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When do you need to choose Video Hosting?

There are many video sharing services, which let you upload your videos and share them with a wide variety of audiences. YouTube, Vimeo are few of the examples. But what if you want to upload your videos to your own website or have your own image sharing website like YouTube? You should choose a web hosting provider that provides video hosting. 

You might have come across some of the top websites where tutorials are given in the form of videos. Many of the top educational institutions have video-based online tutorials for students. Hosting these types of websites requires more than what you get in the normal type of web hosting, and so are resources required.

What is Video Hosting?

Video hosting is similar to other types of hosting. But in this, you will need a lot more resources than traditional web hosting types. Video hosting should be your go-to choice if you have a video-centric website, which is mainly a collection of videos. 

How to choose Video Hosting Provider?

As we all know, videos consume the most amount of space when compared to any other type of media, be it images or audio. Therefore, the first thing you should pay attention to in a Video Hosting provider is the amount of storage you get in the web hosting plan that you buy.

None of us like a slow loading website. Neither do the search engines. If being a search engine favorite and impressing your visitors is your priority, then you should buy web hosting a web hosting provider that has very fast web servers.  Lazy loading should be the feature you should be looking for in case if your website is powered by any themes. Lazy Load can drastically reduce your website’s load speed and load the particular videos, only when they are scrolled over. 

Make sure that the web hosting provider you choose supports the platform of your choice. If your website is powered by windows based applications, you will have to get Windows Web Hosting. 

As Video Hosting will require more resources, it is highly recommended that you choose VPS Hosting or Dedicated Server Hosting. And out of these two, Dedicated Hosting is the most preferable option.

Last but not least, make sure that Video Hosting Plan that you buy is highly scalable. Or else, you may face troubles at the time when your website is attracting a larger amount of traffic.

Even though video hosting is relatively costlier than image hosting, you will be free from the worry of getting your video taken down, if you buy your own hosting plan.

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Best Video Hosting Providers - Recent User Reviews

ResellerClub Hosting Review


21 Jun 2022

Excellent Service

In our business, uptime, bandwidth and reliability is necessary as we cater to global user of large MNCs. ResellerClub has been an excellent platform by providing world class Reseller Web Hosting that we truly rely on to support our customers.

Bluehost India Hosting Review


20 May 2022

You can't really compare any other host to BlueHost. One of the first things which I was really pleased with was the amount of disk space you are given in my case (600GB) and the bandwidth is unbeatable (6,000GB). Their customer support is very reliable and always there for you at any time even when you live on the other side of the world (+9 hour difference). The only thing which I am not to keen on is the fact that you only get 50 MySQL databases with the account, I think that they should up these too 100, or even make them unlimited! If you are going to want a good, reliable and cheap host, BlueHost is the way to go!

Liquid Web Hosting Review

Jo Dodds

23 Apr 2022

Reliable & responsive host.

I've been using this LiquidWeb for quite long years with two separate accounts. The service is reliable and, on the occasions I needed their support extremely responsive and helpful. Thank you.

Hostinger India Hosting Review


08 Apr 2022

Great support

So far I have nothing but praise for Hostinger. It runs WordPress beautifully! No support? I started a help ticket and even though it says the wait could be 24 hours, I had a REAL LIVE PERSON answer with 30 minutes - twice. Not only is this service free, but it works! AND yes! The support is better than many paid deals I used over the years.

A2Hosting Hosting Review

Lisa Marie

14 Dec 2021

Great service

Great service. I always recommend them to others who look for fast and reliable company. I initially hosted with godaddy and switched to A2 and everything went well as expected.

HostPapa Hosting Review

Sylvain Gagnon

15 Nov 2021

Excellent Website Builder

I have been with Hostpapa now for a few years. I originally built my website using a tool they provided called Soholaunch and that tool sucked. Last year, I rebuilt my website with their website builder and not only was it so easy to use but I love my website. Making changes is simple and I its so easy to upload photos add social widgets, etc. I am thinking about upgrading to the online store version so I can start selling some of my photos I take as a hobby photographer. The support at Hostpapa has always been good, not sure why so many haters here but that's not my experience (and that's both in French and English). I highly recommend Hostpapa and their website builder.