find you online and learning about your services. Designing such websites is not as easy as it seems to be. You need a professional looking website that meets the specific industry standards and is optimized for maximum impact. But we offer you a readymade professional website that is specifically designed to leave a major impact on the audience and offer you a strong online presence
  • Secured Billing System: A robust billing system is one of the most important assets of any storefront and that’s why we provide you the most secured and advanced billing system that seamlessly integrates with your website to align with its design. It ensures that the audience sho
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